Thursday, July 31, 2014

DBS - Heavy Sell Down! Warning

DBS experienced a heavy sell down in the end. From galloping to finally being sold down, I believed we had witnessed the high in DBS at 18.48. Today could be a Fake Breakout where buyers were trapped and while Dow is suffering selling now, tomorrow maybe a bad day for Singapore stocks. This time round there wasn't any hidden selling in DBS, only a powerful Fake Breakout! I am absolutely surprised by this move!

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DBS - The Heavy Breakout, 18.48!

DBS had a super breakout today for 40 cents as of now! From 18.08 to 18.48! What a super rally!!

Luckily, I covered my shorts and alerted all my students in the SMMG club!

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DBS - Covered Fast To Avoid Huge Losses

DBS rebounded to a high of 18.23! What a powerful run from the bank! I shorted yesterday and luckily today, 3 minutes after market opened, I managed to cut my positions which reduced my losses. The run from 18.08 to 18.23 was simply spectacular and it happened within minutes! Moving on to the next counter, rotation.

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Dow Jones - Shorting One Way Down With $16870.13

11.03pm after I closed my last trade last night, I calculated that I made $16870.13 in total trading the Dow from 9:47pm onward. In all my trades, I only did shorting and I was only in that short sell direction and not looking for long. I traded in and out many times and last night was a good night because the market was on it's one way spiral downwards before rebounding in the middle of night.

Add on to my Hang Seng trade yesterday afternoon, I made a total of $24729.97 for the entire day. And now, I took a loss in my DBS short which costed me $1000 where I covered at 18.09. Posted in the SMMG Club to let all students know so that they will not commit any silly sins. DBS is now trading at 18:14 after I cut my losses at 18.09!! Oh boy, I was fast in not letting my emotions get the best of me! See the attached minute chart! All in all, I am happy because I did not hold my Dow trade overnight which would have turned my profits to losses!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dow Jones - A Fast Swing $6013.92

Just finished three Dow trade. I am trying to take less positions so as to reduce scalping and go for a bigger move. Made a total of $6000+ within a few minutes. The swing tonight is nice and smooth which allows me to yield good $$. Some days it's easy and some days it's just tough. Whatever it is, trade what you see and see what you trade. I am blessed and goodnight. Zzzz, :)

Update, 30/7/14, 10:51pm

Couldn't resist the temptation to open more new positions and see faster $$!! The Dow is being slammed down!

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Hang Seng - 1000 Contracts with $7858+

Just got back from work. What a day trading outside with 1000 contracts while having a business meeting. During the whole afternoon earlier, I received many calls and SMS but none came close with the one I attached. The Stock Operation Course last week end just save my student from losses where he started to book profits for all his long positions yesterday! Today, most of his counters trended down! My meeting went fine but more importantly to make this a fruitful meaning, I made $7858 while having discussions. Of course, I could not focus 100% while my trades were running, but yea, I still got the job done. :)

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Artivision - Flush In 5 min Chart

A Flush just happened in Artivision in the 5 Min chart! Panic players were throwing shares fearfully while operators were sucking in the shares for a temporary rebound only.

In the 5 min chart, it indeed trended up a little after the flush!

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