Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stock Operators Maneuvers Manual - Official Launched, The Holy Grail

It's official. The manual is out soon! I can't wait to teach a higher level of trading without charts. Just watching the buy/sell queues. I am very proud to say that the manual is only to that selected few whom I chose to allow to purchase. It doesn't matter how much $$ you got, but if you don't have the qualities and not qualify for it, no matter how much you pay me, you will be rejected.

Above is an excerpt of what I will be teaching using the buy/sell Queue to scan and select the best counters. Before anyone buy/sell their shares and before the transaction is done in the Time and Sales, the Queue has all the clues to predict the next movement before a sell down or buy up. It's so much faster than what you see in the market today. No charts needed, just numbers. You may think it's impossible, but I will make it possible during the training session where my clients can see for themselves. How did I keep making good stock selections? This is the ultimate truth! This is the holy grail of Singapore Stocks! Wait till you see. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator