Monday, September 30, 2013

STI - The Heavy Selldown?

STI had a massive massacre today after my post at 8:04am! Oh my!! In fact like I mentioned, I posted my outlook last Friday at 7:04pm. Of course, all students get to see my outlook before 9am last Friday in the SMMG Club!

I stay true and hold up to my bearish view. A heavy down fall in the making? We shall see :)

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Metech Int - Students Made $$$

After unloading Metech Int on Sep 27th 2013, I alerted all my students that reactions is coming and letting them know that I am all out. Scroll below and see the messages in the SMMG Club.

Today many students sent me their trade record and attached are a few. Almost all of them made $$. Great work and good job!!

As Metech was my largest and biggest trade, I reflected back and saw that I have got many stocks for different purposes. Some for punting, 1 or 2 for swing trade and some other for investments. So what other stocks I am left with? Am I swinging or already booked profits. Nevertheless, that doesn't matter, students made $$, that's all I care!

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Metech Int - 0.026/0.027

Metech Int suffering more reactions today! It's trading 0.029/0.03 as of now! I am NOT lucky to have unloaded at the top but I had done it with an artless skill. How did I do it? Thanks to the monitoring of the stocks in a big cozy room with total emptiness and solitude without any noises or interference! Will more selling appear?? Stay tune..:)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Albedo - Insiders Unloaded 75 Million Shares!

As of now, Albedo is having a heavy reaction, it gap down with the overall market!! The overall market sentiment had definitely turned bearish and sourish as speculated this morning where I mentioned both blue chips and pennies will gap down!! How accurate can that be when I made my outlook at 8:04am, in fact last Friday to all my students?? I am holding a session very soon to share this powerful secret.

For Albedo, I saw that this insider Lim Soon Fang had disposed 75 million shares of the company on Sep 12 and the official announcement date was on Sep 16! So the point is how can we be faster than the insiders to dispose our shares at the top instead of allowing them to dispose first. That shall be my next hot topic I shall share.

As of now as we can see, STI, YHM (After Trading Halt), Albedo, Noble, Metech and many other stocks are all suffering heavy reactions! Most of them gap down!! I am overtly bearish with this behavior in the bigger picture. The low can go lower!

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STI - The Bigger Picture

Today the overall market (STI) will gap down. This time round I am speaking in the context of Blue Chips and some pennies. There were simply too much sellers and most buyers had unloaded right at the top like myself on my recent unloading in Metech Int.

Last Friday, I made an accurate yet subtle outlook for all my students in the SMMG Club. I said: "In the bigger view, I think the market is overall bearish. It's super tricky to trade at the moment."

So today, just be careful of all your longs. The market is saturated with sellers, it's not looking right. I am bearish.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stock Operation Preview - The Secrets To Making $171,000 SGD

The Settlement date for my Metech Int would be Oct 1st which is the date I am holding my preview for the Stock Operation Course. In this upcoming preview for the November course, I shall shed some light on how I made $171,000 SGD with Metech, the emotions, anxiety and psychological barriers that I need to go through in order to secure a huge win.

Also, a change from the usual Stock Operation Course which I held previously, the November Stock Operation Course shall be a big bang with different elements, coverage and the interconnectedness of Top 30 Volume counters, scanning stocks without charts and of course a whole lot more including reading the seconds chart LIVE.

I already had people paying for the Stock Operation Course without coming for the previews and now left with a few more seats for the November Stock Operation Course. If you are interested, you can contact me at or come for the preview to find out more:


Preview Date: 1st October 2013,Time: 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Venue: I will instruct you in the form of email

Contact Ronald K at with the following details.

Subject: Attending Ronald K "The Stock Operation Preview"
Contents: Name, e-mail address and mobile number.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

STI, Metech - The Mad Selling!

As speculated in the morning at 8am in the SMMG Club. The market will turn green however I am bearish in the bigger picture. I am holding a session for all students to explain how it was done very soon. I am imparting a special skill so that they can learn and apply.

