Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hankore - Hit a High of 0.109

Hankore hit a high of 0.109 today after I made a call to book some profits. The reason I posted to book some profits was because it gap up and it may do the reverse of coming down. Secure some $$ and let the rest for riding is correct. In this way, emotionally, you already realized some profits and the rest that was used for riding is free extra $$.


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New Year Wishes - Stockmarketmindgames

Thank you for all the new year wishes!! I am glad that the skills and methods I taught you guys can help you guys to generate a second constant stream of income. I am lost for words and don't know what to say or comment, but watch out next year, I will start working on some powerful projects to get you guys involved. Happy new year and bountiful profits ahead. Our journey will start this week. :)

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Stock Operation Course - The Last Dance

Today shall be the last day of the year and from next year onwards, I will have a different direction for my course, students and seminars. For those who are interested in the course, you can sign up for the course without the preview.

In the course, I will teach you all the secrets of punting, how to catch the tops and bottoms, enter at precision timing and how to put the market at your advantage. I will be having a big event soon and you can come for this event before the course and get the learn the secret first hand. If you like my recent stocks speculation, then this course is for you. No hype, no gimmicks and it's based on first come first serve. Feb course left just a few seats before the next date is released. Lastly, I will guide you how to spent just 10 minutes a day to put the stock market to your advantage!

Call or email me with your name and mobile number if you are interested. I can't guarantee your seats unless payment is made.

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Capitaland - No Major Rally Yet?

Ever since I made my post on Capitaland on Dec 20th 2013 with a painted picture of mid term bearish and hidden selling, the stock did not have any major rally whatsoever. It just went to a high of 3.05 yesterday and being slammed down to 2.99 today. If this stock is strong, it would have rallied with the overall general market and break through 3.05. The time is not ripe and ready yet for Capitaland. Be alert!


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Biosensor - The Panic Selling Mode

I received a lot of SMS each day and one of the most memorable SMS I had was when someone asked me about Biosensor outlook and I said no go and it's not a good stock. I am not sure if people would trust my analysis but I delivered results over and over again.

So on Dec 19th 2013, a public SMSed and asked me the long term view about Biosensor and I said "This is not a good stock for now." Since she wanted to go for investment, there are always other better stocks like Genting, Noble etc..But why did I say no for Biosensor? It's pretty plain simple! It was because there was fake breakouts and hidden selling so that when public buys, the BBs would sell. But the more detrimental and insidious one was, they created a fake breakout on Dec 20th 2013 for the public to long so that they were able to unload big bulks and caused a panic sell down today!

Update 31/12/2013, 10:59am

Just saw some public made $$ from my temporary rebound call in Biosensor!!

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Hankore - The RTO Effect

Hankore's request for trading halt last night  was to prepare for the release of the RTO news today which caused the price to gap up as of now! Although there wasn't any major profit takings yet. I believe it's wise to book some profits first. $$ in pocket is never wrong!

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Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Year, A New Start - The Prancing Horse

After all these years of fighting the market, it's time to reward myself. I don't care what others say about me on spending $$ on cars, all I know is I am pampering myself and I will make back double of what I spent. The more I spent, the more driven i am to make to more $. My last wish now is to move in to my new house next year. I will guide and do my very best to help all my students to achieve their goals in life and we are going to kick start it soon!

Here, I just want to thank Kenneth sincerely for helping and spending his time unconditionally in helping me. Without him, there won't be this car. The purpose of buying this car is not to show off but more for my childhood dream realization after all these years of painstaking hours I spent in front of the computer just to hack the stock market. Next year is the year of horse and this prancing horse just brought me more luck. I will start the year with a Big Bang. Stay tune to http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.sg/

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Vallianz - A New Top at 0.205!

On Dec 26th, I called for a temporary top in Vallianz. On that day I saw many rounds of profit taking and distribution where the stock then came off from the high of 0.198 to 0.183. Today it reached a new high of 0.205 where is surpassed it's previous top. This time round it was different. This morning I was wrong, I thought the stock would flush more public first before galloping, but instead, it had like a quick flush and rallied all the way to 0.205. The Amazing BBs!


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OKH Global - It Turned and Reach 0.535!!

This morning I shared about OKH at 8:58am before the market starts where the price was at 0.515. I said I am mixed, however when it starts to turn, I shall be in. So at 10:02am, the stock started to show signs of turning. And as of now, it's already at 0.535 which is the day high as of now!! Now the point is how did I know after so many days of trading range and "not moving" activity in OKH resulted in a blog post I made this morning at 8:58am which caused it start turning accordingly to my analysis?


To find out more, you can come for my preview. Registration is first come first serve. Interested parties follow simple instructions below:

Preview Date: 7th January 2014, Time: 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Venue: I will instruct you in the form of email

Contact Ronald K at stockmarketmindgames@gmail.com with the following details.

Subject: Attending Ronald K "The Stock Operation Preview"
Contents: Name, e-mail address and mobile number.

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Oxley - Insiders Maneuver to a High of 0.57!!

Ever since I made my blog post on Dec 18th on the bullishness on Oxley at 12:41pm,


it continued it's breakout to a high of 0.57!! Insiders are making $$, Ronald K is making $$, some public are making $$ and some students who punted with us also prosper!! Wooo hOoo!!






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WCorp - Myanmar Counters In Play

WCorp looks like there is a lot of hidden buying. Watch it! Myanmar counters are in play now with Ntegrator being the leader.

WCorp moved up 1 pip to 0.057/0.058!!

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AP Strat - Turning

The chart of AP Start looks like it's going to turn to the upside. Watch closely!

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OKH - Watching

I am watching this stock call OKH Global. The signals are pretty mixed now, however when it starts to turn, I shall be in.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Buy/Sell Queue Session by Ronald K

I know who took this picture and thank you, it was nicely taken with me showing and illustrating the art of the seconds chart aka buy/sell Queue. When I see you again, I will pat your shoulder for the effort of work you had done for me. In my next few student's session, I will want to share more about the buy/sell Queue so that everyone knows the existence of such strategy where there is something more powerful than charts. Chart itself is useful and powerful, however the buy/sell Queue will blow your mind and bring it to the next level. I had already plan an event early next year January for all. I will post when the time is drawing closer. Stay tune. :)

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