Sunday, May 31, 2020

Ron K: Unleash Your True Potential with Stock Picking and Confidence

To truly have confidence in your trading/investments/career, one needs to have certain high income skill set or certain knowledge that the minority possess. I remembered those days I worked on my craft everyday be it good/bad days, building my foundation right and then taking the correct actions on executions. Some days I made it while some days I failed. I questioned myself heavily and asked many profound questions on the bad days when I had losing trades as to what mistakes I made. I realized Stock Picking is important and key towards financial confidence and a key to get back your wins. One winning stock decides your fortune and I emphasized heavily on this skill.

Conclusion is, mistakes is a process of building experiences and it's a journey whip up your confidence in years to come. To be successful in trading/investments, double up your failure rate and you shall learn faster. Did I fall before in my trading career? Yes I did, but I always got back up really quick because I relied heavily on my past experiences and failures to lift myself up on good trades again. Watch this FULL video if you want to know what gives me confidence when I trade the market.

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Friday, May 29, 2020

Ron K: Google Meet, Spot Signals and Trade with Me

I am getting more and more people to join my google meet session for trading and learning at the moment. As my network expands, more participants want my service and willing to pay a small fee to join my market insights and trading session so that they can acquire a skill and start to see profits. So far, I have conducted multiple google meet sessions and every session is a blow out and highly anticipated. Click on the link below to see my google meet session yesterday and see the amount of people whom made $$.

Are you the next to join? Are you interested in my market outlook and trading session? Write me an email to or dm me in my Instagram @ronaldkstockmarket if you are interested.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Ron K: What 2 Stocks I am Watching for Trading ?

I shot this video on May 26 when I first observe some bearish signals in AMD. Soon later that night and subsequently on May 27th, AMD was down with 2 long red bars immediately as the sellers took control and sold shares. Facebook was at all time high with the past 2 days of selling taking place. Because of the recently positive or new business model in Facebook, there is a chance that this stock might even trended higher in future but that's long term investments.

The key now is not about buying/selling but rather waiting patiently for great signals in Facebook before hitting the button. As for AMD, it was so timely spot on and the stock just suffered heavy dropped for 2 days after I shot the video. My question to all of you is both AMD and Micron are in the semi chip conductor sector. Why did Micron popped up and rebounded 8% while AMD suffered heavy selling for 2 days? Can you see something obvious?

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

SGX - A 12% Drop Today

If things is not bad in the Singapore market, it's worse now for most of the blue chips as a major and heavy drop in SGX today with 12% down. There was some bad news today from the stock but more importantly, the chart has some profit taking past few days and suddenly, sellers came in to take control. The rebound and the effort for the past few months were all wasted in today's drop. As I kept saying that I won't be trading Singapore stocks and no investments on it, it's currently showing signs of fatigue. Read the below bad news which caused the price to drop.


*SGX - Loss of MSCI equity derivatives ex SG to HKEx to dent derivatives business*

Maybank KE Retail Research

SGX is letting its licence agreement with global index publisher MSCI, other than for MSCI Singapore index products, expire in Feb '21 after losing it to Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

However, MSCI Singapore futures and options will remain listed on SGX. The parties will both work to extend this partnership well beyond 2021.

The group will work closely with the relevant stakeholders in managing their open interest as it gradually discontinues its MSCI equity index futures and options contracts, except for MSCI Singapore, next year.

According to management, there could have a near-term impact on its equities derivatives business as MSCI contracts (comprising MSCI Taiwan, MSCI Indonesia, MSCI Net Total Return) constitute ~15% of equity derivatives daily average volume (DAV) and ~12% of total derivatives DAV.

On a 12-month pro forma basis, this translates to a 10-15% dent on FY21 earnings before any mitigating action. Overall, equity derivatives accounted for 36% of SGX's 3QFY20 group revenue.

While the exchange's multi-asset portfolio shelf has reached a critical mass, it will continue to broaden and deepen coverage of Asia by developing more derivatives products on its own or in collaboration with partners.

Earlier this month, it entered into a long-term strategic partnership with AMTD Int'l to promote the development of Singapore’s capital markets and strengthen connectivity between ASEAN, the Greater Bay Area, the rest of China and the Middle East.

In Apr, it signed a wide-ranging strategic cooperation with China’s CITIC Securities to collaborate across in fixed income, currencies and commodities, REITs as well as equity, debt capital markets.

Overall, we believe this latest development is negative for the local exchange operator and expect consensus estimate to be revised downwards.

Valuation wise, SGX is trading at 23.2x FY20e P/E and 3% yield.

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US vs Singapore Stocks - $368,000 USD Traded

Another epic trade last month as I traded the US market with big positions and profited super handsomely. The Dow Jones went crazy and it's so strong as compared to the Singapore market. Study the Top Volume and you shall see that the Singapore market is slow and weak while the US stocks are always dominating where a lot of big institution players are residing. While the market is moving higher, my profits are escalating too with all the stocks I chose and trade all outperforming. See my $2,000,000 down earlier this month on the link below.

It's very important to pick great stocks out of the millions of stocks you see in the US market. As for Singapore market, stocks were pretty limited while many big blue chips just under performed and stay stagnant. Hence, the next million of $$ trade, I would definitely go to the US market and search for opportunities because that's where dream are built and millions were made. Who's going to join me in trading next? Interested parties can send me an email to

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Rex Intl - Top Traded Stock on TextBook Strategies

Rex Intl rose higher and after last Friday's selling, the stock resurrected today and rebounded with a small gap up. As per my last post on Rex Intl, it was just an easy textbook chart setup that has many bullish signals when it touched the bottom 2 months back and today the stock just continue it's rising price after I made my last post on the stock. Click below to read.

I did a #TeamRonK google meet session yesterday where I shared many things and also some new found strategies on how to check wall supplies. It was good questions after good questions which challenged me to go find great answers. The people who joined my google meet session as usual was a lot but the number of participants who took back my powerful insight was just immensely infused with new knowledge.

As Rex Intl continue to be a highly traded stock in the Exchange, it's wise to pay attention to oil price and watch out for signals before touching this stock at the current levels. It's near the supply zone and I am cautious not to chase after high price. Look forward to have more traders with me soon.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Ron K: This is Why You Trade for Ron K and How I Pay You

I am definitely looking for traders and I am consistently searching for people who can trade for me and outperform the market in terms of stocks selection/execution. In the month of May 2020 where the market has constantly rising, one of my Top trader Kris has outperformed for me and made like a good handsome $8600 commissions just by executing for me based on my instructions and market outlook I gave him. The best part was, it wasn't an everyday thing but only two $1 million trades which he took for me which yielded me great profits.

I pay good commissions to traders who can finish the job clean and give me the ROI which I am looking for depending on the amount you trade. So far, so good and in the month of March, April and May, it's been consistent profits non stop. You don't have to trade everyday but if you are able to select good stocks at great turning points, I am more than willing to accept you whether you are a seasoned trader or a rookie trader. For those interested, you can add me in


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Monday, May 25, 2020

Google Meet - Meeting with 102 Participants, Supply/Demand Trading

Just finished an earlier google meet session with 102 participants and that's a lot to handle. Shared some insights on my secret weapon on how to use supply/demand lines to make $$ in the stock market and also what I do day to day to find good stocks and reaped profits. Saw one of the participant started to trade HSI and made like $1000 today on a public holiday.

I enjoyed the session today as many were very attentive, they learnt something and took back some powerful insights from me and wrote me some messages after that. I will try do more google meet session sharing market outlook and insights when I have the time and looking forward to see some of you trading soon and get up to speed. The next Google Meet session if I do, I will share entries/exits and the stop losses. See you all there!

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US Stock - $1,026,000 USD Traded

This was another $1,026,000 USD down the market this month last week, as it was another epic trade I used to breakout of my comfort zone because I want to achieve growth towards my goal. The lockdown has caused many jobs lost and dismay to many people but I treated it like a new habit, new exercise for me to trade millions of USD down so that I cultivate new standards and habits to know myself better when I start teaching again. The market was very good after the major sell down in March and it rebounded very strongly until today. As you can see the Top Volume stocks in NYSE, there are very liquid and many of them were very cheap while some are stronger than the others. My last trade was $1,700,000 as shown on the link below.

The next stock I trade shall be epic as the market is about to have some big moves. So what's the next counter I will be trading? I will reveal more in my Instagram account. Follow me on the link below if you wish to know.

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Ron K: Trade For Me and Earn Commissions

I have been trading many years and always constantly looking for great Traders who can watch stocks, analyse the Dow Jones and then finish a clean job for me with profits. I shall reward handsomely for the competent traders. So far, I got Kris, who’s next?

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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Google Meet - Market Insights and Trading with Ron K

Opened up my google meet and just started to have a 2nd session of my google meet session. I won't be doing it so often because I rather trade than talk but after 2 sessions, I saw results from my traders and it's rather pleasing and encouraging. I challenged Mr Tan last week to make $1000 this week and to my wildest surprise, he surpassed himself and made like $2000+ total in the Dow Jones and also Dyna Mac. I am extremely happy and pleased to see his drive after I gave him on some important insights and tips on how to do it.

Then I got another record from Roy where he made like $1000+ this week from Tilray which was rather also impressive to me because the stock shot up a lot and he longed it before the shot up happened. What's great was he managed to sell it off near peak and profited handsomely since his lot size is small. Congrats everyone looking forward to see more profits from you all. I might consider doing more google meet if I see more traders, more trades in the market.

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Friday, May 22, 2020

Singapore Market Worry - US-China Worrying Tensions

The US and China tensions are mounting today. With Beijing moved to impose a new security law on the city after last year's pro-democracy unrest, risking fresh protests and further straining fast-deteriorating U.S.-China ties. The market reacted strongly to this news where STI was down -48 points and HSI was down -846 points. It was fear and the Top 30 Stocks in the SG market was just stalled and couldn't moved. Most stocks were battered down and the trade tensions escalated further with extreme fear. I am especially cautious when I trade and will only take good signals. Stay safe and be cautious.

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Ron K: What 2 Stocks Did I Trade During this Circuit Breaker?

Both Apple and Paypal rose sharply after the melthdown we witnessed in march. The market was so fearful and it was in a pandemic mode where sellers were dominating the game. As the market got sold down sharply, the quality of supply decreased and the level of interest demand increased. During that point, I was picking and scanning for good fundamental stocks to trade and I selected Apple and Paypal as my target. Both stocks had good chart setups and from the charts, I can see funds were buying and the cobs were pretty strong. Both stocks now rose to great heights like there were no crisis at all. Watch the full video, study back the chart and look at the prices now!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Top 30 Scanning - Stocks Are Recovering or Selling?

Market is moving sideways at the moment. It seemed like something big is about to happened and it could impact big time in the SG market. The STI had a gap up 3 days back and started to punctured a little. Today, after analyzing the Top 30 Volume, I saw many stocks simmered off while some are recovering a little like SIA. Were there mix signals or more sellers? I am watching the development of this trading range closely because anything can happen as the range signals power stored inside which could up heave or down crash the market again. Scanning the stocks now, most of it were selling ahead with the exceptions of a few only. I am as usual cautious and stay sideline now together with the general market.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

SIA - Bailout Soon?

SIA shares continue to be battered down today and as per all my SIA posts since last week and this week, the stock continued to slumber down heavy with sellers selling instead of buyers turning the situation around. Click below to read ll my SIA posts.

The airline industry is currently very bad and in the coming months, there will be more jobs cut and more operational losses in the pipeline. It will take months to years before the whole industry can recover again. Now it prompts to one question looking at the price of SIA now, will the government bail SIA out just like NOL, SMRT etc?

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist