Friday, July 29, 2022

Nasdaq Reversed - Top No 1 Key Reversal Signal Spotted and Traded $6,500,000 USD

It was well of a ride last evening as the market became pretty treacherous with the Nasdaq plummeting down -150 points first where one would thought that the market was about to self correct to only realized that it rebound strongly after that. I traded in/out many times as it was unclear where the market was moving, with each trade between $2m-$2.5m. It was scary but with the strong fundamental skills, I believe I can ride it out with profits and that's what happened towards the end. 

I saw my monthly trade for the month of July and I believe it has already hit like $230m as everynight I tried my very best to outperform the market with precision and mindfulness. So as the market was very choppy in the 1st half of the day, suddenly in the 5 min chart, there was a key reversal signal which caught my attention. It was a signal and maneuver that was taught in my class which I had been using it over and over again so that I won't miss opportunities. As highlighted on my screenshot above, there was a breakout above the PT area which then caused a rally towards the end of day. I was trading at first but when I saw that breakout, I was more confident to go for a swing and indeed the stocks I selected moved and shined. Tonight, the market was driven by results with Apple and Amazon reporting solid earnings which caused the Nasdaq futures to move higher. Let's see if my stocks can once again outdo the market tonight.

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Nasdaq Rally - Where is The Accumulation Zone I Used to Trade $6,586,000 USD

Another confident trade in the market last evening as the Nasdaq shot through the roof. It was such a blazing speed that one needs to buy fast or the market moves even faster with price jumping very fast. As expected, the U.S. Federal Reserve raised rates 75 basis points to 2.25-2.5% but did note some softening in recent data. Fed Chair Jerome Powell sounded suitably hawkish on curbing inflation in his news conference, but also dropped guidance on the size of the next rate rise and noted that "at some point" it would be appropriate to slow down. This was the news which caused the market to go upheaval.

However, I believe the key is not to focus too much on the news as it's the effect of the cause. So what's the cause? The cause was the re-accumulation zone in the 5 minute chart which showed signs that the bog whales is buying secretly for a big move in the night. Inside that accumulation zone, there was a testing phase where the Nasdaq broke out a little and simmered off. That was extremely crucial for the market and it's a important signal that the market would trend higher later in the night. With a small fake breakout test, the big whales wanted to see if sellers would emerge more or buyers would continue to support the market by taking higher prices. The later would prevail and the rest was history. Traded $6,586,000 USD and was rewarded handsomely because I did my homework well before the market opened. Let's see tonight if I can replicate the trades again as everyday is a different situation. 

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Trading Dow Jones - Turning $20,000 to $128,000 in 2 Years, 500% ROI

Such an impressive return for one of my most hardworking, most determined trader who quitted her job and do full time trading just to realized her dream of becoming a millionaire. She's a total newbie, total no experience but after learning the short term trading strategies, she started her journey trading the Dow Jones CFD and within a short time span of 2 years, she turned $20,000 to $128,000 as shown on the screen attachment above with a 500% ROI on her initial capital. It's really a great achievement considering that there wasn't much trading  experience prior to learning from me. I am so impressed with her results that I want to drive her to make $250,000 to $300,000 with lesser trades and more impactful profits. Watch the Full Video above to listen to her journey.

I then move to conduct a LIVE Trading session on the Hang Seng together with some senior and junior traders as they were fascinated on how I spotted the tops/bottoms of critical turning points  when I trade the indices myself. The session was great as I shared many unseen and unheard strategies and game plans so that those traders work on their muscle memory and also putting in the effort to execute all traders correctly. As usual, I outperformed during the session and everyone who traded with me made $$. They key point is it doesn't matter what asset class you trade. As long as you have a valid strong game plan, knowing where the supply/demand zones are and then setting you entry and cut loss points at critical turning points, you too can turn a small account to a sizeable one if you are determined to do so. Looking forward to the next trading session. :) 

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Saturday, July 23, 2022

$198,600,000 USD Trading Volume By July 23rd - How To Trade Big With Unravelled Confidence

Another great trade last evening where I sold all my positions right at the very peak at 9.50pm before the market started to plunged down the night. The Nasdaq was dragged down by Snapchat and all of the social media companies because of bad earnings and bleak future of these growth stocks. The key is not so much on what the news reported but rather to be able to buy and then sell at the very peak BEFORE all the bad news started to happen. It's about being 1 step ahead of all other traders and knowing what's going to happen next that matters the most. We now see that the market closed red but it was in fact green first at the point where I sold at 9.50pm where it started to melt down the entire night. 

Traded another $4,900,000 USD last evening and reaped off another bulk of profits where huge confidence is gaining traction and it's slowly adding up to superior conviction in my trading skills. This month was a breakthrough month for me (see monthly trade as attached)  as I continue to rack up the trading volume with very huge trades down and of course winning every single trade I did. Every night, there is no negotiations with myself and extremely driven to make winning trades so that I will gain financial confidence without having to worry about income. The goal is to build wealth and have freedom and not working for income. 

Many people asked me how to trade big and be confident? I believe the key is first to take small trades, having great wins, grab every single opportunities which arises, work on core fundamental trading skills and always think about execution at the good turning points and then finishing a clean job with profits. I strongly believe that's the pathway towards having confidence which would then turned towards actions which produced results. Remember, the key is to build strong trading skills, learn the right knowledge and then work on repetition and muscle memory on those skillsets everyday until it becomes numb so that when any situation arises, one would know how to react and avoid rather than act blindly. Build your financial confidence with tangible skills you can acquire and NOT financial freedom. That's at least how I did it after 18 years.

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Friday, July 22, 2022

Ron K - The Perfect Timing Smashing Down

Bought and sold a stock within 9 mins and it's something too fast and furious that required extra attention and focus. It's too fast of a trade as after I sold my position at 9.50pm, the market had a big smashed down with huge amount of sellers ( see print screen above). I saw a Fake Up move where big whales where unloading into rising price where suddenly the supply was so overpowering that the demand couldn't catch up where prices started to precipitated furiously and many stale bulls got caught at higher prices, thinking the market could trend higher to only realized that they are now in red.

It was such a timely trade that should i hesitated for a little while more, my profits would have eroded big time. I had a coffee earlier in the morning and making sure that I would finish a clean job tonight and indeed, the job was done with ultra precision and most importantly, profits $$ were made. If you follow me in my IG stories, you would see the video that I shot earlier in the morning inside a cafe. Below is the link for IG account.

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Nasdaq Big Rebound - The Most Riskiest Trade Ever with $5,000,000

The Nasdaq had a huge rebound last evening with me taking the riskiest trade ever where I got be stopped out and jammed my funds. Why? It because although the market rebounded strongly, it wasn't convincing enough as it touched a supply zone and I still went on to take some long trades near there which could wipe out my funds should the market started to fall from there. There was a huge flush when market opened and I witnessed so many retailers were throwing in the white towel in the 5 minute chart where all of a sudden, the buyer emerged and started to move the market higher.

Those points of enter were areas where I took my trades which I believed it to be dangerous and risky but still I took it because I am so driven to win and make $$. Towards the night, the market closed day high and it proved that my analysis was correct and although those trades were risky, profits were already made. It was another $5,000,000 trade where if I continue every night with making profits, very soon, I shall be achieving my long term goal.

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Nasdaq Mini Flushes - Traded $4,597,155 USD With The Rebound

Had coffee yesterday morning, did my analysis and homework on scanning the right stocks while waiting patiently for the market to open. The futures was jumping up and down within a tight range before market finally opened at 9.30pm where it had a mini flushes down first before trending higher and higher. The signals this time round was different from the day before. There wasn't any washing but weak mini flushes which indicated that the sellers weren't that much and buyers were ready to take control.

The moment stocks started to jerk up, I started my buying and then selling later on as Nasdaq was touching a supply zone which I expected more sellers to emerged. Total trade was at $4,597,155 USD as I wasn't so confident about the market's up move. As an experienced trader who seen it all, true enough, sellers emerged and pt happened as highlighted in the 5 min chart. Took my profits and ran so to avoid any unnecessary selling. Another great day trading the market using different set of strategies because the market exhibited different signal which required another maneuver. 

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Nasdaq - Heavy Washing Leads to Strong Rally

Traded closed to $10,000,000 worth of stocks last evening as the Nasdaq and Dow Jones made a strong rally till the end of market closed. It was a well planned and well predicated move as I studied all the washing points before taking a long position. Along the way, I sold some and then bought back some again due to the high volatility with ample opportunities to make great bucks. Washing are strategies used by whales to panic throw to retailers while they sucked up shares at cheap prices and then conduct a rally. That was what happened last evening in the 5 minute chart as it was pretty obvious to the trained eye. As I kept trading, I became more and more confident of my skills and experience because I have seen it all while making millions. The key question now is can his rally and trend sustain or is it going to be another fad?

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist