Friday, July 20, 2018

UOL, Guocoland - Nice Intraday Profits

I am extremely pleased again to see good trading profits on property stocks today. This time round it's a student who is quitting his day job and planning to go into full time trading. He made $1100 today which is considered very good considered his lot size and since the market was pretty bullish today, it was easier to secure profits too. UOL and Guocoland both have nice collections before the breakout and that's where profits were easiest to be made. Congrats and look forward your next trade.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Hi-P - Buyers Jack Up

Hi-P was very strong for the past 2 days. Yesterday there was some strong buyers whacking up the shares and then let it simmer first while today the same buyers jack up the shares and let it fly instead of putting it down. It's a good move from the smart money to depress the price yesterday while moving it up today so as to confuse the retailers. In fact, I had already observed the strength of this counter on Tuesday and shared it in my private talk on the same night. Today the price ran and once again, it proved that my stock picking and observation skills was correct.

Next week there will be another stock similar on how Hi-P moved. I need to pay extra attention and get the job done. I am happy that my sharing was able to convert into some results.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Singtel - Moving Up Slow

Conducted a private talk on Tuesday 3 days back and shared 3 stocks. Not more no less, just 3 stocks and the amazing thing was all 3 stocks ran today!

Singtel ran today while the rest of the Telco did not really move up. Although the telco sector was not strong but still there were buyers and the price ran. The chart has beautiful signs of buying and bullishness which explained why the stock ran up today. Congrats to those who went long.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Yangzijiang - Buyers Bailout

Based on my last blog post on Yangzijiang that there was heavy triggering of the buyers and the stock started to rebound, Yangzijiang continued it's up move today to a high of 0.875 after some collections in the 5 min chart. Read my previous blog post on the link below which I shared this week.

The market was buoyant today and many sectors moved. Virtually everything I saw was bullish although the overall market is bearish. Yangzijiang was a stock that is easy to spot for the bullishness based on the 5 minute chart and today results show. Looking for the next stock. I was pleased to see my students taking actions on the stocks I shared. Congrats!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Wheelock - Buyers Overwhelming

The Dow is crashing down hard with so much sellers but the Singapore market was resilient to this sell down where most stock suffer some small reactions and started to turn back up again. Wheelock's buyers were overwhelming as it shop past the takeover price of $2.10 while the whole property market started to turn up. The top volume stocks were pretty strong and sellers were retreating very fast. Capitland, UOL and many other property stocks recovered nicely while oil related counters were also moving up north. Overall, there was strength in the Singapore market but I am not sure how long it can sustain with the bearishness in the overall market.

Update: 207/2018, 2.27pm

Wheelock just moved higher today! The market and property sector indeed has some strength.

Wheelock Buyout Bid May Get Raised to S$3.2/Share, JPMorgan Says
By Abhishek Vishnoi
(Bloomberg) -- Parent Wheelock & Co. would gain about S$317 million in cash and S$1.3 billion in other assets “for free” at its current offer price for Wheelock Properties of S$2.10 per share, JPMorgan says.
“Unrealistic to assume the privatization will go through at an offer price which is below the cash level,” analysts led by Cusson Leung write in note dated Thursday
Current proposal would enhance parent’s value by ~HK$4.6 per share
Offer represents a 22% discount to Wheelock Properties’ last reported book value of S$2.68/share
Deal may renew investor expectations for privatization of Wharf, but deal is unlikely due to its size and potential difficulty in enhancing value
Sino Land, which has characteristics similar to Wheelock Properties, may get sentiment boost

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Thursday, July 19, 2018

OCBC - Toughed the Sky at $11.28

I was chatting with one of my student as she was in OCBC and wanted to know if it's time to get out or continue to hold the stock for longer term. I studied the chart carefully since I wanted to find out where is the high while STI rallied a little today. It was a weak rally and hence I knew the stock wouldn't sustain too long where I replied her message that OCBC's high would be $11.28 for today @ 10.03am. Since that time, she sold off her shares and OCBC started selling down to a low of 11.20!! From 11.28 to 11.20, it was a 8 cents drop in 1 hour plus where I saved her position. She was very delighted to take my advice and managed to get out confidently. 

The question was how did I know? In the stock market especially Singapore, there are good rallies and weak rallies. Weak rallies are usually accompanied by sellers along the way while good rallies are usually followed by wave of big buyers. In this case, STI was a weak up move and OCBC is a blue chip inside the STI component and hence at 10.03am when I witnessed some obvious hidden selling, I told to get out first. The rest was history but a good lesson was learnt. Looking forward to the next trade.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Wheelock Properties - Privatized at $2.10

Wheelock properties just announced that a privatization offer was reached at $2.10.

After the cooling measure news out and after many property stocks gap down, I believe Wheelock properties was the only one with super strong COB and then went halt at the bottom. It's no wonder that the property stocks started to rebound a little this past week in lieu of this good news. I believe many property stocks will start to take this news as good news and may have some form of price running up too. Let's see.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

DBS, OCBC - Last Minute Weakness

There was a last minute sell down in the banks as I was observing what the overall market was doing. In fact, I knew it would happen but did not take any actions because the market seemed to hold strong with other blue chips and only the banks were pretty jammed and not moving much. There were huge spike in DBS today, confusing retailers that it's moving up but if one was to buy at break out, the stock breakdown and vice versa and hence it was no surprise that after multiple profit taking, the stock tanked lower towards the end. As for OCBC, the stock was holding strong for all day and only gave way towards market closing because of several blue chips started to sell down like Comfort Delgro. Overall, I employ scalping strategies during this ranging market and never hold for too long. Yangzijiang also closed weak towards end of day which indicated overall market lacked of buying interest. Looking forward tomorrow.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Yangzijiang - Heavy Triggering Buyers

Yangzijiang had been selling down quite recently in recent weeks and the stock although had a lot of buy recommendations with new contracts secured, it did not performed as prices keep going down south without much support. Click below links to read.

This morning, Yangzijiang just triggered a major support level and the stock and slowly rebounded a little. It's like a ball dropped high to the ground and then suddenly there was a bounce up. It meant that buyers were interested in the new low price of 0.840 or why would the stock rebounded a little from there right? Based on Technical Analysis, it would have gone down lower but based on the supply/demand theory, I believe it's very risky to short now. Let's see how it pans out. My student just profited from the Yangzijiang through intraday trading. I am impressed with the profits.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

A Full Day of Sharing - Stocks and Outlooks

Conducted a sharing session yesterday where I shared my stock picks and outlooks. The market is really tough and only selective stocks are moving. SIA, SPH and some others were moving steadily but then the banks were fumbling up/down with spikes. The pennies weren't moving much and the market seemed bullish but not so bullish if you were to go deeper and see the underlying stocks. Koufu debut it's trading today and the stock like what I shared in my sharing sessions on supply and demand, it indeed jammed and not much movements at the moment. IPO at 0.63 and went to a high of 0.655 where it pretty hard to make good $. Overall, selective stocks is the way to go. For now, stay vigilant and watch.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist