Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stock Market Mind Games - Another Appreciation

I received a lot of emails, calls and forum post messages thanking me on most of the stocks I recommended. I am happy that everyone made money on my calls. It's really kind of you guys for all those kind words. It made my day. Those calls that I made, it wouldn't be possible without my K Wave and K Mind. They never once failed me. My skills, tools, theories, knowledge are priceless, no amount of money can purchase it and they are lifetime for those who had learnt it from me. With all the uncertainty that we are facing right now, the most important thing is we need to find a niche and skill for ourselves to continuously profit from this devious market!

Ronald K

STI - A Small Profit

Just when I thought STI was turning to the downside, it trended higher. I made a small profit from Keppel Corp. It's time to watch now.

Ronald K

STI - Beware Of The Overly Bull

I am looking for a turn to the downside now.

Ronald K

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stock Market Mind Games - An Appreciation

I got another compliment from a fellow stockmarketmindgames follower who is a frequent visitor on my blog. Once again, I appreciate all the kind words and hope that you made more money off my blog. :)

Ronald K

Midas - Ready to Gallop

Looking at the circled phase, Midas is poised for a rally. I already saw the targeted price objective from the BBs way before it will happen. What a waste I did not channel my focus on this counter on Monday 29th August. No worries, I will be timing my entry on Wednesday or Thursday. Hope that I am not too late to hop on this train. :)

Ronald K

Sheng Siong - Upside Could Be Capped

I was particularly interested to know where would sheng siong end since everyone is talking about it. It is definitely one of the most heavily punted stocks at the moment, which means to say opportunity arises from the profit taking and short selling side.

Looking at the entire bullish campaign, the end is very near for shengsiong in my opinion. I studied the charts using the K Wave and K Mind theory and there are 2 possibilities on how sheng siong will end.
  1. sheng siong could have a very abrupt upward run up in price where the unloading would happen there.
  2. prices will have difficulty breaking a much higher prices of maybe 0.53-0.55 and distribution would start to occur.
Of course, I will always watch for the turn and time my entry when it actually happen.

Ronald K

Monday, August 29, 2011

Yangzijiang - A Breakout

A breakout in YZJ happened today but the question is can this breakout last? I was reading the forum and some people are shorting YZJ at 0.995. I don't understand why they shorted as it's asinine to do so, but I saw a shift of momentum from weakness to strength which warrants a buy signal.

Those who emailed me for tips on YZJ vs Cosco, you got the answer and I hope you made some money on it. For those who thinks NOL would gallop faster, you can punt on that stock, but I wouldn't touch that particular counter. I won't share it here but there is a reason for it.

Finally, the answer that all are interested in is will this rally last? I got my answer from the charts way before this breakout and I am looking to cash in my YZJ the moment it hit the BB's targeted price. In the near term, I am only looking to long. If you have questions or comments, kindly email me.

Good luck to those who longed YZJ!  :)

Ronald K

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stock Market Mind Games - A Compliment

I received a compliment from one of my blog followers which made me want to give back to the community more. The email was very encouraging and heartwarming as it made me feel that my blog is able to influence others and help them to make money. I am extremely grateful to receive such emails and it drives me to produce more exciting and interesting articles to come. :)

Ronald K

Friday, August 26, 2011

STI - It Came Down!

Err, if I can put a price on my method, I would say it's priceless. I was calling for a turn to the downside and once again, I caught the high and shorted there. Although the market is now up a little, I have already made enough profit from that short sell accurately at 10:14am. I am done for today as it is another boring day in the market.

STI is currently in a trading range and it's best to stay out for the moment. The market is making a turn, up or down, I will capitalize on that opportunity when it presents itself.

Ronald K

STI - Turning Down

STI should be turning down now. Watch!

Ronald K

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cosco vs Yangzijiang

I was watching the shipping industry stocks between Yzj, Cosco and NOL and derived a conclusion where one of these stocks would rally faster and harder. It is definitely not going to be NOL for the moment because history proved that being 3rd in the industry would always be a laggard unless some very positive news is happening in that company. So now it's left with Yzj and Cosco. Which one would you take if the market rallies? Could you spot the difference between the two?

I had made my choice and I am purchasing one of the two. Happy trading. :)

Ronald K

STI - Market Could Be Turning Down Now

Watch as STI could be turning down now.

Update August 25th, 2011 17:07PM

STI edged up a little higher before tanking down!

Ronald K

KeppelCorp - The Day Trade

What a boring day to trade! I shorted KepCorp earlier at a price of 8.59 which is the day high and it took a long time to come down. Well, this is trading and today is definitely not a good day to trade. Anyways, I decided to wind up my campaign today with a small profit.

In the bigger time frame, I am still looking to short KepCorp of course at the top if it ever rallies. I do believe that the distribution for KepCorp based on my earlier post is not over yet.
There is still more to come. We shall see!

Ronald K

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dow - Trading Is Easy

Trading the Dow Index had never been so easy using the K Wave and K Mind. I wasn't really focusing on trading but just punting for the sake of boredom at home. Still, I managed to make some profits. The amount really doesn't matter to me because I am not after the money, but more importantly, I am after the thrill. Whenever I punt, I always have the K Wave and K Mind in tandem so that my losses would be very minimal whereas my profits extrapolate. I can continue to trade, but I think it's time for bed. :)

Ronald K

STI - The Unexpected Behaviour

Just when I thought Dow closed +322 last night and while I am preparing to reap huge profits today, the unexpected happened. In the morning, I saw the dow futures appeared to be pretty bad and I knew today I need to act fast or I would regret later. Nevertheless, when the market opened, I saw things were not acting right and within 10-15 minutes, without hesitation, I managed to unload my holdings that I bought yesterday. I knew I got it correct and I am looking for opportunities on the short side.

As the market tanked further, I am getting suspicious and at the same time I am waiting for a rally to short. Of course, the opportunity came when STI hits 2760. How do I know that's a perfect short setup? Come for my course and I will tell you. The rest is history.

While I hold my view that STI could rally further, one must note that the market is dynamic and sometimes things don't go accordingly to your way, therefore one must tweak his thinking and act fast to either cut loss, go short/long or stay sideway. After today's action, I turned very cautious. STI is now in a trading range and the best action now is no action. Stay sideline and watch until the K Wave signals you that it is going to turn up or down where only then an action is warranted. Of course, that being said, as a trader, I will duck through this period of trading range as I love trading in all kinds of market condition.

Ronald K

STI - Is BB Still Buying?

Last week, those who emailed for a market outlook. I specifically chose Mon and Tues as a very important days and I said those 2 days are critical because the BBs will emerge themselves if they are willing to push the market higher or continue it's downtrend. I said: "mon and tues is a critical day. If no BB buys or if buying power is weak, then we are going lower to the 2500 range. However if no BB is selling, thats great too. I think we might see a v small rebound before we go lower. "

In the coming days and weeks, I have a trading plan to continue my personal campaign in this chicanery market. Anyone who still have positions or need a view, you can email or call me.

Ronald K

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Genting - What is the bottom?

Genting is currently trading on a 1 year low. Could it go lower or is the current price the low that we have witnessed? Looking at the K Wave and K Mind, I believe we could have a rally first before any lower prices might be possible. While most of the people think Genting could be trending lower, I have a different point of view. I had been watching the BB's activity on this stock and I believe there was a selling culmination where everyone was liquidating this stock as it tanked terribly.

The stock is now in a strong technical position which warrants a long. How fierce or weak could the rally be? I will be watching the day by day action to determine it's technical strength. Of course, I will also time my entry together with the BBs next buying price.

Ronald K

Monday, August 22, 2011

STI - Possibly A Bear Rally In The Making

Today, while I was outside, I had people calling me and telling me that the market tanked down further. I of course can't wait to go home and check out the charts. As of writing this post now, I finally saw what happened for today's action. Wow, amazing! I saw a lot of public further panicky selling while some of them continue to short the market thinking it might go lower and only the BBs are secretly and actively purchasing whatever selling that was offered to them and hence the market made a staggering comeback.

Judging today's action and using the K Wave, the wave is turning to the bullish side for a moment. STI could possibly have a bear market rally in the making! I am looking to time my entry for a few selected counters very soon. I think this rally is real and could last longer than the previous rally last week. Watch!

Ronald K

STI - The Rebound

While I was preparing to take a day off, I checked my email and watched the chart for a while before I was out. At 9:05 am, one of the reader emailed me and asked me where was the support and he said that the 2720 was broken and it doesn't looked good. I was watching for the turn and at 9:18AM, I told him STI could rally now. If you looked at 9:18AM on the chart, that's was where the low was captured! Once again, the K Wave and K Mind worked perfectly and never failed to deliver when I needed them most!

I am out for now. You guys can email me if you have any questions and I will respond tonight. :)

Ronald K

STI - The Intermediate Support

Watch if STI hit a intermediate support at 2650 - 2670! A rebound could happen there..

Ronald K

Sunday, August 21, 2011

STI - Market Outlook

So last week, those who emailed me or called me, I told you that the market won't rally much and short into strength when it tried to rally. How do I know or how can I predict the future? Because it was pretty obvious from the chart on what the BBs were trying to accomplish. Next week, the market may have another direction. Those who are interested, you can call me if you have my number or email me for a market outlook for next week's movement.

Have a great weekend. :)

Ronald K

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yanlord - The Paradigm Shift

While STI plunged last friday, I received a lot of phone calls with many of them asking me if they should relinquish or hope for the better as most of them are panicky selling at the moment. While I don't like to give advice, I would say that if you are in a losing position but if you have the money to hold, then just hold it. There is no point of cutting losses now since the losses are already so deep. It's an individual call, but for me personally, if I did not cut my losses fast, I would then wait till the correct moment is here again to unload. There is no point for you to cut and after cutting, a few days later, the market rallies and you would be pissed!

Anyway, I was watching Yanlord's recent shift from weakness to strength in the supply demand point of view. This stock is due for a rally soon in my opinion! Looking at the chart, this counter is in a great technical position where supply is of poor quality. Of course, I am timing my entry for this counter with the BBs to profit with them. :)

Ronald K

School of Mind Games - High Demand

Due to the recent high demand that I have for this course, I decided to end the discount as mentioned in my earlier post:

To those whom I had spoken to, you should know that I am not after your money on the fee I charged for this course. In-fact, money is not important to me at all, I can made it myself anytime, anywhere and I don't rely my course for money! I believe the most important thing is health and many charity work to help the poor or needy. I know this course is really expensive but think about it, if I am really after your money, I would have been doing some marketing on the newspaper or sales pitch and emailing/pestering you to ask to you attend. Moreover, I could have also made it cheap so that everyone could attend and I could have made a few hundred thousand within 4 days, agree with me? Why didn't I do so? The reason is simple, I want to keep it as premium to the esoteric few as possible. Maybe one day my mindset will change, but for now, it is just the way it is.

I hope you guys understand and while writing this post, I had decided to increase the cost price for my course. You pay for what you get. Those who attended in the past, you got a good deal, those who could not afford to attend, you are always free to email me or go to my blog for more information.

Thank you!

Ronald K

Friday, August 19, 2011

STI - The Massacre Begins!

Watch as the massacre begins where there are a lot of panicky sellers and cheap deals can be found everywhere. Is it the time to buy yet? I am timing my entry once again. Obviously, the BBs had presented themselves on August 16th when I was out of my long position and today will be the day they started putting out major shorts to put the public off!

Ronald K

Thursday, August 18, 2011

STI - The Overly Excited Public

Hmz, I am beginning to like my K theory. They are truly one of it's kind. If I can sum up my recent calls in the market, I would say the K Wave and the K Mind are the best indicators ever, and I mean ever! There is no way to automate or program these 2 indicators because the market change everyday and it's dynamic! However, you can learn it ONLY from me!

See the STI 2min chart above, look at the circled blue area which highlighted the time I shorted, the red circled area on the price I shorted and then look at my post here: I managed to short at the day high and I knew the market won't be turning up after that. This is already not the first time I made such accurate calls and this is not luck or any prediction. One can only be lucky for a period of time. Prediction can only be right for a limited time, however skill is something that cannot be taken away forever.

When everyone tells me that STI is green or strong, I am skeptical because I have my K Wave and K Mind to tell me that it is weak. How many times have I made such precise and convicted calls? If you would take time and go through my blog, you will have the answer.

For those are interested to know more, you can email me! I shall give you a market outlook and what are the things to look out for in the coming weeks!

Oh yea, one more thing, I know what is going to happen in the future. To be a good trader or investor, you need to anticipate what is going to happen before anyone else. This will make sure you are reaping the highest amount of profits and more importantly, it puts you in the list of the esoteric few which constantly makes money be it a bull/bear/sideways market.

Thank you. :)

Ronald K

STI - Down Soon!

Watch as STI is making a turn to the downside now!

Ronald K

YZJ - The Renewed Weakness

I was actively watching yangzijiang and just when I thought it was going to trend higher, I saw a massive selldown at 10:20am and the stock tanked down from 1.14 to 1.12 within 1 min. This is distinctive bearishness in my opinion. Another bearish indication was STI is currently participating in a rally while yzj remains stagnant! Well, anything can happen in the stock market, let's continue to watch!

Update August 18th, 2011 17:56PM

Anyone shorted yzj after my post in the morning? My analysis went in tandem with the market's bearishness and you could have made a lot of money today!

Ronald K

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dow Jones - The K Wave & The K Mind

I had came up with my own K Theory called "The K Wave" and "The K Mind". You guys can read for more information on the right hand side of the sidebar. I was watching the Dow Jones in and both KWave and K Mind came into play. See those circled area, can anyone spot selling in the first wave of the first circle and distribution after that? Ever wonder how am I accurate in my chart reading analysis and am able to predict the future? Both K Wave and K Mind works in tandem to produce exceptional accuracy which of course deliver superb results. The K Wave and K Mind will be taught in my course and it's a class of it's own where you can read the minds of the BBs and following their action! If you tell me price, indicators or trends are important, I shall convince you that reading the mind of the BBs is far more superior than anything else!

Ronald K

STI - The 60 min chart.

While I was already out of my long positions, I am equally looking for opportunity on the short side. Looking at today's action, it tells me that the bull was unable to make any further gain after yesterday's massacre. However, there was also not much follow on the downside. Could this mean more downside to come or could it be a rally in the making. I was searching for the definitive answer and i found it on the 60min chart for STI. 

Looking at the entire rally since August 11th on the 60min chart, demand creeps off significantly after the effort to rally on August 11th. It signifies that investors/traders are cautious about longing in the current market. Although supply has not emerged itself in a huge and pronounced way, the entire market looks weak to me as there is no fresh demand to elevate the market higher. In the coming days and weeks, I believe the BBs will soon appear to lead us on the correct direction of the ultimate trend!

Ronald K

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

STI - Out Of My Long !

I am out of all my long positions! Those who still has long positions, watch out!

Update August 16th, 2011 19:45PM

So the market tanked after I was out of my long position at 3:53PM. Anyone here knows why the market tanked instead of moving higher? I could have been out at 11:00AM, but I rather choose to stay and watch. Anyone knows why?

Ronald K

Monday, August 15, 2011

SIA - Did Anyone Shorted?

Did anyone shorted SIA today? This stock is weaker than the general market and warrants a short sell. I was looking for BB's activity to support this counter, however I did not see any. Since the buying was mostly short covering and public buying because most people thought it was cheap, there is no way that this stock could trend higher without any major support to lift this counter. We shall see!

Update August 16th, 2011 11:23AM

Made a small losses, I am still looking to short this counter but now I would rather wait for a turn and short with the BBs. They have not shown up yet.

Ronald K

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dow Jones - More Rally Ahead?

Looking at how dow jones plunged and then performed it's rally this week, it made me to believe that if there is going to be further rally, it won't last long. While everyone is concerned about the news/reports, I am more geared towards in the activities and actions from the BBs.

1. Can this rally sustain? I don't think so.
2. Will there be a new low? Yes, I think we will see one.
3. When will the uptrend start? I will watch it's rallying power once we see a new low.
4. Could it be a recession? I don't know until I judge its supply vs demand
5. What/When is the bottom? I will post once I rectify it.

Ever since I made my last post on STI where I caught the bottom before the market starts to turn, I knew what is going to happen to STI in the coming weeks. For those who are interested, you can email me and I shall give you a free market outlook.

And finally, thank you for those who have trusted me, visiting my blog daily, commenting, called me and emailed me. More importantly, those who have made money off my blog, kindly donate some to the poor or charity, it will do good to yourself. Prosperous trading ahead!


Ronald K

Thursday, August 11, 2011

STI - Market Is Turning!

Market is turning, watch!!

Update August 11th, 2011 17:45PM

Yesterday nite, I was confident that the market would rally and run today. ( Dow dropped 500+ points last night and why am I still confident that the market would rally? The answer is simple, because I can read the BB's mind and their campaign. When STI opened this morning, the market dropped down 94 points and within a few minutes, I saw a rally coming. I made my post on 9.39am (see circled area), and after that we never looked back. My point is not to prove anything, but if you can train your mind to think like the BB, you can achieve that accuracy too!

Ronald K

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I was comparing the Gold chart vs STI and other world indices charts. Gold is trending up like a rocket. It hasn't lost any momentum yet, but it will reveal it's true colors very soon. I heard the news that a lot of people are loading up physical gold to "protect" themselves from inflation and the falling stock prices. Do you think this is the correct time? On another note, should STI continue to dip further, the major BIG support is at 2745-2754 and the last line of defense will be 2560-2569.

Ronald K

School of Mind Games - Email Me And Get Discounts!

I was receiving multiple emails about the recent down turn and many of them told me that they lost money and don't know what to do. Looking at the whole situation, more and more people are afraid to enter the stock market now because it is tanking everyday and a fear/panic is instilled into the mind of investors. However, I am looking to buy tomorrow, because I believe today could be the low and the rebound is tomorrow. I might be wrong, but I will watch for the turn and enter with the BB. If you can tell me why I say the market is turning, then you don't have to come for my course. If you don't know, you can come for my course or you can try reading any books that you deem its useful for you.

For those who are interested, if you email me, I shall give you a discount. If you are not interested, you can also email me and i will give you a market outlook of your favorite stock.

Thank you for those who came my course! Wish you prosperous in your investments.

Ronald K

STI - What Is The Difference Between The Gov Forecast And Mine?

Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the forcast made by the Government on August 9th 2011 and the analysis made by me on August 1st 2011?

The Government Report:

Li Xueying
The Straits Times
Publication Date : 09-08-2011

Amid growing disquiet about the global economic turmoil, Singapore foresees its economy growing this year by 5 per cent to 6 per cent.
This is a downward revision from its projection three months ago of 5 per cent to 7 per cent.
The new forecast comes on the heels of a 4.9 per cent growth in the first half of the year.
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the numbers in his annual National Day message televised last night, in which he urged Singaporeans to take a longer-term view of the future even as the country navigates through an "uncertain global outlook".
Noting the challenges facing key economies Europe, the United States and Japan, he said: "The next few years will bring more rapid changes and surprises."
PM Lee's message was recorded a week ago, ahead of the carnage in the global markets late last week and yesterday as investors took a dim view of the historic downgrade of the US' credit rating plus the mounting problems in the euro zone.
Later, in response to media queries, a statement from his office said that while the outlook for the major economies has become more uncertain since the recording, it is 'premature' to revise Singapore's growth forecast further.
"The economic agencies are carefully monitoring the situation," it added.
Economists yesterday said the new forecast does not bode well for Singapore's growth in the second half of the year.
Said DBS economist Irvin Seah: "While we expected growth momentum to pick up in the second half of the year, the uplift will be weaker than earlier anticipated."
Added CIMB regional economist Song Seng Wun: "This may come from the manufacturing sector being soft, and as Singapore is an export-oriented economy, the global headwinds may translate to a slower demand, impacting segments such as financial services and trade."
PM Lee, whose message was recorded against a backdrop of towering HDB flats in Toa Payoh, maintained a cautiously upbeat tone, focusing on what needs to be done in the face of menacing clouds on the horizon.
His revised forecast engendered a sense of deja vu: In his National Day message in 2008 when the world went into recession, he had also trimmed the year's forecast by one percentage point at the top-end - from 4 per cent to 6 per cent, to 4 per cent to 5 per cent.
That year, Singapore, with exports accounting for two-thirds of the gross domestic product (GDP), became the first country in South-east Asia to slip into recession.
Yesterday, PM Lee said Singapore must respond to external events "as best as we can and steer a course that maximises Singapore's chances of success".
On the immediate front, the Government is tackling these problems: building more flats, adding MRT lines and buses, moderating the inflow of foreign workers; and reviewing the social safety net.
"The results will not arrive overnight, but we should see improvements over the next few years," he promised.
Singapore also needs to keep building for the long term: to upgrade people's skills and productivity, so as to reduce the need for foreign workers; educate the young; and build a thriving home for all.
But on the issue of foreign labour, PM Lee also warned: "We should be especially careful of one issue. While we will always put Singaporeans first, let us not turn negative on foreigners."
Singapore, he noted, has prospered because it is open to the world and alive to economic competition and change.
PM Lee also sketched a larger paradigm shift in the wake of the recent election that saw unprecedented unhappiness at the establishment: The way Singapore manages its affairs "must change".
He noted a new generation of Singaporeans want more alternative voices, and seek a bigger role in the crafting of solutions. "I welcome this," he said.
"I invite Singaporeans with ideas and plans to come forward, and help us get more things done in better ways."
He promised the Government will reach out to all segments of society "to tap your imagination, energy and initiative". "This will not only improve policies and results; it will also strengthen our sense of commitment and belonging to this place we call home."
At the same time, Singapore needs to enlarge its "common space" for a more vibrant society. But in doing so, people need to guard against magnifying "our differences and become a house divided".
He singled out the Internet generation, whose "idealism, passion and commitment will make all the difference". "We will do our utmost to help you succeed," said PM Lee, a father of four.
Singapore's forefathers pulled together with a common goal: to survive. The same must go for today's Singaporeans, he said, adding: 'We are now at a new defining moment in our history.
"In a globalised world, we can stay competitive by raising our education levels and productivity. We can pull ahead by enlarging our talent pool and remaining an open, vibrant society.
"Most importantly, we can surmount the never-ending challenges of nation building by looking out for one another and working hand-in-hand to improve all our lives."
Ronald K

Dow Jones - The 2 Min Rally

Can anyone explain those circled area and tell me why the dow jones performed a late rally in the last hour? It was a spectacular rally that seldom happens!

Ronald K

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Genting - The BBs' Price

As the market's volatility increased on the downside and with Genting being one of the heavily punted stocks in the exchange, I am interested to know where would the BB look to accumulate this stock. Looking at the chart, if Genting were to trend any lower, 1.45 - 1.48 is the price they would look to buy. However, in the short term, 1.60 - 1.63 would be a price to watch out for. I am only looking to follow their action once I see heavy bulks of buying taking place.

Ronald K

Monday, August 8, 2011

STI - When Will The Downslide End?

I had been receiving a lot of emails and calls asking me where will the downslide end? I believe it will end in the 2820-2850 region or anytime now. Watch closely for the turn! That's the level that the BB are targeting. I could be wrong of course, but I am not looking to short anymore! Soon a rally will appear and all those shortists will be caught off guard. Let's continue to watch!

Ronald K

Sunday, August 7, 2011

KeppelCorp - The Big Distribution Campaign

KepCorp had been in a big distributive mode since Jan this year. Looking at how the BB in this stock time his operation on rallies and reaction, it makes one ponder, is this stock trending higher, reaccumulation, distribution or would it breakdown further? This is an easy to trade stock if you know how to, however there are many questions as to what is the BB trying to accomplished in the bigger picture.

Looking at the entire campaign, I believed Kepcorp has ran it's course on the upside. However, the stock was supported last Friday and another rally will happen for more distribution. To confirm it's bearishness, I shall judge how much demand appears when the rally appears and how long is the selling wave if it would happen from now on.

Update 15th August 2011 00:06 AM:

After posting on August 7th 2011, KepCorp revealed it's true colors by it's continuous precipitous downfall, which is to say that the entire trading range was INDEED distribution!

Ronald K

Thursday, August 4, 2011

CapMallsAsia - More Fresh Liquidation?

Wow, CapMallsAsia is at the all time low. Will it trend lower? I don't know but if it does, the targeted price is between 1.23-1.26. Looking at the distribution campaign, the BB in this counter is meticulously moving price slowly down to his objective price. This BB is menace as if I could read his mind, he is intending to start a whole new fresh liquidation of force the public to sell before he suck up everything at 1.23-1.26. Of course, I might be wrong, we shall watch!

Ronald K

UMS - The Distribution Campaign

I was introduced to look at this counter and what a gem it is! If I got it right, this counter is in a big distribution mode. Look at the trading range, can you spot why i said it is in a distribution mode and not accumulation? See the circled area, that was the second clue where the rally could not sustain. Can you spot the first clue? It is pretty obvious. I am only looking to short this counter at this moment.

Ronald K

Yanlord - The Trading Range

I had been watching Yanlord's activity everyday to deduce how it would play out since there was a public massacre and a selling climax during the June period. During that time, everyone was throwing and liquidating this counter and I knew an opportunity to trade from the long side could yield attractive profits. After that period and in view of the current situation, Yanlord is currently in a major trading range. This trading range tells me it is in an accumulation mode, and a further downside could be possible before a true real uptrend manifest itself.

The low recorded for yanlord was 1.11 and if it does really break down further, it increases the likehood of a major bull campaign. However, if it does trend higher from here onwards, that would be fine too but that could mean more distribution to come. Whatever the outcome is, we shall watch it's progression each day to determine if the bull/bear wins the battle.

Update 15th August 2011, 00:37AM

The day came and Yanlord broke down further like there was no support. I was reading the forum and some shortists were trying to short this stock to bring it lower when they got a reject order with the following remark "rejected with a remark " company limit exceed" ." Now the question is, would it breakdown further? It looks like there are still some persistent supply left but not much, however I would need to continue to watch it's action for the next few days to determine if a bull campaign is intact and if supply is still heavy on the downside. Finally, since those who tried to short cannot short, the stock may be a better buy than a sell. Shorting Yanlord now is the taking of an undue amount of risk.

Ronald K

Dow Jones - The 2 Minute Low

I was watching the Dow Jones last night and managed to spot on the low. Any idea why the circled area is the low, and not anything lower?

Ronald K

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

HPH Trust - The BB Targeted Price Reached

As I watch HPH Trust's action today, I saw a lot of panic public selling when it touches 0.7. That's where I knew the MM had accomplished their goal of slaughtering the public into liquidation. I am affirmed and positive that this is the price the big interests are buying. However, don't be too happy yet, because there will be more fluctuations to come before HPH will trend higher. It might trend lower or it might stay at 0.7 as the low, who knows?

I will only look to long when more evidence of buying manifests itself. I am not interested to long on the low, but more importantly, long on the safe side, because that's where i know prices are ready for a breakout/breakdown.

Ronald K

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

STI - Bearishness Confirmed!

As I was blogging about YZJ yesterday, I mentioned about the exhausted gap up in STI. I knew this gap up caught a lot of public who longed because the news was good. When everyone thought it was bullish, I am of course still not bearish until the last 30min where I saw preponderance of profit taking and short selling by the big interests. That's where I knew the public would be panic today when the massacre started from morning till day end. True enough, today ended with a lot of bloodshed and disappointment.

For tomorrow's action, I will watch how much follow through would there be based on today's bearishness and decide if the sellers are in control or any short covering is entering the market.

Ronald K

Monday, August 1, 2011

Yangzijiang - Anyone Shorted?

As I was blogging last week about yangzijiang's diminished rallying power, today's action confirmed this bearishness. With so much overt supply in this counter, there is no way that yangzijiang could rally without a reaction first. Today, those who longed this counter was caught at the day high and when it dipped lower with the market being overly bullish, I was looking only to short stocks instead of going long.

I believe STI has reached its mid term target price with today's action being bearish with an exhausted trap up gap. For the near term, I am only looking to short.

Ronald K