Friday, September 30, 2011

Capitaland - Preparation Work?

Capitaland had been in a trading range for quite sometime and the question is, is this trading range an accumulation or more downside to come? Looking at the range, the preparation work is not strong. This is to say that the BBs might need to bring this counter down further more before an upside is possible. They still believe that the current price is not attractive enough for them to accumulate more. If that is true, the ultimate price they are targeting is around 2.20-1.95. However, that is only my view and it might or might not happen. As usual, I will watch for the turn before longing this counter which so far it had not happened yet.

Ronald K

Thursday, September 29, 2011

KepCorp - Unprescinded

2 days back 27th Sep 2011, I saw a phalanx of public rushing in to buy stocks. I received a lot of comments, emails and calls asking me if it is time to buy. I said, although I could have bought at the bottom on 26th Sep 2011 when I covered my noble, I prefer to wait until the game played out itself. True enough, I was right. I knew the next day, a lot of public would wildly rush into the market thinking a breakout and a further breakout would occur, and that's where I knew I must take advantage of the situation to curb all these public excitement.

I shorted KepCorp with a long time friend of mine. We entered at 8.28 and soon, we cut loss at 8.32. Thereafter KepCorp went to a low of 8.03 yesterday 28th Sep 2011. Once again, I managed to get it right almost at the day high but I was tricked by a surreptitious mini breakout. My fear and unprescinded thoughts got the best of me. I was happy of course, because I managed to learnt something very important in this lesson. Those who are interested can email me.

To those who are interested in whether I longed any stocks, the answer is no. I am still watching and timing for an entry. I had not seen any strong entry point yet. Should the market suddenly turned sourish in my opinion, I will negate all my bullish view. I am a chameleon and I can switch and change my view very fast because the market is dynamic and unfathomable. There is no point of deadly sticking to one view when actually the overall sentiments had changed.

Ronald K

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SGX - The Final Flush

Looking at the recent selldown and the precipitous selling wave in SGX, personally in my opinion, the BBs are secretly accumulating and collecting shares of SGX and I believe the upwave for this counter is once again ready to show itself. BBs had managed to exploit a final flush out of the weak holders and took advantage of the situation to buy more. To the guy who told me that he bought 100 lots of SGX during the market outlook, can you kindly email me? I will share with you something. I hope you are able to recoup your losses and make gains. Someone mentioned in my outlook that SGX could reach 4 bucks, from the way I see it, it is possible but impossible at the moment. To reach that level, I would need to judge the rallying power of this rally.

Please note, punt at your own risk. I am not responsible for any losses or damage. I calculated the risk and reward factor and I am risking a small amount should I cut losses.

Ronald K

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Market Outlook Recap

To the kind soul who sent me this picture, thank you! Thanks to those who attended that day!

I am contemplating of setting up another seminar, still thinking of the subject and the things I want to share. It shall be something different from the first version. Will keep you guys posted when I have a definitive date and answer.

Ronald K

STI - My View

While everyone ask me if I am still looking to short, my answer is no more, at least for the moment. That is why I stressed not to chase the market. If you shorted and then moment it bounced up, you are bound to cut loss. That's from multiple experiences I had in the past and that's the reason why I said I love cutting losses because it enlightens me and makes me one step closer towards to my goal.

I am looking for a rally in STI in the short term and I am timing my entry with the BBs. While I could have entered yesterday afternoon at the bottom when I took my noble profits, I prefer to wait and let the game play out itself first before making a decision. This is patience and it's something that I am cultivating. The game of speculation is without a shadow of a doubt the largest puzzle we need to solve. It's definitely not the game for the mentally lazy, the man of inferior mental state of mind, or those who wants quick money. They will lose it all. The person who managed to solve it will be handsomely rewarded.

BBs investments and trading accounts are like gas tanks that are emptied and must be refilled at different stages in each stock's pilgrimage to it's high. With that, I think it's time to load stocks instead of continuing holding my bearish view.

For INTRADAY, I think in the morning, the market will go up and when everyone rushes in to buy, the market will slowly come down. This is my personal view. Please read the disclaimer if you want to follow my calls. I have my own way of reading charts and if you don't know my methods or how I read charts, punt at your own risk.

Ronald K

Monday, September 26, 2011

Noble - Profits Secured

While the market is rebounding now, I had already secured my noble profits at the bottom. I don't care how much more Noble is going to drop because I am done with this counter and moving on to my next target. At 2.59PM today, I spotted a K Turn that tells me the market is due for a rally, and that's where I covered my shorts. I am a fast speculator, when the market turns, I have no emotions, no hope and no greed. I will just do what the market tells me and listen to the market breath. I label myself as a speculator as compared to a trader because that's what I hope to achieve in the long term. I don't want to be a trader.

For this week, I am looking to short the market should the rally is weak. However, as I mentioned in my market outlook, should the BBs buy heavily at the bottom, I will change my view to long with them instead of still holding my bearish views. I want to emphasized again, I am a fast fast speculator, if you follow my calls, please read the disclaimer, if you ask me for tips, please note that I can change my view very fast and when I cut loss, you might be still holding on to hope.

Ronald K

Friday, September 23, 2011

STI - The Heavy Maelstrom

Today I expect to see continuation of panicky selling in the market. I got a lot of emails and questions on whether if it is cheap to buy property stocks. On my blog, I said :" I will be timing my entry with the BBs the moment I see that they are ready to bring the prices higher." Obviously, they were not ready yet as there need to be more panic for them to buy at wholesale prices before a rally campaign can be conducted. However, please put those property stocks in your watchlist. When the market is ready, those property stocks will most probably be the first or second to run.

If you still think the news or announcements are the culprits which drives this maelstrom, you are dead wrong. It's the BBs whom put out shorts last Fri caused today's situation. For this current situation, I will never buy for a bounce or rebound, but instead short on every single strength when it turns weak. (a.k.a The K Turn) Don't get yourself into that sucker class or you shall pay for that hefty price! Treat every rebound with a pinch of salt. When the market is tanking, there is no support. Everyone will be looking at their charts to find the support level but only to be depressed later.  In my opinion, it is only the assistance and the lending hand of BBs that allows an uplift to the market. That is why I don't use support and resistance in my trading.

While we are heading to the weekend with all the volatility sell down, that leaves me with a note on where will STI end before a rally commence. I shall reveal it on the market outlook seminar this coming Sat and Sun.

Ronald K

Thursday, September 22, 2011

STI - Mind Blow

Yesterday, I said that in the bigger spectrum, STI is weak. Although there was a rally, that doesn't bother me because I saw some hidden profit taking from the BBs, and after that BBs created an insidious maneuver to push the market higher and that's where I knew I need to take a short sell or I will regret. Obviously, BBs had emanated more shorts near 14:30PM yesterday and I took my short sell trade much earlier than that. Was I confident, oh yes, I would never take a trade that I am not confident in as that is like gambling and punting for the sake of making fast bucks. There is no fast or easy money in the stock market. When I take a trade and got it right, I planned to ride until I see BBs buying/selling big time and that's where I would take my profits and go. As I mentioned earlier, I never like intraday trade because there is too much emotion and the big money is never made there.

Today, I will witness panicky selling from the public and BBs putting out more shorts on any rally to suppress any buying from the public. I am not trading the market today as I am letting my profits run till its course end. From the attached, you can see that I shorted noble because according to my analysis, that's the weakness stock of all in my opinion. I think the market is going to correct big time and it shall blow your mind to depress you further. Don't chase the market, if you want to short, short on any rebound that you see. Chasing the market will only get you to do silly things. Finally, never underestimate the power of the BBs, they are cunning and most of the time, they psycho your actions to do the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Ronald K

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Property Sector - Watch!

Watch the property sector like Capitaland, Yanlord, CityDev, etc..There is a high chance it is going to run, I will be timing my entry with the BBs the moment I see that they are ready to bring the prices higher.

Ronald K

Why I Never Trust News And Announcements

I got a lot of people telling me this week the Fed is coming out with a QE plan or this company earnings is good or Obama is trying to create more jobs etc..Everyday there are tons of news releasing from the media. How do I handle with all these news? I am listening to NONE of them. The only time I listen is for leisure purposes and it will NEVER be used as a medium for my trading plan.

Above is an example where Warren Buffer bought BAC shares and what happened after that day? Those who jumped in thinking that Buffet's deal is going to save you, you would be traumatized by now and would have already relinquished. The news and announcements are really good tools to guide investors and traders in a way that continually takes them in an opposite direction from where they wish to go and points them in a direction which allows them to consistently lose money. Financial news are only useful, if it is used as a contrary indicator. At least, that's the way how I view it.

Ronald K

STI - Kill The Public Optimism

Today, I expect selling from BBs at the start of the opening bell. After cooling down a little and assiduous study of the recent movements, I still have not changed my view on shorting the market. A lot of people told me the market rallied yesterday and yes, I did took profits to protect myself first however, looking at the bigger picture, it is weak. It's only a one day rally, and it won't change the fact that BBs had put out shorts last Friday. For every shorts that I placed, I need to be extra prudent in case of an unexpected. STI is currently still in that trading range and it's not easy to trade if one is not skillful enough. As I mentioned earlier on my blog, I love challenges and I have no emotions when it comes to cutting losses or taking profit, but more important, I am fast in getting in and out. I will be timing my entry today again to short the market.

Ronald K

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

STI - The Twist

As I thought there was a continuation of a fresh liquidation, I am also aware not to expect a lot. The moment I saw a heavy public selling, I got very suspicious. However, I can't be 100% right until I see a few more bars. True enough, the unexpected happened and I am already out of the market. I am not pinning on hopes the moment it became more suspicious. It was a really busy day for me and I got to thank that person who SMSed me at around 2pm, else I shall be cutting a small loss instead of taking a small profit.

Ronald K

STI - Fresh Liqudation

Today, I expect the market to continue it's sell off after last Friday's unloading action by the BBs. Yesterday, the market had witnessed it's first wave of liquidation and that to me was BBs shorting big time and it shall continue today. A fresh new wave of liquidation will emerge to cause more panic selling and liquidation. A lot of public were traumatized by the selling as they expect a rebound since Dow Jones closed 75pts last Friday. Of course, I don't see that happening in STI and I posted on the forum on 17th Sep to let the public know that Dow Jones closing looks bad to me. I don't know how many people believe but the conviction in me was there. I will be watching Genting, Swiber and DynaMac today. I am no more longing, that's asinine thing to do for the moment!

While we cannot do as well as BBs, we can improve our bargaining power and make good gains by selecting stocks they are shorting and timing our purchases and sales to theirs. That in a nutshell has been the central theme of my strategy.

Ronald K

Monday, September 19, 2011

Market Outlook - Full House

I got a call from the organizer saying that registration is full and it is now closed. Thank you for those who registered for this event! I am looking forward to see you there!

Those who missed this seminar, no worries, you can email me and tell me that you are interested in the next market outlook. I will organize another one with the organizer.

Update: Tues, 20/9/2011 7:52AM:

If you had registered since last week till to yesterday 6pm, you are still eligible to attend the seminar this week. However if you registered after 7pm yesterday, the registration was already closed. You can still email me if you are interested and I shall speak to the organizer.

Ronald K

STI - Intraday Volatility

At 2.15-2.16PM, I saw an early signal where STI was about to have a volatile session very soon. At 2.17PM, I gave a warning and posted it on the forum and within 5-10 mins, STI volatility spiked and it trended down lower. Do I use volume or price or indicators or whatever traditional pedagogy? As you can see in the 1 min chart, there is no volume activity when I posted and how do I know? Well, the answer was The K Wave. That was the culprit affecting the volatility! Be careful if you are on the long side.

Ronald K

The Big Speculation - Back To The Future

Last Friday, I made a post on my blog at 7:12PM I said that I knew what's was going to happen next week (which is this week) before the opening bell in Dow Jones. The trading session for Dow is at 9.30PM every night. After I posted, I told everyone who emailed me to short on rally as the market is weak. See the above email. The first email I got was at 7:31PM and subsequently, it leads to many emails after that. How do I knew that? Because I saw unloading action and a bearish trap. I am not looking to long anymore until I see some signs of preparation for a rally.

If there is one stock that I look to short, that would be STXOSV, of course I won't be chasing, I will only short at the turn.

Finally, how did I manage to speculate the future accurately in the past few months? (If you had been reading my blog). I went through hardships and different stages in my life and I only manage to see the light only after cooling down and meditation. I shall leave this passage for some enlightenment. It helps me a lot during my down time and I would love to share with all my fans.

People who suffer will accordingly gain wisdom. If we don't suffer, we don't
contemplate. If we don't contemplate, no wisdom is born. without wisdom, we don't
know. Not knowing, we can't get free of suffering - that's the way it is. (This is to tell you that only by losing will you start to gain insights and slowly think of a way out.)

If you reach out and grab a fire in your neighbor's house, the fire will be hot. If
you grab a fire in your own house, that too will be hot. So don't grab at anything
that can burn you, no matter what or where it is. (This is to tell you to let go traditional teachings and don't hold on to anything that you knew in the past, be FLEXIBLE!)

Know your own body, heart and mind. Be content with little. Don't be attached to
teachings. Don't go and hold onto emotions. (This is to tell you to expect less and gain more when you trade.)

Ronald K

Friday, September 16, 2011

Market Outlook Next Week - Mind Games

After today's activity, I have a rough idea and know what is going to happen next week. I want to stress, I don't watch Hang Seng or Dow Jones or Nikki or whatever! I treat each market individually and I don't bother which market causes which market to move. Why am I able to forecast correctly each time before the market starts or before a breakout/breakdown happens? That's because I have thrown away traditional teachings and indicators and I use something that is even more powerful than volume, trends, indicators, tips, news, price etc..and that is psychology and mind games. It's something like if you can read someone's mind, then you can exploit him almost effortlessly in anyway you deemed. That's what I am after with and not indicators!

Anyway,I have already formulated my trading plan for next week. If you are interested for a market outlook, kindly email me. Lastly, I will reveal more information on my market outlook seminar on Sat 24th and Sun 25th September 2011. Sat 24th is full, so only Sun 25th is available. Seats are taken up fast, so please register if you can make it. Details are on the right hand side of my blog.

Ronald K

Noble - Weak Power

Noble warrants a short sell. It looks very very weak the past few days.

Update: Fri, 16/9/2011 5.53PM

Noble went down gradually! In lieu of today's action, it is even weaker than the past few days. I am holding my shorts and set a stop loss. Let's watch!

Ronald K

STI - The K Turn

I am seeing The K Turn now!

Update: Fri, 16/9/2011 5.44PM

At 9:30AM this morning, I saw a turn. Although it was not at the super day high, but it's high enough for my entry to short. At 8:48AM this morning, I said I am only looking to short at the TURN and true enough the market trend down gradually thereafter, The market was stagnant for the whole day and did not make any upward progress!! There were some unloading action in the market today and I believe the bull is not ready to charge yet. In the near term I am still looking to short. When there is no panic, there isn't going to be any major rally.

Ronald K

STI - Reverse Psychology

I am looking to short today at the TURN should the market open green and rally. The last 2 days, I said a rally will happen, and true enough, I believe today we are seeing one. This rally will tell me if the bull is dominant or the bear will be in to kill this bullish atmosphere. The horizontal line drawn will be the area I am looking for the market to turn.

Ronald K

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yanlord - Buy For Bounce

I am looking to long Yanlord. There is a paradigm shift of weakness to strength. I am looking for The K Turn and timing my entry to the long side. I believe it's time for Yanlord to show it's prowess when the buying activity starts.

Update: Fri, 16/9/2011 5.31PM

I have not seen the TURN yet. I am still monitoring.

Ronald K

STI - Bull Ready To Charged?

With each day progress, the market gets trickier with a lot of uncertainty and huge volatility. So the question is, is the bull ready to charge for STI? I strongly believe there are some secretive buying in the past 2 days for STI, however for today, I expect the market to open positive in the morning and maybe turn red later in the afternoon. I don't think the bull is ready to charge for a rally yet. The secretive buying is not yet finished and it takes time to accumulate and flush off the weak holders before a rally is warranted. Like yesterday, short in the morning and watch for the K Turn to cover shorts. The defining moment will appear where the bull will be taking lead strongly, but as of now, the time is not ripe yet.

Update: Thurs, 15/9/2011 10.44PM

The market opened green in the morning and came down later on. With the K Turn, the market rallies after that.

Ronald K

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

STI - Patience

Today, I expect the market to open green in the morning and subsequently it shall return to it's red territory. The market could be due for a rebound soon, however there need to be more secretive buying to take place first and I shall be watching for that to happen. For intraday trades, look to short in the morning when you see the K Turn and long back at the bottom should buying occurs. For swing trades, I shall give STI about 2 more days before we see the real motive of the BBs on whether a rebound will emerged or the downtrend resumes. For the near term, we need to break free away from the danger zone before higher prices can be expected.

Update: Wed, 14/9/2011 8.35PM

STI did went down south in the morning and made a turn back up in the mid afternoon. Those who spotted the K Turn, you covered at the low. Congrats to those who followed my blog in the morning. I am looking to long soon once the BBs are finished with their secretive buying.

Ronald K

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dow Jones - The K Mind

While explaining my theory to one of my students, I told him about how BBs perform a stunt like a V shape recovery for the purpose of first creating a panic and buying heavily at the bottom to elevate prices higher. Well, it is not difficult to detect these if you understand how BBs actually operate the market. There are signs of turning points before the rebound happens and if you could spot those, you will be handsomely rewarded! The K Mind comes into play for this factor where BBs scurry in to purchase heavily and discourage the public from taking the same train with them!

Ronald K

Market Outlook - Extention for 25th Sep 2011

Due to the overwhelming responses, the organizer is planning to host this event for another day at 25th Sep 2011. Registration for 24th Sep is closed. If you are unable to attend on 24th, then 25th Sep is your last day. Hope to see you guys there!

Ronald K

STI - My Trading Plan For Today

With the market being so volatile, I believe the best option for swing traders is to stay sideline and watch until the definitive wave plays out itself. STI is still in that trading range, however in this trading range, it whipsawed with huge spikes up and down which could prove fatal if one is not experienced and tactful in handling the situation.

For today's plan, I am looking to long for a rebound. Of course, I will not be entering at 9:00AM when the market opens but patiently wait for a reaction first before any proactive trades shall be taken. I am not particularly interested in intraday trades because it involves too much emotion and the big money is not made there. However, should I see a rally in the making, I shall time my entry prudently and let my position ride along with the buying wave.

Ronald K

Monday, September 12, 2011

STI - Small Turn

STI might have a small minor turn to the upside now. Watch. :)

Update: Mon, 12/9/2011 4.50PM

While I made my call at 2.54PM and alert to watch for a turn, the market tanked down a little bit more to flush out some weak holders before a minor rally took place. Of course, I can go wrong too, but more importantly, I knew a minor rally would be taking place. So the game plan is to go long and cut your losses small and time your entry again for that rally.

Ronald K

Market Outlook - A Free Invitation

I am being invited as a guest speaker and will be giving a free market outlook seminar hosted by CityIndex. I will share my K Theory, K Wave, K Mind and K Turn during that seminar and also reveal how I managed to spot the highs and lows for stocks and indexes with my BBs theory that almost always allows me to visualize the market ahead of any rallies and corrections before it actually happened.

The details of the seminar is as below:

Date:     24 September 2011 (Saturday)
Time:     0930 to 1230
Venue: 6 Battery Road,
Singapore 049909
(Next to Raffles Place MRT)

Contact Gill at with the following format.

Subject: Attending RonaldK Market Outlook Seminar
Contents of email: I want to attend RonaldK Market Outlook. Please kindly register me.

Or alternatively you can call at 6826 9974 to register.

Registration online will be much faster than phone. Spaces are limited, so register before seats are taken up.

Ronald K

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cosco, Yangzijiang - The Sellers

On Sep 7th, I called for a short on both yzj and cosco for the following day which is Sep 8th. True enough, the next day it went up and closed on the day low. Sellers emerged.

While everyone was bullish on rallies, I turned suspicious. I know how rallies are created. Stocks don't rally without a reason. The reason is definitely not news or reports or tips, but facts like BBs motive and their subsequent willingness to buy shares at certain price levels. Those who followed my calls, glad that you made money. Those who missed it, not to worry, there shall be another opportunity.

In my opinion, there real bull rally is not ready yet. There are still some preparation work that needs to be completed before the bull finally takes off. I will be watching everyday before the turn to the bull side.

Ronald K

STI - The Confusion

Something caught my attention today. I saw a lot of public being confused and manslaughtered big time. When everyone thought STI was rallying further due to the recent markup in price, I am only looking to do nothing until the smoke is cleared. We will have a clearer picture when the dust has settled, by then my only action is to follow the action of the BBs in their preferred wave.

This past week, I had been putting out accurate calls and many had followed my advice closely with cautious in the background. I am glad for those who made money and those who did not lose money. I am conducting a market outlook for a seminar soon. So watch out for this space and register if you are able to attend. It's free. Spaces are pretty limited. You shall get to see me live in person and I shall share some of the secrets I use to punt this market. Any questions, you can email or call me.

Ronald K

STI - The Big Suspicious

It's 6.40am in the morning. Yesterday, I said I am suspicious of any rally in STI should it happen, and I hold that statement firmly. The current situation illustrates a picture of a bull battling the bear with the bull getting minor injuries during the fight and it needs time to recuperate. Well, I received a lot of emails and calls where everyone was saying that STI rallied in the last hour and if a real bull coming this time round. I told them I am suspicious and I am not looking to long until the bull finally wins the battle. I shall repeat here that I am patient and will not chase the market until the bull is ready to charge big time. In the near term, I shall continue to only watch until the K turn signals me to get onboard together with buying wave.

Ronald K

Thursday, September 8, 2011

STI - The K Turn

It's 7.31am here and I saw last night's STI and Dow chart. I believe there is a turning point today. The market could be turning to the down side today. This turn will then tell me how much sellers or real buyers are there. I shall watch if this should be a healthy reaction for a further rally to come. However, should the market rally further, I will not chase.

Ronald K

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

STI - The Trading Range

STI is currently in a trading range. I am not trading in this range not because I don't know, but I prefer to let the wave play out itself to tell me which wave is stronger. I am banking my funds for a larger move rather than mini trends. I am using my K Wave to time my entry and the K Turn will keep me alerted when it happens. For a quick punt tomorrow, I am looking to make an intraday short should I spot a turn, else I would just wait patiently for a larger move to materialize itself the moment I see a shift from weakness to real strength. I will be looking to short yzj or cosco tomorrow should they start displaying the inability to rally.

Ronald K

STI - Watch Out

Although I am bearish on STI last week and for those who emailed me for a market outlook, I told you that I am shorting on strength. Something caught my attention last night. The market seems to command for a turn. I am not jumping into conclusion which would negate my bearish views. As I mentioned earlier, I am patient enough should I be trading on the long side. I am suspicious and it might be time to cover my shorts. It's time to watch!

Ronald K

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SembCorp - It Spiralled Down Further

After making my post on SembCorp at Sep 4th,
My conviction and confidence grew with leap bounds and I began to seriously endorsed in my K theory, Wave, Mind, Turn. While the public might say that the strong support for SembCorp was at 3.9, I don't see that happening for SembCorp on that day. The reason was simple, because when the market starts to spiral down, there won't be support to give the market a lift. Instead, the irrational and force selling would beget everyone to turn panic and relinquish whatever positions. That's how I read it from a psychological point of view. Anyways, good luck and god bless to those who made money from this counter!

Ronald K

STI, Olam - K Turn In Motion

While I got a lot of queries about K Turn. Highlighted are the K Turning points. They are pivotal points to tell me that the market is turning. Last night I said I will look to manslaughter when then turn appears and the buying power is fading. Attached is Olam's and STI's pivotal turning points. Although I did not post when the turn happens, I believe I am able to detect these turning points the very moment BBs started short selling or if buying power starts fading. I am not boasting because it was proven many times last month I caught almost all the turning points at the high and low. If you are interested in the K Turn, you can read it on the right hand side of my blog.

Ronald K

Olam - Watch For the K Turn

While the entire market went red today, Olam seemed to be strong with prices ending higher. However I am not bullish on this stock because I have seen no real evidence of BBs buying activity yet. In fact, I will be watching for the K Turn and the moment buying power is fading, I will almost certainly look for the manslaughter. Of course, should BBs buying activity turns strong, that would negate my bearish view. My trading plan for Olam is to short into strength the moment it starts to turn.

Ronald K

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Semb Corp - A Weak Rally

Anyone knows why the circled area was a weak rebound in the making? Although I don't watch this stock and it is not in my current watchlist, I saw something that caught my attention and in the coming weeks, it could present an opportunity on the short side. Of course, the past 2 days, it had already came down a lot. Those who shorted it, congrats as it was a good short candidate, however for those who missed it, there are still chances of shorting it! Watch for the turn of course! This stock is so much weaker than STI!

On Sep 1st, I made a call to the short side. However, I believe there were many people bought high up there on that day. Tomorrow, if things get from bad to worse, there will be an awful moment of reckoning for the bulls and the optimists and the wishful thinkers and those vast hordes that, dreading the pain of a small loss at the beginning, were now about to suffer total amputation without anesthetics. So the point is always cut your losses small and never ever let hope and fear control your mental state of mind!

Ronald K

Saturday, September 3, 2011

STI - Market Outlook For Next Week

While everyone was longing all the way on August 31st where STI was up 93 points and after taking a small profit from KepCorp, I am turning suspicious and I said it's time to watch

Of course, I am not doing anything but waiting for the turn. And the turn came when I shorted Sheng Siong and KepCorp of course, just that I didn't blog or pen about KepCorp during the time I placed my trades. That day I knew STI was at the high and never did we see it rally to the high anymore.

At the end of Sep 1st and Sep 2nd, I knew turning to the short side was a wiser choice and on Sep 2nd I said I am looking to short in the short term early in the morning at 8.13am however I am expecting a rebound in STI to add on to more positions.

Last night, Dow Jones dropped 253 points, so it's natural for every man to sell on Mon and I am looking to book partial of my profits. On Mon, a lot of people will start to short and that's like the public behavior that  I will not engaged myself in. They are always doing asinine things and constantly chasing the market which is almost fatal to me in my early years of trading. I had learnt my costly mistakes in the past. It's not wise to short on weakness and buy on strength, but the opposite. Whenever there is too much public participation on a counter or in the index, I am almost certainly be on the lookout for an opportunity to kill.

I have a trading plan and market outlook for next week to continue my prudent operation in STI. I am assiduously studying the charts for more answers instead of relying the news or reports. Last night, I knew the job report was going to be bad by looking at the Dow Jones chart on Tues and Wed, just that I did not blog about it because I only have so much time for myself and my other commitments, but I knew it presented a good opportunity to short in STI.

If you are interested in market outlook for next week, you can email me, but please don't ask me for entry and exit levels because I don't provide that. That's fatal for me because if you made money, you will be happy but if you cut losses, I shall feel bad and it's bad for my karma too. Those who have my number you can call me. I prefer calls, not sms as it is hard to go back and forth and explaining with short messages.

All the best next week! :)

Ronald K

Friday, September 2, 2011

Keppel Corp - Weak Weak Weak

KepCorp is weaker than STI during the rally. Anyone knows why? If you know, send me an email. Don't have to tell me about fundamentals. Everything is recorded in the chart.

Just like Yzj vs Cosco. I told many people that Yzj will rally harder and faster than Cosco. In reality, in did rally further than Cosco.

KepCorp is my favourite stock for shorting and selecting a correct price entry to short is immensely important. My biggest winnings were not in dollars but in the intangibles. I looked ahead and followed a clear-cut plan. I had learned what I must do in order to make big money; I am not gambling but speculating; I trade intelligently in a big way.

Ronald K

STI - The Early Rebound

Errr, the market rebound since my last post on 8.13am. Even though I said I can't be 100% right, however, the possibility of my analysis at 70% accuracy is there.

Well, those who still has position, might be good to get out at the correct time. Those who cut losses early, I feel sorry for you. However, I am patient enough and I will be watching for how long can this rebound last and time my entry for the big annihilation!

Ronald K

STI - Short or Long?

In the short term, I am looking to short STI. Of course, I will not rush in to short with the public. I will time my entry and wait for the turn just like how I did for sheng siong, tigerair, yzj, hph and all those stocks I blog about in my blog. Timing is very important, you can short today and the market can go up tomorrow and I don't want to be caught in that situation.

Today the market might have a small rebound. I am not 100% sure. The best is to watch and take action at the correct timing.

I have a few stocks on hand that is a perfect short candidate. If you are interested to short, please choose the correct stocks and not short those that are strong.

Ronald K

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sheng Siong - The Big Kill

While I am bearish on sheng siong, I am not sure if everyone believe in me because the stock price ran up constantly everyday. However, I am only looking to short it. I had made my analysis

Of course it went above my targeted price of 0.53-0.55. So what? Did I short there? Nope! I said I will watch for the turn and short. So where did i shorted? At 9.18am, I said I am looking for a fast punt.

So my short started at 9.18am. What price I got? Oh well, its 0.57. See the pictures above. But back in my mind, I knew I am not longing but only looking to short, because I am firm on my analysis made on August 30th.

Others can mock or laugh at me, but doesn't matter, because at the end of the day, it is who profited the most and whose pocket is heavier! K Wave and K Mind, you once again made big money for me! Thank you!

Those who want to know more why I shorted or want to thank me for helping you to make money, you can email me. :)

Ronald K