Saturday, January 23, 2021

Ron K - How My Traders Made $10,000 in 3 Days

The market is pure hot and seriously there are a lot of great stocks hidden in the background waiting to be discovered. The SG market is equally hot with stocks like AEM, GHY, Nano Flim, Place Holdings and many others that waiting to be traded. As I was scanning stocks, I remembered giving out some hot tips to my traders so that they can make some great profits. Kris is in $10,000 Profits while Nicky took profits in Zoom where he made about $1700+. Most of them wanted my tips and wanting to know the stocks I am studying and analyzing since I had been on a roll in making consistent profits for the last one year. I got caught up with Kris and Nicky and they shared their insights and experience in making $ and the feeling of winning $$ from the stock market. 

Register on the link below for my Feb 16 Preview of my Next Stock Tips.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Ron K - Preview of my Next Stock Tips, Feb 16, 7pm

I will be holding a talk and a preview of my next stock tips where I will be sharing some hot US stocks and also share how I made hundreds of thousands $$ using a simple scanner which I had been suing literally for years. Now, there is going to be a long registration list and I expect to be a full house event as I got so much requests for a preview for my powerful stock tips. So Feb 16, I decided to do a preview to share my stock tips and also how to make $$ using the right trading account plus how to navigate the market doing short term trading.

I can only take in 30 pax maximum because the room can only accommodate that amount of people. Registration is on first come first serve basis on the link below. Once you register, I will send you an email on the location details for you to acknowledge so please check your email regularly.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Ron K - $35,000 Profits Up and Running

20 hours ago, I made a promise to myself during a coffee session where I posted I picked the right stocks and I shall share my trade record when the market opens. I was very sure and I am like 100% assured that the stocks I selected was going to give me what I wanted. I am a man on a mission and I need to achieve the goals which I set for myself as posted on the link below.

Traded a powerful stock 4 days ago and last evening my stock just outperformed with the general market. I hold myself accountable while I give no excuses whatsoever. The market is quite high at the moment but I think if you picked the right stocks, your $$ will take care of itself. So last evening was a great example as not every stock ran and only the big blue chips performed. In fact, many stocks tumbled between 3%-6% even though the market was extremely bullish.

There are tell tale signs when market about to move higher or when market is about to tumble. Hence, for me to still pick the right stock while market was bullish was an art because it just takes one mistakes and everything is gone. While $35,000 up and running is great but I need to see $100,000 soon since I am sure of the stock I picked will give me what I want.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Grand Venture - Selling Shares While Having Coffee With Ron K

Had coffee the other day and guided some traders and future rising traders to scan stocks and make $$ live. We scanned and I shared Grand Venture because the stock has some strong breakout. From the chart there was some long accumulation but what particularly interesting was the stock started to show signs of BBs buying. From very slow, illiquid to suddenly a huge breakout where it was obvious that the big buying took place.

As it moved higher and higher with good news or probably with economic factors, the company intrinsic value doesn't equate to the stock price. The price was high and it looked like the demand waned off a little where soon, I got my guys to take profits first. Well, it might move higher but taking profits and $$ in the pocket is never wrong. The price as of today is still strong and steady but trading an illiquid stock requires certain type of risk and hence we decided to sell. Coffee session is great because it's small concise and there were many gold mines shared with big profits. Looking to the next one!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

GHY Culture - Trading Contra Profits of $13,397 in 4 Days

I am working, really working hard to make a comeback in the Singapore market. However this time round the only difference is I want to find more great stocks instead of blue chips so as to have high % gain through multiplication of stock movements. On Monday, I sent a bullish Whatsapp alert to all students to take notice of GHY Culture and soon the stock dropped first. There was a small little flush first before the stock started to get accumulated by the BBs. How I know? See those collections slowly being eaten up. 

Soon, the stock started to have some kind of buying activities where demand was overpowering supply. The buyers were really relentless in their biting and soon the stock shot up. What I observed on Monday was again all spot on with all the cues and clues that the BBs planted on the chart. Kris made $13,397 swinging the stock for 4 Contra Days and profits escalated on a day to day basis as you can see. The rest was history as I currently have many big investors and clients wanting to buy my service and engaged my time. I am not available most of the time and looking forward to only chose the right clients to come 1-1 with me.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist