Sunday, February 28, 2021

Ron K - An Update to My Goal with $275,628 SGD Profits

An update to my personal goal and promises when I made a swear in Aloysius car with Winfred shooting the video 2 weeks ago. Tough is the word. Why? Because I shot this video 2 weeks ago and I made a swear I would make $300,000 in a week. The tough part was to find the stock and with the overall dovish sentiment in the market, it made my stock scanning job evening more challenging. In the end, I made close to $300,000 on one stock but I felt I could have done better. 

With what I just achieved, I believe in my confidence and also my my stock picking skills using my Flashpoint strategy and also the flushing technique which I see so frequently in stocks, I am aiming my next target to make consistent profits over and over again. Watch the Full Video and see how I plan and swear on my goals.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Ron K - A Preview to Explosive Stock Picks with High Win Rate

I will be doing a preview talk on March 10 where I will be sharing some of my strategies like Flashpoint and Flushing which allowed me to time my market entry perfectly. I will also be showing some tips on how to pick explosive stocks using Top Volume and some stock market tricks where big institutional players used to manipulate the market.

The market has been very rewarding to me after so many years not because of I made a lot of $$ but rather because of my skills in stocks selection and precision timing. See my stock picking knowledge and skills where clients followed my trades and join me in making good profits $$. Join me in March 10 as I will handpick some of you to come for my talk to meet me 1-1. Registration on the link below.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Ron K - I Reaped Off $283,000 Last Evening Till 5am With My Coffee Traders

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It was a close shave last evening trading the stock market. The overall market was pretty choppy and bearish where the Dow Jones kept slamming down while the Nasdaq turned red from the pre market then up and then slowly down again. Overall, the market is pretty dovish and last night's small rebound could be just a small dead cat bounce which I am not sure. However, I traded some powerful stocks and made superb and stellar returns intraday by picking the right stock at the right timing while having coffee earlier in the day thinking and working on that individual stock. It's stressful but I love uncertainty and challenges because that's where you learnt the fastest.

10.30pm start and I started my own trading too. The stock which i picked was in the Top Volume at 10.02pm and I knew my homework during the coffee session won't be wasted. The market was green first and everything started to fumble. I bought the stock I did my homework while it also started to sell down. Soon, the market recovered and my stock slowly started to trend higher and suddenly the stock broke out in the Top 20 Volume. I remembered swearing that I will make $300,000 soon on one video and yes, I managed to achieve it last night. I think power and luck played a part while I also believe all the effort and hardwork I put in is extremely important to cultivate luck. The hardest part of trading is how do I pick a stock using the theme of the day so that out of 5 stocks, the one I picked will be performing the best for that day? Let's say I have 5 stocks for selection, my probably shall be 20% out of the 5 and I just need to pick one wrong stock and I would then need to wait for the stock to climb before I can see profits. Overall, I must say all the coffee sessions and chart reading shared during the coffee do help everyone in their trading plan.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Friday, February 26, 2021

Ron K - Bitcoin is Here to Stay, Avoid Bit Digital

I shot this video before CNY and shared about Bitcoin and how to make $800,000 in one night. I don’t expect all to make the same amount of $$ I do but just take 5% of what I earned will do. Since that day, we had traded some stocks and made some handsome profits instead using the stock screening technique which I taught. Bitcoin since then had risen so much with Elon Musk and Tesla dominating which only proved that my judgmental skill was correct. Coffee with Ron K was as usual fun while live learning on the spot was even more enriching. The most important thing after all these coffee was many trades was done after that and many profits were reaped. I am taking 7 people for coffee next, who’s coming to learn the next stock with me?

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Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Ron K - A Talk on How I do Short Term Trades in The US Stock Market

The market was really bad last evening. Everything slammed down and everything fumbled. A lot of sellers as the market touched a supply zone while the buyers really had no strength to circumvent the sellers. I was especially derailed by the sell down and can only hope for a better tomorrow. I went on to gave a preview on how I do short term trading for the past 1 year with extra good profits. When market is at the bull, it's good to ride on the uptrend to make $$ out of it. However the problem I see with many amateurs investors and traders is they know how to buy but when it comes to selling, they are always struggling with fear and greed which in the end either cost them more $$ or wiped out their initial profits. Hence, I employ short term trading which is way easier to deploy when market is at the peak or while it's ranging without much movements. I feel safer to see $$ coming in than hanging around in the market when everyone is selling. Look forward to share more on my trading strategies on how to avoid mistakes and make profits $$. See you there!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Ron K - Add More Positions with $328,000 on Panic Sell Down

Another long trade when the market meltdown on Tuesday Feb 23 where I witnessed a lot of retails started to throw down and I decided at 10.44pm that the Nasdaq hit the bottom and it's time for buy. As you can clearly see from the screenshot attached, the Nasdaq touched the bottom at 10.45pm where I already bought 1 minute ahead of time for all the stocks I wanted. In fact, I increased my positions with more shares with $328,000 down the market. I am extremely confident when I took this trade and from Tuesday to today, the stock had increased with a ROI of 40%. I believe once you know where is the bottom, the next key step is to pick the right stock and the right sector to make sure your investment is worthwhile and that's what I did. Hoping to reap off $$ soon.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Ron K - I Traded $1,420,672 USD with A Strong Powerful Signal

Been on a tear lately as I had been trading very actively in the US market. The market was quite high and in fact many stocks started to sell down where I find some very good opportunities to re-enter some powerful growth stocks which I spent time and effort scanning it during some coffee sessions. Traded $1,420,672 USD on a stock last Friday and made some very quick instant $$ on the same day itself. I will post my contra trades once I have my physical statement ready. The signal was obvious using the Top 30 Volume as stocks were flashing outright with signals for intraday scalping. Combined with my flashpoint theory, profits just continue to escalate and add on since my forte was to pick the best stock that suits my temperament. 3 Things I want to achieve in all trades.

1. Use profits to compound for more profits.

2. Buy shares using Free $$ 

3. Find between 1-3 growth stocks.

Once I can do all 3, basically trading the market is pretty stress free and that's what I have been doing so far.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Ron K - The Man Whom Made $69,000 USD in 2 Hours

Very honored and pleasure to have a coffee session with Mr Wong where he shared how he made $69,000 in 2 hours. I remembered taking the trade with him and it was CNY eve. In just a mere 2 hours, the stock flew 18.25% because some institutional players bought it and the rest was history where we were taking profit off the table. I am looking forward to have another good trade with him. Always remember, every teacher was once a student, every winner was once a loser and every master was once a beginner. Everybody starts from 0 and it’s how you leverage property and grind wisely.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Monday, February 22, 2021

Thomson Medical - The King of All Stocks

An amazing and super run in Thomson Medical. From the stealth accumulation to the run up in prices, I believe the stock is trying to normalize the recent news where Thomson turned profitable where the stock valuation must match the current price. The price has been down trending for many years and inf act, it went below Peter Lim's price of 0.076 before recovering all the way back to now 0.110. The warrant is also currently in play and the current stock price seems to match the valuation of the company itself. Everything that was spotted and triggered, it can be found in the daily chart and the 5 minute chart. I consider the King of all Stocks because as of now, no other stocks ran as much as Thomson Medical with heavy and bursting volumes. Oceanus maybe also one of them but Thomson Medical is more convincing in terms of theme plays.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Ron K - I Want to Harness Power and Cultivate Luck

This video was shot when GameStop was the hottest stock back then. We were trading many stocks and great profits were made. Aloysius made like $5900 usd and he was already happy over the moon as compared to his $25,000 usd profits in 2 hours the other day. I remembered shooting this video and swear to him that we shall bank in more $$ and yes, playing back this video, my actions and words materialized again. I need to practice and harness more power and cultivate more luck. It’s not how much $$ to be made because once you achieve mastery, you need extraterrestrial energy like power and luck to keep you sustainable. Watch the FULL video.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Ron K - A Breakthrough Performance in a Single Trade for $25,000 USD

Nice! As my Instagram description suggests, I deliver breakthrough performance and indeed, after many coffee sessions and trading events, finally I got Aloysius to make the $$ he always envisioned. This time round, it’s $25,000 USD within 2 hours during the CNY period. You can use any strategies, any methods to trade, but think about this, can you sustain for the long term without taking too much losses? That’s what I meant, a breakthrough is repetition of performance after performance. Watch the whole interview as I managed to catch him and asked him some deep questions. The next student will be even more epic where he made like $69,000 USD in 2 hours. Stay tune!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Ron K - Execution of $1,935,372 USD on a Friday Night

Last evening was great as it was one of those nights where it was lonely, quiet and yet full of opportunities in the stock market. I was watching the market in the midnight as I had something to attend earlier on when the market opened where I missed some important opportunities. Towards where I took a trade, the market started to simmer off, I found a hot stock and executed 2 times on the stock so as to make my effort worthwhile. Traded $1,935,372 USD worth of stocks and soon, the stock started to move higher and higher. All the trades that was taken last evening was planned and done through profound thinking during the day. As of now, I had taken 110 trades since March 2020 last year and till date, all my trades were profits and no losses. I believe the key is to work smart and think about what's the theme for the day and take very calculated risk to make sure my win ratio is high. I am holding on and wait till I post the profits once it's all done!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist