Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Dow Jones Selling - The Best Short Selling Signal

Yet another impressive win from the same client I had coffee with 2 days ago. 

She continued to have her wins in short selling the market and although not many trades, still the wins were great and the confidence is building up. From the 5 minute chart, there are signs that the bulls were weak and the bears were about to take control. See those circled areas, those are heavy distribution zone where buyers used the opportunity to sell on rising price while sellers took advantage to short sell more. I am training more clients like her so that everyone can take advantage of bad market conditions to profit handsomely. Congratulations on your wins again!

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Wall Street Trading - The Best Performance

Super impressive wins from my clients as they were all charged to take advantage of the heavy sell down in Wall Street to profit handsomely for their own pocket. The course and manual which they bought from me came into use especially when those obvious signals were flashing strongly in the 5 minute chart of the Dow Jones. From the heavy supply zone to the later on plunge, the strategies to predict it BEFORE the meltdown was all recorded in various chapters and it came into play last 2 nights. From $1000 to making $10,000 in 2 nights was simple impressive and astounding. That's like a 1000% ROI within in a short time frame for the pocket. Also that calculative trades in the Wall Street with consistent wins was another highlight where she took advantage of the market volatile to short sell with guaranteed stop loss. Overall, I am delighted to see results like this and will drive more clients to profit with me. :)

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Dow Jones - Trading for Breakthrough

Another great performance and great results after 3 days of opening account and trading the Dow Jones. Very impressive with this client as she's very driven to make $$ in trading indices and making it consistent on her results. I mean coffee is great but following instructions strictly on the stocks and advice is equally important for breakthrough performances. Looking forward to coach her more and help her with her trading and performance. 

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Friday, August 19, 2022

Bed Bath & Beyond - Ryan Cohen Dumped His Entire Bed Bath & Beyond Stake

Ryan Cohen just confimed that he sold his entire 9.5m stake in BBBY on Tuesday and Wednesday and the news caused to the stock dropped 44% post market. It's a bad bad news as the stock shot up wildly to only realized that it's now having a free fall because of big investors heavy selling. However if you study closely the chart, there were already so much tell tale signs that the stock was about to collapse. See my sell position when I sold near peak on Wednesday.

The top volume was flashing BBBY last evening signalling that there was heavy selling last evening. From the distribution to the re-distribution, the stock was just so weak that the buying couldn't sustain the selling and it had to fall. If you watch the market last evening, you will see how those long red bars were furious as it got sold down which indicated heavy selling from big whales. Now that in the post market it dropped 44% to $10++, it just proved that one needs the chart to aid them in their buying/selling to avoid being dumped by the stock.

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Cassava Sciences - Traded $10M, Day 2, Pump and Dump

What an extremely choppy day in the stock market last evening. The market rebounded and all of a sudden it fizzled again and then rebounded again and then dead off again. It's not an easy day trading the market so stocks selection is the key towards trading efficiently. Cassava Sciences once again experienced a pump and dump, exactly what it did in day 1 however this time round, the stock gap up first and dumped all the way down. It's the same maneuver from the big whales but a slightly differently style in the dump.

Finished a $10,000,000 USD trade in multiple trades and got the job done. It's a tough day for trading but the satisfaction of winning is immensely great compared to not trying at all. Studying the supply/demand zones, to knowing what's going to happen next followed by all the repetition morning routine, I can only say if you want to build wealth, you must get your fundamentals strong and work on it diligently.

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Cassava Sciences - Insider Buying, Stock Surged 27.26%

Cassava Sciences is an extremely risky stock with a high short interest float where the number of short sellers on this stock weighs more than the buyers. Hence it's a prime candidate for a short squeeze effect should the stock release any good news. BBBY run was simply amazing as the stock had like almost 400% ROI in 1 week but it has already ran up a lot so it's time to search for another one and I discovered Cassava Sciences while doing my daily homework.

The stock shot up very big time yesterday with high volume on great news as insiders were buying the stock which attracted the public to buy on this good news. Price was running up wild like crazy and many were chasing on rising prices and it seemed to never stop. In just a short time span of an hour, the stock rampant up from $24 to $34 where it seemed like there wasn't any signs of stopping this rampage bull. Retails were chasing while once again I saw some secret selling occurred as prices were jerking higher. At the very last bar in the 5 minute chart, it was a super long green bar and I knew it's time to unload every and run. Soon after, the stock just collapsed profusely and never recovered. The classic pump and dump which was recorded in my SOMM Manual happened over and over again in many of the risky penny stocks which I think if you know how to spot, buy and then sell, the profits can be astounding within minutes. Although the stock released good news, but because of the high short interest float in this counter, at certain point, I do expect a bounce like what we witnessed yesterday. :)

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Bed Bath & Beyond - Buy with Big Whales and SELL on News

The good news on BBBY was just released 4 hours ago during trading hours where prices started to falter and tumble. The old adage is true and that's to buy on rumours and sell on news. When the stock price suddenly shot up strong and fast, it's a signal to traders to quickly sell your positions first and re-accessed the situation rather than holding on waiting for the good news to be released. Last evening was the best trade ever as I sold all my positions at 2.10am, right at the top prices when all of a suddenly, the Nasdaq got slammed down big time together with BBBY where prices dropped like 50% from the peak ($27.93 to $19.17). The question was how did I sold right at the very peak when the news wasn't released?

It had to do with spotting and detecting signs of hidden selling which is also dubbed as secret selling. Secret selling is a process where big whales are unloading positions bit by bit on the way up until they finished selling all their positions BEFORE conducting a massive sell down to accumulate more at lower wholesale prices. Look at the 5 minute chart and see the time I sold at 2.10am, prices started to tumble and I managed to take profits at the very peak prices by following these big whales secret selling and piggyback their stealth movements. Soon, the good news in BBBY was released which followed by a massive scary sell down in the Nasdaq which caused prices to tumbled really fast where so many traders had no time to react. I loved such trades because it's easy to detect those big whales' footprints while it's also easy to make astounding profits. 

I will be holding a 1 time event on August 23rd for those who are interested to learn and know more. Register on the below link if you are interested. 

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Bed Bath & Beyond - A Huge 75% Spike Up in Prices

Finished yet another powerful trade where the market was extremely tricky with a huge sell down at opening bell first before recovering all the way up. BBBY was the hottest and most traded stock with trading halts as prices shot through the roof with 75% gained withing a few hours. The Nasdaq Top 30 stocks are flashing but none outdo BBBY as the stock was in the Top 1 in the list. Traded a few times and made great profits out of it but it's a very emotional stock with a lot of fear and greed involved. 

Look at how prices in Nasdaq was being flushed down first before a staged recovery took place. It was so scary at opening where one would thought the market was about to start selling down to only realized that it was a fake sell down. The accumulation and re-accumulation zones in the 5 minute chart for BBBY was extremely obvious and that's where those big whales started their secret buying before conducting a huge rally we witnessed. It's those hidden little buying by the big whales that was utmost important to spot huge price swing up. I managed to capture some of the waves and movements before the rally happened so what's going to happen next to this stock since it's already rallied so much up? Let me work on my analysis and posit here when I have the time.

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Bed Bath & Beyond - How to Spot Short Squeeze and Big Whales?

It's such a pain in the ass on this last trade as the market moved up but my stock was not performing. Waited for almost an hour before the stock started to shot up with some strength and within minutes, it simmered off again. In fact it's very difficult to trade last evening as I could not predict the movements at all but I am driven to make some $$ and so I did took 2 trades. Based on the Top 30 stocks, BBBY shot up the most as the stock was driven by short sellers covering shot which caused a spike in prices. There wasn't any company specific news but I believe it was the driven buyers' momentum which caused prices to spike together with the 5 minute chart exhibiting accumulation and re-accumulation.

The Nasdaq was very choppy last evening and it almost looked like it was going to fall but then hard an amazing reverse which caused most of the stocks to move north. Without that turnaround, I studied that daily chart for Bed Bath and you will see that the gap down was huge with buyers liquidating at the bottom where the big whales flushed out all the small time retails before conducting a short covering which caused prices to spike. From the chart, you will see that as prices collapsed lower and lower, the bars are getting shorter and tiny where it indicated that sellers are exhausted. It also had another meaning where buyers will be emerging soon and since this is a heavily shorted stock with high float of short interest, buyers would need to cover shorts or prices would explode where buyers will lose $$. With that in mind, one can take advantage of a position to increase your chance of winning in BBBY.

I mean you need some intense knowledge and skills to be able to spot those turning points before having guts to take such a good trade on a risky stock. You will also need to practice and see many such stocks to have muscle memory to be able to take such confident and convicted trades. Nevertheless, finished another great risky trade and moving on to the next stock.

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Ron K - A Fast Scalp as Market Turns Choppy

Finished a super fast scalp as I was walking along the way. It was fast and furious as the market opened high and suddenly encountered torrential wave of sellers kept throwing big positions and slamming down prices. So I rode along the wave and sold together with the sellers. Soon, the market started to really selling and I got out skillfully, saving my bullets for the best days to come.

Well, there wasn't any big trades going on as it's a cautious week to take note of as the FOMC meeting is coming up next. I hate doing fast punts but when market hit certain levels and zones, it's wise to be cautious and pay close attention to the big whales so as not to let funds jammed. It's considered not bad of a trade already especially I am trading without a computer and still going in with millions of $$. I shall monitor for better opportunities. 

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist