Sunday, January 31, 2021

Ron K - This is How I Made $80,734 USD in 2 Contra Days

Now, making $934,000 SGD in 1 year is extremely impressive for a 26 year old kid with drive and determination, I just recently reaped off $80,734 USD ( equivalent to $107,376) using the K Turn strategy which I posit my blog for 10 years. See the above screenshot from my UOB Kayhian broker. I had been practicing my analysis work and also more importantly my execution orders when the time matters most. Day by day I read charts, re-read charts and reiterate charts over and over again while waiting for a perfect signal then execute with speed. This profit I made here was impressive to many but to me it's just so so only because I know there are some areas where I could do better and improve on.

The K Turn has been my most formidable strategy ever since I started my career as a practitioner in the stock market. So on 22 Jan when I saw an extremely great signal in the stock market, I went on to but the stock and on 26 Jan, I sold it off because I knew the entire market was about to collapsed and it indeed materialized. My student was great making great profits, and I want to replicate 5 of them to do the same thing similar like him and also maybe 2 of you to make 5 digits in 1 day. It's the constant and consistency which is the name of the game which made Ronald K into Ron K. Most people will give up in a month after trying and seeing no results. Remember, any high income skills that makes you rich takes time, results take time so be kind to yourself and be extremely focused on being consistent.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist