Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ronald K's Trade Record for Nov 29/11/2013

Nothing beats fast action. Hang Seng Index is one beast that I will and must conquer. One of my student SMSed me before the breakdown and I told her that one needs to be ultra fast. Indeed, minutes later, HSI was down and I made instant quick $$. Attached is my trade record. Dow Jones is another beast that makes me wanting for more fast quickie action. They are both like driving a Ferrari and Lamborghini. I love it! Thanks for those who trusted and signed for my Stock Operation Course. More to come soon!

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Blumont, Asiasons, Liongold - Lawsuit Case

The sage continues with lawsuits. Never touch any of those 3 stocks including Innopac even though the pennies are running at the moment. The bubble had burst and it shall take a long time before you see recovery. It doesn't mean the CEO got at the cheap price and you shall follow. It's not the CEO that controls the price, it's up to whether the BBs are playing the game or not!

source and credits to The Business Times

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Stock Operation Course November - A Compliment From a Newbie

After rounds and rounds of conducting the Stock Operation Course, the best and most pleasing moment is when newbies started making $$ and send me such SMS. The strategy is simple yet powerful. Last night was a nightmare, why? Not only I achieved 100% hit rate which made me ecstatic, but more importantly, I could not get up early because of these SMSes that gave me sweet dreams and made me smile while sleeping. Whatever $$ I made this week, I am planning to spend on something nice today. The feeling of making $$ before you sleep and then waking up in the morning is energetic and fresh. Nothing beats confidence and making $$ almost everyday!

If you are interested in the Stock Operation Course, kindly send me an email at  with your name and mobile number.
I will be sharing a new skill called "The Art of Seconds Punting" in the upcoming Stock Operation Course.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Dow Jones - Art Of Seconds Punting = $1806.12 For The Day

I am currently practicing "The Art of Seconds Punting". It's something that I seldom do because the risk is high but I love doing it because it gives me a new motivation and challenge. The lot size is my usual 50-150 lots and it tests my money management skills. So far so good. The results were positive and since morning ever since I traded Hang Seng till now trading the Dow Jones, I haven't made a loss yet. Made a total of $1300 - $1400 today! My accuracy and hit rate is still 100%. Will this 100% be broken soon? We shall see! If you are interested to trade fast in fast out with me, send me an email at

Update 30/11/2013, 12:05am

Made a total of $1806.12 for the whole of today. Enough to cover my shopping, lunch and dinner expense. I found a secret along the way as I punt. I need to fine tune and tweak some of the money management rules I enforced earlier. Trading the indices is not about catching the top and bottom, it's about how to make quick $$, set tight stop loss and have superb emotion skills without suffering too much reactions. The Dow and STI trading is different. One is like driving a Lamborghini and the other is like driving a Toyota. I need to practice more in order to gain enlightenment. Stay tune!

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Hang Seng - My Last Swing for $420 SGD

As mentioned earlier, I was holding my last batch of Hang Seng Index shorts for a swing. After lunch, the HSI gap down and spiral downwards for me to book my last batch of $420 SGD profits for the day. My hand was a little itchy thereafter and so I went long 2 very small contracts and made an extra 30 cents to finish my day with almost $800 SGD. Today was a good day to trade and one doesn't need to employ swing trading. If I can make $$ on every single turn, that would make me a satisfied, happy man. Making $$ is more important than making $$ in 1 week. It gives you confidence and conviction to make more $ everyday!

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Hang Seng - Another $161 SGD

Just made another $161.25 from Hang Seng Index. All my small lots were taken. Waiting for a bigger swing trade! We shall see!

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Hang Seng - Fast In Fast Out with 200 Contracts

So yesterday, while I was on my way to a meeting, I was trading alone and made a pathetic $40 bucks on FTSE 100. During the night, I shared many powerful untold and unseen secrets to 30 exclusive candidates who came for the "Market Outlook with CFD Trading by Ronald K" seminar. I hope I didn't disappoint you guys. Although there wasn't any laptops or projector, white board is a platform good enough for me to reveal some enigmatic BBs secrets. Shared the most powerful secret of the night, it's called the contra flush. How to spot right before the stock was about to break out after a contra flush is definitely an art. More will be shared for free with students soon.

Earlier on, I just went to do a quickie short on Hang Seng and made $225+ SGD in 4 mins. Although not a lot of $, but my biggest short is not on Hang Seng, it's elsewhere. Making $225 in 4 minutes brightens up my day and making me to look forward for whatever challenges that may come.

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Blue Chips - Top Volume

The Top 30 Volume is mostly blue chips. Something is not right at the moment. I shorted a potential blue chip. I am planning for a fast punt.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hang Seng - The Warrior's Spirit and Attitude $$

10 days before, I blogged and mentioned that the pennies season would be starting soon. 10 days later on the 25th November 2013, it indeed started and today, a lot of penny stocks are galloping like AP Strat which I shared on November 15th 2013!

During the Stock Operation Course, I shorted Genting in front of a big student group LIVE and told them all that it's going to be a risky trade and one must employ fast in and fast out. One of my student indeed listened and performed that fast in and fast out which yield him $$.

Today, I finally cut loss Genting at -$600 but you know what? I made back $1000+ instantly with my 200 contracts from HSI within 30 minutes!!! Trading is not always about making $, but it's about reducing emotion and gaining confidence so that you can stand back up and trade with conviction again! I have a warrior's attitude and spirit which I shall impart to all my students! One can lose $$, but one cannot lose confidence!

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The Recent Punt - Students Made $

One day after the Stock Operation Course, one of my student put the theory I taught into practice and started making progress. He traded the Dow, Hang Seng and Genting which made him quick bucks. Good work!

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LIVE Trading in Front of Public by Ronald K

Just finished a public event seminar and traded LIVE in front of them. Traded the UK 100 with 10 contracts and the best part was when I said it's going to trend up, it indeed trended up with me executing the trade on the spot! For those who came today, you would know why I booked profits fast! Thanks for coming today!

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ronald K's PSLE Results - The Poor Grades

I don't know out of no where, as I was packing my housing and planning to move to a bigger house, I happened to retrieve my PSLE certification. I had almost forgotten my aggregate until I saw it was a low 193 points! All I know is I am not academically smart. I had some regrets for not studying hard, but I am pleased with my childhood days where my parents did not force me to study, study and study.

If I could rewind back time, I would work a little harder on my studies and not flung it. I have a friend who is a scholar. He's my student and is now currently giving private tuition. Not only he's smart, the way how he teach students is very different and unorthodox from the mass teaching. Try and believe it. The mass marketing you see on the media are always gimmicks to do sales. This student of mine is different, he's not into mass marketing but more into delivering results. If you are interested to send your kids to good tuition, you should try it. Send me an email to with your name and contact number.

I will ask him to call you personally.

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Stock Operation Course with Instant Results The Next Day

Just finished 4 consecutive days of the Stock Operation Course with a super big bang. Why? Because not only I LIVE traded in front of a big crowd and made $$, I gave a Noble call on Monday where most students went longed and made $$ the next day!! The best SMS I got was this student who paid for the course over the internet and made $$ instantly the next day! Confidence was instilled in the method I taught and today he went on to make $$ on Dow and Genting again. His trade records will be posted on blog later. For myself, attached above are my fast punting in the Hang Seng and Dow trade records in front of my students. Soon, I am changing certain structure and more exciting things will happen. Stay tune!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Market Outlook with CFD Trading by Ronald K - Sold Out

I had already full house for Nov 28th, 2013 event. This is a very exclusive event and as I mentioned earlier, seats are first come first serve and only the first 30 people who emailed me first will get their seats secured. If you did not receive an email from me, you are number 31st and above. I am sorry but it's already sold out.

On that day, my staff will take attendance. For those who received the email, please be punctual and make sure you attend on that day. NO Walk In Allowed. You will not be able to enter the room. If you cannot make it, please let me know early by email so I can slot someone else in. If you register and did not come, you are wasting some other people's opportunity and the next time round if you ever register, your registration will not be successful.

These 30 people who got their seats confirmed, I shall share a powerful strategy and do something very amazing and different on that day. See you guys there!

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Stock Operation Course Nov - A Sellout Crowd

Just finished the weekend November Stock Operation Course. It was a sell out crowd and everyone gained and took back something powerful. Trade records were shown and explained how I executed my trades. Secrets were leaked to illustrate how the Big Boys operate the stock market where Ronald K was just following their footsteps before the breakout/breakdown! And of course finally, thanks to everyone who trust and signed for the Stock Operation Course without coming for the preview. There shall be an event next month for everyone. See you guys soon, I shall post it in the SMMG Club. Thank you once again. My PAs and designated personnel shall do their best and help you guys to make $.

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