Monday, April 30, 2012

Keppel Corp - K Time

When I developed my K Time back then, I told myself that my method has to work in all markets. Be it forex, commodities, futures, indices and the stock market. What's the point of developing a strategy that only works in stocks? A strategy needs to be full fledged and simple to use. If it is too difficult and confusing, then it defeats the purpose of trading because in trading, the more complex and confusing, the harder it is to execute a trade, agree? I used to trade futures but not anymore due to work constrains.

Today, to prove that K Time also works in big caps, I traded KepCorp. I longed at 11.00/11.01 when it was about to break out at 16.25pm. Look at the attached screenshot above, many would long at breakout at 14.00pm++ or before breakout between 11.30-13.30pm only to realize that hours later, it reacted back down again. Now, there is no right no wrong, but one thing is for sure, I avoided reactions which many would be going through!! Emotionally, I already won half the battle as KepCorp did not whip me up and down.

Also to prove that I am not moving the market with big volume, I am trading small lots in CapMallsAsia, GLP and KepCorp. If I traded big quantity, many would say those stocks moved because I executed big lots. I hope this clears the air that by using K Time to time an entry, it doesn't matter how many lots one trades, because his objective is to time his sales as close as possible to the BBs before any breakout/breakdown happens.

I am perfecting K Time because I broke many rules in speculation a few weeks back. I was mad at myself because I could have got it right if not for my impulsiveness and listening to too much opinions. So to vent my frustration and redeem myself, this time round I am just trading with my own rules, no holds barred, just to get the timing element correct.

Now, do you agree that K Time is truly a poor man's strategy?

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CapMallsAsia - K Time PROVEN

Over weekend, I saw many bloggers and educators calling STI for 3100. I won't argue with other people's view because that's their analysis and moreover everyone has their own view on the market. If everyone is the same then there will be only buyers and no sellers and vice versa, so I respect that. However to say STI will reach 3100 is very general, the question is when? which then constitutes to the timing element which everyone is concerned. Because I can say STI will reach 3100 in 3 months and what if it did not happen, then what? Or can I say STI will reach 3100 by Thurs. Which one would you choose? The longer timeframe or the shorter, more precise one? You decide. I am not saying STI will reach 3100, I am just protracting the time element.

As I was testing and testing my K Time Strategy, it's nevertheless beautiful, giving me precision execution. Last Friday I shorted CapmallsAsia before closing and this morning when I blogged that supply will soon emerged, it did appear so without hesitation, I took my profit first. Like I said, I am not bothered if CapMallsAsia will tank or goes up later, I am testing precision trading with REAL money to improve myself. I had tested CapMallAsia between 4-5 times and it works 100%. The best thing is I tested in a trading range NOT on a uptrend or downtrend! So imagine the accuracy in a trending market!!

I am done with K Time stress tests and am using this strategy together with my K turn, K Mind and K Wave to trade this volatile market. Tomorrow is Labour Day, so the best is not to hold any position overnight. I received a lot of feedbacks on my K Time and seriously I could write a thesis on it, but I choose to share it with those who are willing to spend their weekends on my seminar if any. Good luck trading guys. :)

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STI - Exhausted Demand

STI looks heavy after analyzing over and over again on the weekend. It seems that the demand is exhausted and supply will soon emerge. Anything can happen during the course of trading hours and one must be able to react fast should things don't go according to plan.

Update 9.43AM, April 30, 2012    

Supply emerged and I secured my profits. Tomorrow is labour day so it's going to be tricky today. So the best is don't trade or just intraday trade. I remembered once a friend told me, when the market is not giving you what you want, don't trade big, trade small until the smoke is cleared. It has forever etched into my brain and I will remember it for life. It's not about how much you win or lose, it's about cultivating patience till that defining "moment".

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Friday, April 27, 2012

CapMallsAsia - K Time 3

Like I mentioned this morning, the best is to day trade for now and so I shorted CapMallsAsia once again to test my K Time theory. Still it works. The moment I shorted, next 20mins, I am already in money. GLP tanked from a high of 2.15/2.16, missed this one due to some personal work, but it's ok. I will have a chance again. For those who are interested in my K Time, write an email and let me know. If the interest is huge, then I shall talk more about it in my coming seminar if any.

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STI - Beating the Beast

Yesterday I blogged about the K Time twice and I mentioned at the end of the day I might have another chance on GLP and maybe CapMallsAsia. So at around 4 plus in the later afternoon, I once again shorted both counters using my K Time theory. At the closing 5.05pm, GLP was 2.10/2.11 and CapMallsAsia is 1.55/1.56. I did not took profit because I was using cfd and they close at 5pm not 5.05pm.

Dow went up 113 points last night, I was confident that when the market open, I will have a chance to either take profit or cut loss at 0 dollars, true enough, the market gave me a chance to take profits for both counters.  The point here is to be nimble and react accordingly to market conditions. No hope, no greed, no hesitation but only quick fast action.

The market is entering a stage where me myself needs to intraday trade. Holding it for one day may caused profits to turn losses. At one end, I see it is coming down at another end I see it is going up. So it's mixed for me. The best is trade what you see and see what you trade. One needs to find the correct counters to long/short.

Look at Biosensor, after posting on it's distribution mode, now the price just broke heavily downwards. So it doesn't mean that if Dow is up a 100+ points, weak stocks like this will rebound. The best is to treat each chart individually and not to correlate. At least, this is what I think.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Robin Ho - Master the Markets Course

Robin is going to give a course on his technique soon. I think it's a great course to go because at least I have seen his trade records and it speaks with volume. He seldom teach these days so I think it's a course not to be missed. If you decide to go for his course, just send him my regards.

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CapMallsAsia - K Time 2

I am continuously testing my K Time theory, this time with small lots on CapsMallAsia. Again, it works! I don't care how much money I make or lose in the process but I am perfecting an art so that it gives me an extra edge in future.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

GLP - K Time

Yesterday I was just blogging about my K Time Theory. To me it's the most powerful theory because like I said if you get in at the correct timing, then you eliminate all sorts of emotions and reactions. Today, to demonstrate my theory, I shorted GLP at 9.30am at 2.1, and there after it dipped. This is precision timing. No need price or volume or fancy indicators. To prove it's prowess and it's simplicity in it's execution, I shall blog more often on it. I wanted to go 100 lots, but too bad, I wasn't able to get it. I will have my opportunity again, who knows maybe later?

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STI - The Intraday Activity

Today is just tricky, the market will open green, turn dull and then trend lower later. We shall watch

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

K Time - A Poor Man's Strategy

Many times, I had been asked what do I use to time my entry to the precision. I told them it's the timing element. It has nothing got to do with price or volume or any turns. It is just pure timing with the K Mind. I am often being called up by big boys and they told me they bought this and that, watch for this stock as the company is going to be awarded on a big contract or this stock got potential you better watch as it is soaring. I can tell you that I listened to none of those. The last time when I listened it cost me huge bucks.

Now, everyone has a different strategy when punting the market. The big boys are cash rich, so when they buy and if it dips, they can average further down. What most people want or are looking for is, when they buy/sell, the next moment or 1-2 days later, the stocks either went up or crashed. This has always been the theme of my blog. I had spotted many crashes and rallies with precision if you have the time to go through the entire blog. I am not being boastful but I am proud of my K Time. Without the timing element, I am as good as the public where I buy and it doesn't move and I cut loss.

The K Time is not a difficult strategy to use but one must understand how the BBs actually operate the market before applying the method. Because I had lost a lot of money in the past and I understand that I need to start from scratch again, I need to develop a strategy and trading plan where my profit is at least 10-30 pips but my losses is < 3 pips. I had managed to accomplish that and so I named my K Time as the Poor Man's Strategy. The risk is very minimal but the reward is huge. It is suitable for people like you and me because we are not cash rich and we don't plan to buy and hold or average down.

I am not selling my K Time Strategy but in my next seminar if any, I am planning to talk about it. It will definitely be a blowout because till date, most educators or traders are using vol, price, indicators, etc, those are great but they lack of timing. For Singapore shares we all know that there is contra period, so if you get the price right but timing wrong, you either own the shares if it doesn't move in the next few days or cut loss. Ya'll should know that the moment you get the timing wrong, you can keep cutting losses like the JEL Corp example, however if you get it right, you shall avoid unnecessary reactions and achieve victory.

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JEL Corp & TT Int - Tricky Operations

Wow, I am so right about profit taking in JEL Corp today, however my timing was off in the morning. I should have posted when I saw it happened. Luckily for me, I did not chase. TT Int and JEL Corp have the same operator, be alert!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

JEL Corp - Chasing?

No more chasing of JEL Corp. Yesterday I warned of a profit taking for today. So if you are trying to chase, make sure you enter a correct price, else just leave it alone.

As JEL Corp is sky rocketing to new highs, I have not seen any distribution in this stock yet. There are minor profits taking but no serious damage yet. To short this counter is dangerous, tomorrow might be the day we see more profit taking for the price to tank. However with that being said, the BBs have not yet shorted this stock, so in my opinion there is still some room to go. I had received calls and seen many people shorting it, they all told me it's already very high, I was thinking, can't the high go higher?

Update 10.54AM, April 25, 2012   

I made a wrong call as stated above. I am not chasing, there are still better stocks imo.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Speculation - A Difficult Art

I received an email with regards to one of my follower who shorted JEL Corp. When I read the email, something in the past came into my mind. Many years back when I lost money, I was also following someone else's call and during that time all I was concerned was just making money and not wanting to lose. Just because everyone thought he was accurate so I just followed blindly. In the end, I lost more than my capital and was on debt that took me years to repay.

Moral of story, in speculation or trading, every single cent counts as the money is belongs to you, you must trade this market with your own call and not someone's else. If you lose money because of someone else's call you will never learn as you are just following the crowd. But if you lose money yourself, you will learn more about yourself and gain enlightenment during the process. Every lesson comes with a hefty price and only when you pay more money to the market to teach you lessons will then you become wiser and more experience. When it's all set and done, you will realize that money, winning and losing are not important, those are just feelings and monetary gains. To me at least, it's the journey towards enlightenment and stretching one's limit towards gaining ultimate wisdom counts.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

JEL Corp - No Distribution Detected

As JEL Corp is sky rocketing to new highs, I have not seen any distribution in this stock yet. There are minor profits taking but no serious damage yet. To short this counter is dangerous, tomorrow might be the day we see more profit taking for the price to tank. However with that being said, the BBs have not yet shorted this stock, so in my opinion there is still some room to go. I had received calls and seen many people shorting it, they all told me it's already very high, I was thinking, can't the high go higher?

Update 5.17PM, April 24, 2012  

JEL Corp close at 0.1 when the price was 0.089 and when I posted at 3:49PM. I saw many panic short covering which contributes to the higher price. Congrats to those who longed! Just remember guys, the high can go higher and don't be short sighted. That's the hallmark of a speculator.

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STI - Reversal

Yesterday we witnessed selling in STI in the late afternoon, today it shall rebound. The selling was too aggressive till the quality of supply was poor and a fresh new heave of demand shall set it. Watch the pennies, watch Ntegrator.

Update 5.28PM, April 24, 2012   

STI rebounded and Ntegrator is absorbing supply I believe.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Kepcorp - Short Selling

After posting that this counter was heavy now the stock starts to exude signs of short selling activity. Watch! Congrats to those who shorted!

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STI - Weekend Analysis

Over the weekend, I was analyzing many counters, I came to a conclusion that it's going to be difficult to trade on a Monday. It's either I try to make something out of nothing or I shall just leave the market as it is. Robin called me on the weekend and he said something like this.

"Know when to trade and when to wait! Don't squeeze up trading opportunity! Trade only on conviction!"

So today, I don't have any conviction and I won't be squeezing in any trades unless I see something later.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Sunday, April 22, 2012

SMS - A No Go

After consulting my lawyer and having multiple conversation with many experienced advisers, I decided not to start this sms service thingy to avoid any conflicts in future. Sorry to disappoint, I know many want to follow my live calls, but it's impossible for now. I apologize.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Artivison - The Breakout!

Artivision finally brokeout today! I was just telling my friend to watch it after the Chasen operation 2 days back! How do I know after Chasen, Artivision is next? Once again, my K Time theory never failed me, it gives me signal before any breakout! Timing is important before any breakout happens, if one is able to catch the time before it's about to move, then he/she shall be rewarded big time! This is sensitive, interested parties email me!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

GLP - The Short Selling Process

On April 5th, I had called for a short in GLP however I had already covered that short as the market swings up and down and I had to made adjustments so as to protect my profits and avoid any necessary reactions along the way.

On April 17th, I started short selling GLP again because I saw BBs doing it so I just followed their activity, however this time round I got in at many prices along the way as my impatience started to set in. I could have made much more money if I have the patience to hold it through but I did not so I did not make as much as I thought I would. To me patience is the most important thing in trading, if you had eternal patience, money will come looking for you.

So now, before even GLP appeared in TOP Volume today and yesterday, I was already starting to short as I got my timing right using my K Time theory. GLP now as I blog is 2.03/2.04 and I had secured another load of profits. Also, I want to congrats my student for following his conviction on this counter. So what made me short GLP before the public sees it and why are the BBs are shorting selling this counter? Interested parties can email me.

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Kreuz - Buying Activity

Robin just smsed me to watch Kreuz. Looking at the chart, it broke out today. Watch!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Keppel Corp - Heavy

Looking at the chart of Keppel Corp, the stock is very heavy in my opinion. It's like the the buyers are trying to push price higher with more sellers looking to sell. The demand and supply forces between the buyers and sellers are favoring the sellers. Watch!

Update 4.07PM, April 20, 2012 

Sellers are in control after I posted in the morning!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chasen - The Activity Begins

Those who bought chasen yesterday, congrats!! Today the activity for this stock shall continue until I see a turn to the downside. It's trading 0.315 now as I blogged

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

China MinZhong - Trust The Chart, Not The Reports!

As I was scanning through the forums to see what's the hottest topic out there, China MinZhong caught my attention. As I was reading the posts, on the last posts, I saw a CIMB analyst putting out an outperform call and a target price of 1.68 for China MinZhong. I got to give my hats off to this analyst because from the charts, I don't see a single signs of BBs buying activity and how is it possible that CMZ will ever reach 1.68, unless its on a long term basis. The only thing I can think of is this analyst loaded a huge load of shares in this counter and hoping that by publishing this report, public will buy and push the price higher so that he can distribute. Think about this, there is massive selling today, how is it possible to go higher without the BBs supporting? I seriously don't know how is that possible. To reach higher prices, this stock has to come down more first to reach an attractive price level before we can expect the BBs to show their appearance in their buying activity.

I am very firm we won't see 1.68 in the near future. CMZ is a short to me. Morale of story, trust the charts as it don't lie, but human intentions are unfathomable and sometimes can sway you to the wrong direction.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Chasen - Results Good?

Watch Chasen, the BBs are in 2 days back but today is the day they created some activity, I believe the results should be good.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

HPL - Lackluster Activity

Watch HPL, it looks bleak in my opinion. The buyers seems to give up in their buying. Will the sellers set in? We shall see soon.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Exhausted

The overall market is just weak imo. It's like the petrol is totally used up and the car can hardly move further. Watch out.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Biosensor - The Flushdown

I received a lot of messages, calls with regards to biosensor today. They all told me one thing, it's crashing. Well it's nothing to feel surprise about because I already blogged about it like on April 11th.

So if one were to short it during the period I posted and hold on, he/she shall be rewarded. Distribution takes time so is accumulation. So if you shorted at the day high, it doesn't necessarily mean it is going to come down the next day. You have to hold through for sometime to see the real flushdown like what happened to Biosensor today. So congrats to those who shorted it and for those who are in long, I think we already witnessed the high at 1.63.

The key lesson to learn from this experience is learn to be patient and trust the chart! When distribution takes place, just understand that it takes time and don't be too concerned with mini fluctuations. The person with ultimate patience wins this game because the stock market is all about mind games.

Genius is eternal patience.” - Michelangelo

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

SMS - A Dedicated Service

I am thinking of setting up a SMS service to cater all my followers who wants to follow my calls precisely. For instance, if I see a counter that is due for correction/rally, I would give the price to enter and the cut loss price. On the profit taking price, I will give however, it might or might not reach there as profit taking is really depending on oneself. Because we all know, the market swings up and down. If you see 5000 dollar profit and you think it's enough, you can take it. But if you did not take it and it go against your way then you will feel very wasted. This is just a thought and by doing this service, one is able to follow my calls almost in real time manner.

For instance, look at biosensor today, it crashed, so a sample of my sms will be like

Short Biosensor.

Entry price: 1.55

Cut loss: 1.57

Profit taking: 1.45

Of course, if I were to do this service, I am charging a monthly fee to it. It won't be very expensive as compared to my course. This is not tips but just personal calls on what I observed in a particular counter during the day

Interested parties, you can email me and say that you are interested. If the interest is great, I shall proceed with this plan so everyone is able to follow me.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Beware

Beware of your long positions!

Update 11.43AM, April 17, 2012   

The market went spiral down after my post at 9.02 in the morning!!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Monday, April 16, 2012

STI - Stay Out

Today the market is just very tricky. Stay out if possible. It's hard to make anything out of it.

Update 11.46AM, April 17, 2012   

True enough, most of the stocks did not move much enough to facilitate a trade, of course besides Kepcorp.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The 10 Pitfall Of A Trader

Looking back at why I lost and understanding why I lost is an important process because one cannot afford to make the same mistake over and over again. If he/she wants to be successful in trading, I believe the below 10 intangibles are the keys to avoid. It's only by letting go and be in a calm state then one can achieve the best mental state of mind to beat this game. Of course, I committed 2 of those sins which results in my pitfall.

Listen to gossip
Believe in tips
Eagerness and take guesses
Follow the public
Not wanting to lose
Not staying out of market when in doubt
Accept small profits and large losses

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Friday, April 13, 2012

Keppel Corp - Before The Brazil Rig Deal

Kepcorp gapped up today, however that was no surprise. It's something that can be predicted. I received a call from a friend who wanted to long Kepcorp before 18.10pm on April 10th but was afraid it might tank later. Another friend of mine who shorted Kepcorp was making money the next day as Kepcorp came down a little on April 11th. However I told him his shorts won't last long because the BBs are buying heavily and so he covered his shorts and made some money. Yesterday Kepcorp was showing even more strong buying from the BBs and today the Brazil Rig Deal was announced which lead to a gap up. If you had been following my blog everyday, you will know that on April 10th, I call for a rebound, so why short when the overall market is rebounding? Anyways, I did not buy Kepcorp as I am going through some tough road in trading now which I have to overcome. All in all, it was a super good move to buy Kepcorp! Congrats eng.

I will share this easy to read maneuver by the BBs in Kepcorp in my next seminar if any. I need to see the interest level for my next seminar. So if you are interested, just say "Hi Ron, I am interested to attend your seminar." If the interest level is high, I might arrange one, else then I shall just continue blogging here.

Please note: By sending your interest level to me doesn't mean it guarantee you a seat. I am just doing a survey first to capture the interest level.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Continuous Rebound

Yesterday afternoon as I was doing some work and watching some charts, I saw something very peculiar that caught my attention. At 13.32pm I smsed my friend and told him that I thought a big rally was coming and Yanlord was a stock to watch out for. This time round, I was in a quiet environment with no "noises" around. With such environment, I was able to focus and speculate the next day's action even before the market starts today. Now, what did I saw at 13.32pm in the afternoon that made me conclude last night Dow Jones would have a big rally coming and a gap up in STI today? Interested parties can email me.

Today we shall witness a gap up. It's a little dangerous to chase in my opinion. However if you are daring and fast enough, you can go for a fast punt. I shall decide the course of action after the market has settled down.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Thursday, April 12, 2012

STI - A Rebound

I received calls and smses yesterday on whether it was time to short the market, or if the market was going to spiral down from here etc..Well, yesterday morning I already knew if one were to short, yes he/she could make money, however the risk and reward ratio was not there. What most people are looking for is, when you short the market/counter would tank everyday bit by bit and not short and the next day it rebound. I got to agree it's a very snaky market where it's hard to make money, however so far, I have only made a single wrong call from my day to day blogging, not because I got skill, but because I trust myself that I can win and beat this game everyday. One must not be a inveterate bull or bear when trading the market, have a open mind and see what are BBs are asking you to do.

Although I lost big recently, it has nothing got to do with my calls, it's mostly me breaching rules of the game. I paid a hefty price for it and it shall not be happen again. I lost my senses a little, however confidence wise, it's still high up there. You can lose money, but never lose your confidence.

See the attached sms. Before Singapore market opened yesterday, I already knew Dow Jones was going to rebound  last night and that was why I said I wasn't shorting anything yesterday. It's very simple, when everyone is shorting, and when it dropped down so much with speed and acceleration, there would be profit taking as short covering would take place with buying because prices are cheap and therefore contribute to a rebound in STI today. This exemplifies how I read mind in the market and not technicals or fundamentals. It's not a season for blue chips anymore, just scan a few pennies with potential and go for it.

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