Friday, September 18, 2020

A Year End Sharing by Ron K - Watch For Volatility During Elections

Finished a very late night talk 2 days ago. It was a year end sharing as the curtain is closing. I want a breakthrough in most of you but all of you have to help yourself first before you can see the results. I had so many coffee sessions, drove so many others to breakthrough, create many traders who made astounding returns and then for myself, I just continue to push boundaries where I don't know where is the limit until I broke out of my own personal comfort zone, I can say that the Covid 19 is definitely one of the best events that happened this year which washed away the old and created a new. As we continue to approach to November where the election is coming, do expect extreme volatility where market is going to make a decisive decision soon. I finished all my mastermind trading sessions, my google meets and now I am into mentoring new wave of traders. See you all soon!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Secura - Bought and Sold Intraday During Google Meet

Another good trade today as we did an intraday trade on Secura. The market was bullish in the morning and turned bearish later in the afternoon where most stocks got sold down scarily. But if you chose the right stocks with strength, power and activity, that stock will still move in the right direction that you want and that's what we did earlier in the morning at 9am where all of people I invited to Google Meet were trading with Ron K on this stock call Secura.

Secura was easy to spot where the stock was hidden in the Top 30 Volume in the morning when suddenly some big buyers started to come in which their buying activity. All of a sudden, from the bottom, it gradually moved higher and higher with more buying took place and soon Secura dominated the Top 30 Volume at the Top 3 where we already entered together with the momentum where the big players bought. See my earlier post on how I captured the most important Top 30 Volume for the whol chronicles of the movement. Congrats everyone!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Stock Operators Maneuver Manual - $13,000 USD Profits Last Evening

The Dow Jones moved higher yesterday and then it started plunging last evening. However, I was extremely pleased to be receiving a trade record from my student that she made $13,000 USD in a single trade where she bought the stock during the uptrend and sold off yesterday. When the market was coming down, she managed to protect her profits and kept it in her pocket. I had been selling my manual selectively to the people whom I trust and know and so far, for those who really practice and put in effort to read the market had been doing quite ok. I know what I wrote in this manual many years ago and it still works till date because nothing has really changed from the supply/demand point of view. I have got many orders lately, but like I said, I am selectively towards selling out my labors of fruits. Congrats on your win Gillian and look forward to more to come!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Top 30 Volume Stocks Trading - Google Meet By Invitation From Ron K

This is the most important captured for the Top 30 Volume during the 1 hour. I conducted a by invitation only trading session for some of the traders to come watch, scan and trade together with Ron K and even though today's market is not strong, there are some stocks that still outperform like those witnessed in the Top Volume. Sometimes there are season to stocks and one needs to select the one with sector in play while certain times, it maybe the blue chips that are in play. So today's Top Volume are pretty mix as stocks are not moving much. However, some penny stocks took charge and shot up like Biolidics where out of no where, it just ran and made a 13% gain.

From 8.50am to 9.43am, these traders who watch the market with me saw how I analyzed the Top 30 Volume from start and how I picked stocks from bottom and slowly, it moved gradually to become actively traded. Congrats all who made $ and also I am sure all of you learnt something powerful today, The Art of Stock Picking Singapore Stocks.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

ISDN - The Stock Starts to Suffer Selling Today

ISDN started to suffer some selling today after that long breakout yesterday. The stock was matching to close yesterday where 30 minutes before market closed, there was a huge surge of about 3 million shares done by eating up. The question was, if that's truely shares being eaten up, why did it start to suffer some selling today where prices dropped to 0.365 low today? I think it has to do with the trading range where the stock touched a selling zone. The range was thick and deep where sellers are mounting there before more wave of buyers need to eat up more shares before the stock can move higher.

Earlier in the morning, there was a small change in behavior where the stock was in the Top 30 Volume with declining prices while most ultra penny stocks started to run higher. As of now, it disappeared from the Top 30 Volume where the market depth was thick was I don't think the stock can run today. Made some good scalps myself on some penny stocks today and tomorrow might be a better day maybe?

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Ron K: Why Everyone Needs to Have a Breakthrough

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ISDN - Coffee, Talking, Trading and Learning

Happy to receive some good trade records from my student who traded ISDN earlier. It was the only stock that rampant up 8 points for a good 13% gain intraday. I spotted the stock last weekend and was watching it yesterday before deciding to give it today because the market condition was good. It was there earlier in the morning in the Top 30 Volume where I was watching it and soon, because the Big Buyers were so strong, I decided that it was going to move and gave it.

My student longed 50 lots and made $1000 while I was having some coffee with my traders and chat with them individually where I shared more insights on how I knew this stock was about to move today. This is the only stock which moved the most today out of the 800 SGX stocks that was trading today. Even in a good market like today, the 3 banks were not moving and only some penny stocks in play. Look forward to drive more people to make $$ in my coffee sessions!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Top 30 Volume - Stocks Ran, Some Flew With Others Getting Ready

Like what I shared yesterday, it was a starting process where stocks are about to move but they are not moving much because some BBs are still accumulating and they are waiting for the right time to breakout. Some have mini flushes and those that experienced some flushes, they all broke out today as there were more buying than selling yesterday BEFORE the run up you see today. The Top 30 Volume is quite vibrant to day with stocks mostly turning green from yesterday's flushing. Some flew higher today while some background stocks in the Top 30 Volume are getting ready to fly soon. The Top 30 Volume is crucial and it's key towards picking the right stocks. Of course, one needs to know the market dynamics too like is it blue chips, penny stocks or mid caps or maybe which sector is the fore runner which can give the biggest return. Congrats to all who traded.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Monday, September 14, 2020

Top 30 Volume - The Rise of The Most Important Stocks, Captured

The rise of the Top 30 Volume today after many stocks sold down recently. Many stocks started to dominate the Top 30 Volume while some is creeping back slowly from the background. Most of the stocks I scanned and studied during the weekend, they were all moving right now in the Top 30 Volume. As for why is it important? Because usually stocks move up and then down later on but today, some stock actually sustained even though there was avalanche of sellers throwing it down. At one glance, you may see nothing but actually, there were more buying than selling using some o fthe maneuvers I taught during the weekend. Some stocks even have a mini flush where it's time to get ready to watch it very closely. Well, I will have coffee with some of you tomorrow, so I will share more there and hope you all can make $$.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Stock Operators Maneuvers Manual - A 1 Day Explanation of How Insiders Conduct Buying at Flush

It was a super long day yesterday as I conducted a 1 day manual program to explain many wonderful maneuvers on how insiders conduct their buying at a flush using investment and trading accounts to fill their positions. It was quick a number of people and many of them were pretty attentive since I am doing this out of good will and it's the last for the year. During the explanation, I gave out a lot of important tips and tricks on how to trade properly and efficiently so that one can experience exponential growth using some of the maneuvers written inside the manual. While it's not difficult to spot signals, one must apply it with care and shrewd observation so as to maximize his/her rewards with minimum effort. Looking forward to the Singapore market tomorrow as there are quite a number of stock exuding some great signals.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist