Sunday, July 31, 2011

HPH Trust - When Is The Selling Over?

In view of the recent slide in HPH Trust and understanding what the big interests are trying to accomplish, I believe the down slide will end at 0.7-0.72 before a substantial uptrend will begin. A heavy preponderance of selling would occur to scare the public to liquidate so therefore the big interests would then acquire all the panic selling which would then give the stock an uplift. We shall watch if it ever reaches the targeted price of 0.7-0.72. For now, we shall patiently wait and watch. Of course, if there is a sudden demand overcoming supply, then the price of 0.7-0.72 will be negated.

Ronald K

CCM - Watch For A Rebound!

With so many positive evidence and symptoms, CCM Group is once again due for a technical rebound anytime soon. In view of the whole operation, the big sellers in this counter had seemingly managed to wear out the premature bull and cause them to liquidate their holdings. Now, it's time once gain for this counter to rebound effulgently. Of course, I could be wrong but the risk is limited and reward is appealing which favors the upside.

Ronald K

M1 - The Bull Is Exhausted

I was studying different telecommunication stocks and M1 caught my attention the most. With the recent strong uptrend in all the telecommunication stocks, I believe it is coming all to an end soon. Looking at the confidence level from the investors and the big interests, they had already started taking profits and withdrawing their interests in this counter, leaving only the public who thinks the stock might continue to trend higher to remain in it with hope and greed that the prices would soar higher.

All good things will come to a good end and when this stock finally starts it's downtrend, i believe the public would find it difficult to believe and cut loss and the day would come when they finally liquidate and relinquish. I will watch it's progression each day and establish a short position when I saw the big interests had already done so.

Ronald K

Saturday, July 30, 2011

School of Mind Games - Testimonial 3

I received a third testimonial and compliment from my student whom I coach. I just want to say, you have now seen the truth and facts about trading after completing my course and it's all not that difficult after all. The stock market is all about mind games and what you need to do is to follow what the big interests buy and sell along with them. All the best in your future trades!

Ronald K

Friday, July 29, 2011

STI - Performance Of Different Sector

From the charts, can you deduce which sector is strong/weak and which sector is ready to boom/bust?

The answer is obvious. Buy the strong and sell the weak!

Ronald K

BAC - The Hourly Rebound

As I was watching BAC trending lower before the opening bell, I became skeptical because it has reached an oversold position on the hourly chart. Look at the trendline, the stock now rebounded strongly early in the trading session, however it was all too early to conclude that the bulls are still in charged! We shall watch how it ended tonight and deduce who won the battle.
Ronald K

BAC - The Bulls Barely Survived

Last night, BAC rallied away from the danger zone and managed to survive even though the Dow plunged in the last 4 hours. However, judging it's strength in terms of supply and demand point of view, supply is still heavy and persistent. If this counter is still bullish, the stock needs to show more rallying power to free itself from the bottom edge of the trading range. An ease of upward movement where a long up bar would conclude that demand is overcoming supply and the stock is ready to trend higher. The only relief I got from last night's action was when Dow broke down further in the late hours, BAC did not gave up all of it's gains it received during the opening bell but only fractional of it was shed. (See the highlighted blue oval)

On another note, I saw this piece of news on the internet which might be a good thing to know.

Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC): Insiders purchased 924,870 shares in the past 6 months, against insider sales of -627,610 over the past six months. Net transactions were 7 for the six month period. Insiders own 0% of the outstanding shares, of which there are 9,790,472,000. The stock recently traded at $10.00 and its market capitalization is $101,520,000,000.

Ronald K

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Midas - Will It Trend Lower?

Midas has broken a 2 year low. Do you think it will trend lower? I doubt so, the downside is pretty much limited with major support coming in to give this counter a lift. I would take a trade on the long side for a bigger profit. We shall watch this counter as it progress each day.

Ronald K


As I completed and finished my blog around 5.50pm, a good news was released later around 6+ / 7+ SGT! Let's watch what happens tomorrow!

- First contract worth RMB2.15 billion to supply 276 train cars for the
Nanjing Metro Line 3 Project
- Second contract worth RMB0.98 billion to supply 126 train cars for the
Nanjing Metro Line 10 Project

Yangzijiang - Diminished Rallying Power

After today's action, I managed to deduce that the rally power has diminished in yangzijiang. The bulls in this counter was tired and was taking a breather. The bear will soon take over to kill the over optimistic bulls. In the short term, this counter looks to react until further buying appears to give yangzijiang an uplift again.

Ronald K

MapleTree Industrial Trust - The Long Waited Breakout!

Finally, the long waited breakout in MapleTree has materialized! Those who sold off early and took profits, congrats. Those who reentered because of good results, congrats too! this breakout is going to last not because the analyst had put a targeted price of 1.36, but more important, the big interests managed to buy a huge chunk at the bottom and wear off the premature bulls. The zones of accumulation highlighted in black represents area of buying. The red circle represents the long waited breakout that was discussed earlier on my previous post.

Ronald K

BAC - Last Night's Bearish Activity

Last night, I forsee a possible major rally in BAC. However when I woke up in the morning, I saw a different story. The price plunged more than what I exepected. Quickly, I went to search for more clues and answers and found out that the selling might not be all over yet. Looking at the charts attached above, BAC must rally away from the danger zone today or else the uptrend shall be negated. A further breakdown today, I would cut my losses small and watch for the next opportunity. Let's watch how much follow through today after last night's bearish activity.

Ronald K

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BAC - A Major Rally In The Making

BAC is currently in the early stages of a bull campaign. I saw a major buying campaign in the making where a major rally is about to happen! The shares are now in the hands of the strong holders where the stock would not falter much. I believe a trade on the long side should yield profitable results.

As of writing, JP Morgan also exudes a very powerful buy signal. That stock is also a major rally in the making!

When the News is very bad:

Bank of America Estimates Cut

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Bank of America(BAC_) short interest surged some 16% in the first half of July, ahead of the bank's second-quarter earnings report.

Bank of America short interest rose to nearly 125 million shares in mid July from about 108 million at the start of the month, according to New York Stock Exchange data released late Tuesday. Bank of America, regularly one of the most heavily-traded tickers on the NYSE, was the fourth most active ticker among short sellers.
Bank of America shares have had a rough 2011, losing more than 25% of their value through Tuesday's close. They hit fresh 52-week lows shortly after announcing more than $20 billion in mortgage-related charges June 29. The bank also gave analysts fresh earnings guidance, officially reporting a 90 cent loss on July 19.
Since that date, the shares have been roughly flat.
Other widely-followed NYSE-listed financial stocks generally saw a decline in short interest, including General Electric(GE_)Synovus Financial(SNV_)Citigroup(C_)Wells Fargo(WFC_) and JPMorgan Chase(JPM_).
Financial Select Sector SPDR(XLF_), a widely-followed exchange traded fund that tracks financial stocks, also saw a big drop in short interest--to some 92 million shares from 111 million at the end of June.
The NYSE publishes data on the 100 most heavily shorted listings twice monthly. Short interest represents shares that have been borrowed by short sellers who bet a stock will decline in value. They then hope to buy the shares at the lower price to repay their debt, while pocketing the difference
-- Written by Dan Freed in New York.

Bank of America Short Interest Jumps

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Bank of America saw its earnings estimates cut by yet another analyst following a quarter in which the bank lost $8.8 billion, its largest in history.

The latest analyst to reduce his estimates was Sanford Bernstein's John McDonald. McDonald cut his 2011 estimates for the bank to 43 cent per share loss from an 87 cent gain. McDonald's cuts put him near the low end of the range of the 27 analysts surveyed byThomson Reuters. The analysts as a group are looking for a loss of 23 cents per share in 2011, with the most bullish predicting a 16 cent gain, and the biggest bear eyeing a 44 cent loss.
It seems likely, however, that many analysts still have yet to lower their estimates, since McDonald has been a Bank of America bull for quite some time. McDonald has had an "outperform" rating on Bank of America since at least Oct. 2, 2009, according to data fromBloomberg, though his target price has dropped steadily from 25, on that date, to its present level of 13. Despite his latest downward revision, McDonald made no change to his "outperform" recommendation or his $13 target price.
Bank of America's earnings, announced Tuesday of last week, had largely been preannounced by the bank June 29. Nonetheless, the bank's shares sold off further after the earnings release but then rebounded later in the week, along with shares of other large banks such as Wells Fargo(WFC_)Citigroup(C_) and JPMorgan Chase(JPM_)
-- Written by Dan Freed in New York.
Ronald K

Genting Sp - An Euphoria Breakout

While I am getting slammed by some forum members about my bearish analysis on Genting SP, nevertheless it did broke out accordingly based on my analysis last night. So what if i made a wrong judgement or call? Just cut a small loss and go long, I don't see any problem with that! The most important thing with my analysis is it did ran accordingly and so your funds are not held up on some other counters that would not move at all. If you read the line properly, I wrote and you quote:

I was studying Genting Singapore's operative campaign and I strongly believe this counter is ready to move by tomorrow. A closer look at it's recent rally, it tells me that the upmove is not strong at all and tomorrow might be a start of a downtrend. However, this might or might not happen and I would need to wait for the opening bell to judge it's readiness to breakout or breakdown. A move tomorrow would be a start of a new up/down trend for Genting Singapore. As of writing this post, my analysis tells me that Genting Singapore favors the downside.

Did I ask anyone to short? I was saying that if it breakout, go long and if it breakdown, go short. Simple english. Even if I am bearish, does it matter? More importantly, the stock did perform vigorously on a breakout!

For those who asked me how do I spot if it is going to breakout/breakdown, my answer would be based on the mind games on the big interest. It's not gamble or speculation because there are evidence of buying/selling. My students who attended my course should know why. :)

This breakout caused a mass hysteria and the public is buying heavily. I turned skeptical after today's action.

Ronald K

Dyna-Mac - What Would Be The Short Term Upside?

I am very suspicious of the recent rally in most of the stocks and am only looking for shorting opportunities. One of the stocks that made me opened my eyes wide was Dyna-Mac. Not only this stock displayed weakness in it's recent rally, it had the properties of a "trap" move to lure the premature bulls. This recent rally tells me that the bull campaign for Dyna-Mac will be hitting at a price of 0.59 before it starts to react and nevertheless yesterday it did hit there and did not trend higher. Watch for the reaction to come!!


Dyna-Mac reacted today even though there were some outstanding statistics.

Proposed final cash dividend:S$0.02 / share

•Total annual dividend: S$18.6m

•Dividend yield

•5.7% (of IPO price of S$0.35)

•3.7% (of share price of S$0.54 @ 21 July 2011)

Ronald K

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Genting Singapore - A Stock That Is Ready to Move!

I was studying Genting Singapore's operative campaign and I strongly believe this counter is ready to move by tomorrow. A closer look at it's recent rally, it tells me that the upmove is not strong at all and tomorrow might be a start of a downtrend. However, this might or might not happen and I would need to wait for the opening bell to judge it's readiness to breakout or breakdown. A move tomorrow would be a start of a new up/down trend for Genting Singapore. As of writing this post, my analysis tells me that Genting Singapore favors the downside.

On another note, I am looking to short Genting HK into strength. From the chart, it tells me that major profits had been taken by the big buyers and it is now in a secondary distribution phase where prices would trend lower!

Ronald K

MapleTree Industrial Trust - Results Exceeds Forecast

Mapletree Industrial Trust: Delivers DPU Of 1.98 Cents For 1Q FY2011, Exceeding Forecast By 8.8%.

26 Jul 2011 21:31
Distribution per Unit of 1.98 cents, higher than IPO Forecast by 8.8% for the First Quarter Financial Year 2011 from 1 April to 30 June 2011. Higher average occupancy rate of 94.3% and higher average passing rental rate of S$1.52 per square foot per month for 1Q FY2011. Maiden acquisition of Tranche 2 of JTC Second Phase Divestment Exercise Portfolio on track for completion by end August 2011

Ronald K

Monday, July 25, 2011

Synear - Has Demand Exhausted?

As the uptrend continued in Synear, I became more and more wary of any unloading action by the big interests. Today represented a trading opportunity on the down side for Synear. It seemed to me that the buying power had sort of exhausted and supply had already entered the market last friday. Without any indicators or whatsoever, I believe the upside for this counter is pretty limited where most unloading activity had already taken place. My analysis could be wrong, but the probability favors the bears. A sell short on this counter for a quick punt could yield attractive results.

Ronald K

ContelCorp - Bull Still Intact?

Can Contel Corp trend higher? I believe demand is exhausted soon and supply will soon appear. Watch!

Ronald K

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pac Andes - Watch As It Slowly Charges

As I watch the progression in Pac Andes each day, it made me to believe that a substantial breakout to the upside is imminent. On July 20th, I made a post on "Pac Andes - Preparation for a Breakout!"

As I am doing some preparation work for tomorrow's trades, something caught my attention and that was there were some insiders trades captured for Pac Andes. What does it tells me? I don't know, but all i know was this counter is preparing for a breakout!

If you can train yourself to read charts, you don't need any piece of news or insider information to give you that confidence in your trading. What you need is a powerful analysis and a sound trading plan to follow the big interests. Isn't it a beauty that my analysis matched what the insiders in Pac Andes are trying to accomplish?

Update August 15th 2011, 00:20 AM

Pac Andes did NOT breakout as the preparation work was not ready. The BBs are trying to flush out more weak holders before taking this stock for a rally. Looking at the chart, it seems like there are still some supply left. Until the supply is scarce, or I shall watch for the definitive turn before entering a long trade with the BBs.

Ronald K

MapleTree Industrial Trust - The Charts Speaks For It's Results

MapleTree 1st Quarter results will be out on the 26th July this month, and the question is, will the results be good or bad? I was studying the charts and it revealed to me that the results should be all good. The recent slide in the share price is a maneuver to scare the public to liquidate their positions and more accumulation by the big interest. I believe that is the case because I saw some significant purchases made during this down slide. Will the stock continue lower from here on? I don't think so because it is now in a very strong technical position for a potential upside. Let's watch!

Ronald K

Saturday, July 23, 2011

DJIA - A New High?

I believe Dow Jones has the strength and agility to break through a new high. Watch and Witness it's prowess.

Ronald K

Thursday, July 21, 2011

School of Mind Games - Testimonial 2

Just received a testimonial and compliment from a student today. :) I am glad I am able to share with him the dark secrets and enlighten him in his trading.

Ronald K

YZJ - Unloading Action Detected! - Bull in Charged!

Just as the public still thinks YZJ is trending higher, I had already shorted on the day high and already see profits! Take action fast and you will be rewarded!

Ronald K

STI - The Mid Day Report

Looking at STI's 5min chart, i believe the rally could not sustain longer. A reaction could happen anytime soon. It seems like the preponderance of supply is overcoming demand. Look at the circled ovals, they represent forces of supply and demand live in action. Watch!

Ronald K

School of Mind Games Course

For those who emailed me and is interested in my course, I have written a short summary on the right hand column on what you can expect and learn from this course. You can contact me for further inquiries if you are interested.


Ronald K

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mapletree - The March Towards a Higher Price

On June 30th, I calculated the Mapletree accumulation zone and made a price projection towards the 1.35-1.42 range. Surprisingly 20 days later, an analyst from UBS made the same price projection according to what I calculated. Isn't it amazing that the chart shows me a projection in tandem with the analyst's calculation?

July 20, 2011, 11.25 am (Singapore time)
UBS starts Mapletree Industrial at buy, target S$1.36
SINGAPORE - UBS has initiated coverage of Singapore's Mapletree Industrial Trust, which owns factories and other industrial properties, at buy with a target price of S$1.36. 

UBS said it expects Mapletree Industrial to record a distribution per unit (DPU) in 2012 of 7.79 Singapore cents and to see its DPU grow at an average 5.4 per cent a year over 2012-2015, the highest amongst industrial real estate investment trusts in Singapore. 

'The industrial property sector (in Singapore) is the only commercial segment where rentals have exceeded the 2008 peak, recovering more strongly than office and retail,' said UBS in a report. 

The brokerage also noted that rents for multiple-user factories are at a 20-year high, and Mapletree Industrial offers exposure to this segment as 85 per cent of its net lettable area is multiple-user factories. 

At 0312 GMT, shares of Mapletree Industrial were 0.88 per cent higher at S$1.15, and have gained 5.9 per cent since the start of the year. -- REUTERS

Ronald K