On another note, while I am enjoying my profits for the day, Metech reacted heavily from 0.037/0.038 yesterday to today 0.03/0.031. I can't be any better when I unloaded right at the top yesterday to secure my $171,000 SGD profits! Whether this counter is to trend up further or not, it doesn't matter, at least I managed to let go my 12 million shares at one go rather than now the bid queue is only 6,037,000!!!!!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Metech Int - Suffering Reactions!

Metech Int is currently suffering reactions at the moment, trading at 0.032/0.033. I felt so relieved when I unloaded right at the Top yesterday when there was a huge buy volume of about 11,000,000 for me to sell my 11,000,000 at 0.037 and the next 1,000,000 at 0.036! Thank God!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Metech Int - Ronald K, The Great Plunger For $171,000 SGD

As a skillful speculator, I learnt the hard way and the hard way is to never buy on tips or listen to anyone because the charts have all the answers! There is no need for tipsters to supply me any tips because I believe my own personal tips and judgment is the best and second to none as the timing is always perfect. No one can affect or tell me what to do and only my inner voice and thoughts can lead me the way. I am a solitude person when it comes to observing and watching BBs activities as you can see from the pic. That's why I never wanted to be a remiser or broker because there is just simply too much "noise". When your mind is at peace and calm, you inner thoughts lead you to the light.

So back in April this year, I went to search for insider trades and one company caught my attention. It was Metech Int. I discovered that there were many insider trades within a period of time and 2 of them were the executive chairman and the executive director. With that information I went on to study the chart, hoping to make some $$ out of it. In fact, I made $$ from Metech before and so I can read the Metech BBs mind and have a premonition of what's ahead.

So during May 8 - May 10, I started accumulating 10 million shares of Metech Int. It was a slow and painful process but nevertheless it's all well worth it. Then came June-July period where there was a major selling in STI and Metech was not spared. It dropped to a low of 0.016. Am I worried during that period of time? Hell NO!! Or I would have cut loss already. I mean I did my homework and I knew the chart was pointing upwards just a matter of time, why worry?

During the August period, I made a small loss in Magnus with 2000 lots, however my mind was still pretty alert and mindful about Metech. So on Sep 4th, I went to long back Metech for an additional 2000 lots at 0.021! I knew there was serious amount of hidden buying going on and the BBs would soon create a breakout in Metech that I need to hop on to the boat before it moves! After September 4th, I had a total of 12,000,000 shares worth of Metech Int. I knew the time was ready and I need to be patient about the forth coming action.

Finally the day came today where the activity was so exuberant that I knew I needed to unload everything at 0.037 at 2.08pm. Look at the min chart where I circled. After unloading at 0.037 at 2.08pm, the stock did not attempt to breakout anymore and became weak and listless. There was only 1 breakout at 2.08pm in the 2 min chart and thereafter, the stock suffered heavy reactions to close at 0.033/0.034. Once again, my own personal operation yield me an astounding 75% gain with $171,000 SGD profits before commission and charges. The point was, how did I know that was the top? How did I unload at the top when everyone else was buying?? Why did the stock reacted after Ronald K's unloading?? What did I see but you cannot grasp?

Of course, I told all my students about this Metech trade and I believe most of them made $$ together with me. After I unloaded, I informed the students in the SMMG Club to let them know I am out of my trades.

The most amazing thing that happened was after my unloading at 2.08pm, all the other penny stocks started to suffer reactions as shown in the Top 30 Volume. Did my selling in Metech triggered the selldown in the entire market? Why did UOB curb and posit Metech in the Restricted Stocks list after my selldown? Well, it all doesn't matter because in the end that $171,000 SGD was safely secured in my pocket and yes, I caught the top again with precision perfect timing when the herd was buying and Ronald K unloaded. I will always remember this trade when my unload happened at 2:08pm because this is by far the biggest trade I had ever recorded.

Here, I would like to thank all my students and the people who supported me all these years. I am so relieve and happy now for all my students who unloaded Metech at the top with me. Without you guys, there won't be Ronald K. Will there be more such trades to come? Only time will tell, but the spirit and motto will always remain, buy before the big volume and sell together with that big volume. Looking forward for the next student's session and the LIVE Analysis Session in Nov soon. I will illustrate and show the mechanism from planning, selection and execution of trades! I will post the full trade record when I received the payment details from DBS Vickers.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator