Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Ron K - Picking Great Stocks is An Artless Art

Picking great stocks is an art. It’s the art of the artless art because it requires great patience, meticulous observation and pain staking hours on watching the market, waiting for the right time and also waiting for the big players to enter first. The Top 30 Volume is the correct place to pick stocks and I had been picking stocks now literally for 16 years. I had evolved a lot and I now prefer 1 shot 1 kill than trading many different stocks. Study the Top 30 Volume today and can you see some good stocks?

Of course, with just 1 stock, it’s enough to change your portfolio and fortune if you got it right and there is no need to diversify to many stocks or other sectors. I am watching my stocks closely everyday for the correct signals just like waiting for the flame to burn stronger 🔥. It's coming soon, can you spot it?

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Ron K - Stock Operators Maneuvers Manual Chapter 5

I had been selling and passing out my manual to many participants who placed their orders to buy my manual. Of course, I select the right person to buy it and I don't sell out to everyone one. For the lucky ones whom I chose to buy the manual, I advised you all to read chapter 5 because it's one of the chapter I used it everyday to decipher the supply/demand zones. It's also one of my favorite chapter as I spent countless hours figuring out on how to write it in layman terms. So far, there were huge demands for the manual but I controlled the supply as I think trust is an important factor when I do people selection. Thank you everyone who got it, please read and re-read again and looking forward to see all of you soon as my business is reopening soon. I am doing a lot of planning and admin work now.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Monday, June 29, 2020

Clearbridge - I Saw Some High Speed Sellers

Clearbridge had a huge gap down today. I am not sure what's the news but by watching the speed of how it got sold down, it's pretty worrying because of the high speed sellers and how they threw it. The good thing was it reversed back high but still there was the selling action which caused price to tumbled. The Top 30 Volume clearly reflected this action and I think short term wise, it's good to avoid this counter. In the Top 30 Volume, most stocks suffered selling while only those ultra pennies ran. We are going to have a roller coaster soon. Be careful of your investments!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Ron K - My Prediction Yesterday BEFORE Banks Crashed

I was walking with Simon yesterday at Orchard road while sharing him some of my experiences in the stock market and how I made great profits $$ over the years since he wanted to get all the juices out of my brain. He haven't attended my course yet, but had already profited $10,000 USD from me as I posted some stocks in my Instagram account and shared some in my Facebook page. Click on the link below to add me if you are interested. I soon then go back to the office to do some work and had another 1-1 with a client where I want to turn his portfolio from red to green again, which is qutie a challenging task. I had done it over the years and I am confident with the right mindset and advises I infused him, he shall be able to achieve it.

Soon at 4.15pm, I messaged a client and told them that the market might crash yesterday night. I asked him to look to short USA banks and DON'T buy them. In the end, he did not short and wasted the opportunity while another client of mine shorted small 800 shares instead. He wanted me to mask of the price and stock name so I abide his instructions. Overall, he made $900 but it's what I shared over the 1-1 session and what I gave over my Whatsapp which counts. The question is, how did I know at 4.15pm that the Dow Jones was going to crash and the banking stocks was the weakest link of all other sectors? That's wisdom, experience and some knowledge involved which I shared during a coffee session with Simon and 4 others. My prediction came true, clients made $$ and it proved one again that my foresight and my profound insights of the stock market runs deep.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Friday, June 26, 2020

Ron K - Cafe Session with Ron K and Trading with my Manual

Super good day as I had a morning coffee session with a group of traders. It was quite of number of them and they gave me face by attending and coming for a 2 hours coffee session with me. I shared many experiences and wisdom acquired over the years with them and also my recent millions of dollars of trades and how I took those. Many of them told me they learnt something while some already can't wait to come for my course. I have people who ought my manual 2 weeks back and started making $$ in OCBC while I also have another trader name Simon who followed my Instagram closely and my tips wisely where he made $10,000 USD in a short time span. Soon, he purchased my manual and I am sure after reading it and digesting it, he would be able to apply it wisely on some very good stocks. I am very very pleased about his profits and I am going to drive him to make $200,000 since he's so passionate about trading.

Soon, I went on to meet another old client whom followed me for 7 years where I shared with him my strategies to build wealth for the next 10 years. He was sold and bought into my idea because after showing me all his trades, I immediately pin point all his mistakes and gave him very sound advice on how to accumulate and build wealth. It was a good 1-1 session and I enjoyed sorting out his portfolio. Congrats and looking forward to your next trade. I hope the strategies and stocks shared enables you to propel higher soon.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Ron K - Lost Art of Stock Picking

Shot this video yesterday after a big win in the stock market this week with my buy record attached. It was stressed over countless sleepless nights until the job is done. So having a cup of quality coffee with the right accompany is a good start for my next trade and now, I strongly believe the art of stock picking skill is something one must continue to practice and evolve in order to find stocks with good winning returns. I shot a lost art of stock picking video which I will privately send to some individuals soon, so stay tune.

With so much whirlwind in the market at the moment, it's more crucial to pick the correct stocks and much stresses has been placed in picking the winning stock. I am looking for clients who wants to follow my trades. Who’s coming ?

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Ron K - Finished Some Big US Trades

Just finished some big trades in the US market and also finished scanning the Singapore market with some great stocks like Yoma and Singapore eDev as posted on my blog. It's a day for chilling and a day for me to reflect how I finished my trades clean with no mistakes and no room for error. Went for a small drink in a cafe and I will be meeting some others for coffee tomorrow too. I am going to drive them and show them how to take good trades. 

Studied the Top 30 Volume in Singapore market and also Top 20 Volume in the US market. There are vast difference but all was good, profits $$ was made and I averted another big drop in the Dow these 2 nights! Follow me in Instagram to get more updates and click to watch my video.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Yoma - Big Players Inside on June 22

Another stock Yoma which I blogged and shared on my blog on June 22nd, 3 days ago when the price was 0.26 where I gave signals and indications that the big players were inside the stock. The next 3 days, the stock kept rising and today it's still in the Top Volume at no 3 with rising price where it was trading at high of 0.33 earlier. Although the Dow Jones crashed -710 points, still if you can pick a good stock, you can out buck the whole trend and still be very profitable. Click and read my blog post below and see how I picked such good stocks using the correct chart reading skills and market depth!


I am extremely pleased to meet Lawrence yesterday and he actually bought my manual. I gave him some advice and tips on the S&P500 where he turned his losses into profits again. He was very pleased with the manual I sold but and I just told him one thing and said: "Lawrence, this manual will serve you good and promise me to read the chapters over and over again and patiently wait for good signals, good stocks and you will change your fortune."

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Singapore eDev - Shot UP Another 12%

The Top 1 stock in the Top 30 volume is Singapore eDev with another 12% gain today. Yes, the Dow crashed last evening but if you can pick good stocks and look for stocks with catalyst, you can still outperformed the general market! Click below to see my blog post yesterday.


Just like my trade in the US stock, Square, if you picked one good stock, it can change your fortune and change your life. I prefer to put heavy emphasis on stock picking now. I don't have to trade everyday but patiently just waiting for a good stock will do.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Square Inc - One of my Biggest Trade with $496,080 USD

Square Inc, a stock which I traded during the March pandemic was my best performer so far. The stock had risen a lot and there were many good news which supported the recent stock price. As the pandemic sell down in March 20, I saw institutional players buying the stock and there was a surge in activities. The buyers were all ready and the stock was in serious accumulation. I followed their buy activity and managed to get 12,000 shares total at 41.35. The stock then slowly rose and until today, it shot through the roof with almost 270% to date. See the illustration on the attached chart. The stock moved so much in about 3 months and made a great come back. In fact, it has touched the supply zone which I think it might be the time to lock in profits.

Whatever it is, the lost art of stock picking has long forgotten but to be able to pick a stock like square using what I wrote in my manual was something extraordinary. It once again solidify my observation skills and my years of trading the market. I highly regard stock picking as my number 1 weapon in my stock trading because without the right stock, there is no way one can achieve big profits $. Congrats to all who bought my manual!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Singapore eDev - 62% in One Day

Singapore eDev just shot up 62% today. The stock just had some good news and if you are interested to know what news, click on the link below to read.


However news is always late in buying in because price already rose a lot. The key is to watch the chart for accumulation and some key maneuvers of what the big players were doing so as to get a heads up on what's going to happen to the stock next. From my somm manual, the stock had chp 4, had accumulation, experienced a flush and that's why it ran. Easy to spot but because it's a penny stock, not many dare to trade. Congrats to all the traders who went in and made $. It's a good day with 62% gain in 1 day!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Apple - LIVE Instagram Stock Alert and Make Profits $$

Another super good day in Apple and those traders who came under my private personal mentorship and made $$ together with me. I made a bullish post on Apple on Sunday, 3 days back before the stock rampant up for the past 2 nights. Click below and see my preciseness Apple stock prediction before it happened.



So for the next 2 days, Apple ran and the stock hit an all time high. Profits were made and I am extremely pleased to see my traders making about $15,000. So last evening, I gathered some traders and showed them LIVE on how I reaped off profits and how I do my magic. Everyone was in awe and I also shot a video. I shared with all the traders on how the supply/demand works and why I locked in profits. It was a good cafe meet up and it was a great session sharing my experiences.

Follow me in my private Instagram account at the below if you want to know the next stock alert:


Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist