Mind Analysis

We see classical technical analysis and fundamental analysis published all over in books, media and the internet. They are the usual common suspects like MACD, Volume, RSI, ROI, P/E Ratio etc or some kind of proprietary black box system which promises exorbitant returns that doesn't require the use of your brain and thoughts. 

Nothing much is written on stock speculation because it's an unique ancient art which requires detailed understanding and study of psychology in the stock market so as to decipher minds of the Big Boys and profit with them. Today I shall unveil mind analysis which focuses just primarily on the big boys and their campaign in all financial market. It's a simple yet classical approach towards reading charts without complicated and fanciful lines/indicators.

With Mind Analysis, I shall show how to avoid most pitfalls made by public and how to time your entry as close as possible to the big boys so that they buy, you buy and they sell, you sell. We all know big boys have detrimental effects on the public and some things are better left answered. Using Mind Analysis, I am able to achieve the trade and track record below: