Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Medtecs Intl - How to Read Supply/Demand Zone to Trade Effectively

How to trade the Dow Jones and Medtecs Intl using Supply/Demand zones? Study the illustrated screenshot on how I drew my supply/demand lines first. The Dow was very bullish last night and at one point, it shot up neat 420 points where everyone taught the market was going to go higher. Upon seeing this Fake Breakout, I realized that the quality of supply was strong and hence shorted near peak and soon when woke up in the morning, it crashed and tumbled. The supply was right there with so much bearish signals to short sell. The temporary demand was strong and hence the market might ave more downside.

As for Medtecs Intl, it was the same selling fate. The stock gap up yesterday, many retail traders were thinking that it was still bullish to only realized that the sellers emerged so huge that the buyers retreated. Why is it so? It's because it touched the supply zone with a gap down after lunch and soon, the selling force came in to whack down the stock. Today it continued to gap down near a temp demand zone before rebounding a little. Of course, The Top 30 Volume aided in reading the chart more effectively but the supply/demand lines I drew was the key to open the door.

Use it in your next trade. Draw the correct lines and see the aftermath results. It has aided me so good for many years and I will continue to hone these lines.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Monday, July 13, 2020

Medtecs Intl - A Real Scary Throwdown After Gap Up at Top

A really scary panic throw down in Medtecs Intl earlier when the speed was so fast that there wasn't anytime to react. I am telling you, the sellers were fierce and they were ruthless while the buyers were extreme fear and retreated. As the selling happened, within 30 minutes where the throw down lasted, it was mostly fear selling than buying. The buyers soon came in to support the stock at around 0.56 before it slowly recover a little.

From 0.96 to 0.56 in a few minutes is really scary and fearful. I studied the chart yesterday together with some others who came for my program and I told them that Medtecs Intl has reached the Top after a steep rise with a gap up. That was Sunday morning and today Monday, the stock just reacted accordingly to my prediction. I want all of you to study the chart again to see how I managed to make the prediction come true!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Ron K: I Use my Manual Chapter 5 to Accumulate Square Shares at Bottom

I accumulated and traded shares during March pandemic sell down. The stock was at the bottom but the fear was the maximum where there were heavy selling and panic right at the bottom where I saw extremely great signals to accumulate 12,000 shares. The red bars were long on the way down and the sellers were persistent. It was there where the quality of supply was the weakest which gave me the confidence to scoop up the shares where soon the big institutional players came in to support the stock.


Chapter 5 of the manual enables me to continuously keep buying stocks by checking the supply/demand zone and of course combined with the art of stock picking, it's just a win for me. Watch the full video to see how I accumulate Square Shares.

Been busy and working hard to passing potential traders my manual. I only select people whom I chose to allowed to buy my manual. So no point asking me if I don't know you in person. You must be committed to trade and learn or I will never select you. I have been using my manual to trade and invest many US stocks and it had been serving me very good. For those who got it, please read the chapters I asked you to, it shall give you want you are looking for.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Friday, July 10, 2020

Ron K: Top 2 Strategies I Used to Trade US Stocks

Nothing beats having a live, real and thrilling experience with Ron K as I shared my recent trades of how I made millions and what strategies I used to spot exceptionally great stocks. Want to know why they are so focused? It's because I shared the winning formula on pick winning stocks like square and other good potential stocks. Watch the full video to learn more! Follow in my IG account below to get more stock tips and updates.


Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Singapore eDev - This is a Once in a Lifetime Stock

Singapore eDev was really the gem as a penny stock. It had been down ridden for many years not moving until in recent months where the resurrection happened. The accumulation some years back was strong and in the recent hidden re-accumulation, the strong showed some strength and shot up with speed but soon it died down again. As you might think that the stock was dying, suddenly there was a 2nd wave of re-accumulation and from there on, the stock see no day light. The buyers were buying on good news and the company I believed released some very positive announcement. The time & sales were most bite up while the market depth was mostly in the stacks of millions.

So why is it a once in a lifetime stock? It's because you seldom see an ultra penny can move so much. The chart setup has all the bullish signals combined with the recent Covid-19 lockdown, this stock can only fly with all the stars aligned in the chart. See the 5 minute chart on how it broke the wall with volume and strength, signals are so clear and all over the place. The Covid-19 has been a single handedly the best thing that happened because fortune can be amass quick if you know how to pick the right stocks at the right timing.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Medtecs Intl - Time & Sales Showing Big Volumes

Medtecs Intl has been the stock for the past 3-4 months. I had blogged about this stock about it's domination on July 6 when the price was 0.575 and today it's 0.885! Look, the $$ made is crazy a lot as the stock rose big big time in the last 3 trading days. Click the link below to read my blog post on Medtecs Intl when I posted 3 days back.



It's hell lot of $$ and $ gain in the 3 days of trading. The market was not really that bullish but medical stocks were extremely hot and moving up north big time. The Time and Sales showed bug volume buy up and also some retail traders taking profits. As long as the big players are not taking profits yet, it's always wise to sit tight and hold. During this Covid, I put more and more emphasis on the art of stock picking because I know I can't be beating the market everyday but if I can just pick one superb stock like Medtecs Intl, I can change my fortune really quick. Study the chart attached, I had posit many clues on how the stock show strength and ran.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Hi-P - 2nd Peak Weakness

Hi-P had some collections yesterday. The stock was strong and it was collecting in the 5 minute chart. The market had some weakness for the whole day until suddenly, there was a shift of momentum in the banks and some penny stocks which suddenly brought AEM to move and followed by Hi-P. I witnessed the moment and gave a whatsapp alert to all my students to watch out for Hi-P. As the buy/sell Q flipped and as the stock gained some strength, I saw a flipped followed by a powerful bite and slowly the stock just ran up with the overall market. AEM moved a lot more but Hi-P was following at the back.

Today it gap up higher and touched a small 2nd peak where I thought it was time to take profits. True enough, there was some hidden selling and the stock went back all the way down to 1.32 earlier. The Top 30 Volume has flashed Hi-P but because the overall market has some simmering actions, I believe Hi-P will follow too and hence, taking profits $$ is never wrong. Congrats to all who made $$.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist