Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Robin Ho - The Greatest Speculator of All-Time


Ever wanted to know what it takes to be a successful trader?  How to profit from Chart Patterns and what techniques to apply to short term trading?  PhillipCapital’s top tier remisier and one of Phillip CFD’s top traders, Robin Ho, answered these questions and more during his seminar on 22nd October 2011.  Drawing on his many years of experience as a trader, Ho shared with the audience how the current market situation is meant more for mid to short term trading rather than long term investments.  To add, the increased volatility may be due to the proliferation of auto or algorithmic trading.

Reiterating his view stated during his previous seminar in March, Ho said that traditional indicators such as the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) are not as useful as simple trend lines which are able to show traders how the particular stock or index is doing.  In addition, successful traders often rely on price action (i.e. volume and price) to determine trends, which are especially important in trading because everything moves in cycles.  Thus, another attribute that traders must have is flexibility – being able to change one’s trading strategy in tandem with the market.  This is where Ho uses Contracts for Difference (CFD) as it allows him to long and short the market with relatively low execution costs.

Many members of the audience asked for advice on intra-day and short term trading, to which Ho replied that intra-day trading is definitely not something for novice traders.  He even admitted that despite his experience, he finds it tricky to intra day trade.  Nevertheless, according to Ho, a successful trader (be it in the short or long term) needs the following characteristics:
  • Good understanding of the market(s) one is trading in
  • Have a sound and proven trading strategy or strategies
  • Charting tools
Having a good understanding of the market means recognising trends as well as ‘danger zones’ when they occur.  It is important to ask yourself the following questions when observing any charts, “Where am I in the big picture? Am I riding up, down or sideways in this trend?”  If one is trading on the short term, they should look at charts with shorter time frames while those trading on the long term should look at charts with longer time frames.  For example, Ho uses a 1-minute chart and a 30-minute chart whenever he does intra-day trades.  Moreover, using multiple charts with multiple time frames increases the accuracy of one’s interpretation of the trend.  Nevertheless, there is no magic formula to earn profits all the time whilst trading and it is key to have proper money management.

Based on Ho’s observation, the Asian markets will be greatly affected by the goings on in Europe.  As such, even if one does not trade in the European market, it is imperative to look at the DAX (Deutscher Aktien IndeX) as it closely affects the movement of the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong and is a leading indicator.  To add, one has to be cautious because a recession in Europe is expected and as such, the market has already priced that into the European stocks.  Thus, when European stocks hit a low, it is best to be patient and watch these stocks as European banks may rise again from that point.

From the economic data, the European crisis is in fact more serious than the US as the US is dealing with a bank crisis while Europe is experiencing sovereign debt crises.  The irony is that the best performing index so far is the Dow Jones.  Ho also mentioned that the Euro crisis was an issue that the world was aware about a year ago but nothing much was done to prevent it from disintegrating to the situation it is today.  Due to the similarities, Ho warned the audience to be wary about the shadow-lending business in China as he foresees this becoming an issue with China companies in the near future.

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STI - The BBs Agenda

On yesterday's blog, I said that there is going to be selling happening and indeed we witnessed one. http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.com/2012/01/sti-nullifying-excitement.html
One can short and make money out of it but as for me, I prefer to wait because I knew it's not the time to short for the big money yet. Although yesterday the market went south, yet there was still stocks like Yoma, Chinataisan and IEV which brokeout. One must be wondering why in a weak market where selling was happening, stocks were still able to rebound. This had to do with the BBs agenda and what they were trying to achieve in this breakout. Of course, I was still longed in pennies.

At 4.08pm yesterday afternoon, I saw some powerful buying signals from the BBs at the bottom and posted it on my blog. http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.com/2012/01/sti-strength.html
The market then rebounded a little off from that level. Today I can expect to collect some money from the market, as I was already in yesterday. Now, the question is how do I know that's the bottom for the day? Like I said, I will only share in the seminar.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

STI - Strength

The market is showing some strength. It will turn up from here now I believe. I am still cautious, but I am bullish on some pennies.

UPDATE 31/1/2012 5:32AM.

STI indeed showed strength and rebounded a little.

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STI - Nullifying Excitement

Last Friday's last minute rushing up of prices was one of the oldest tricks the BBs managed to pull off to trick the public into buying. I longed too however I was cautious on the stocks I selected. I did not long any blue chips as I am mindful of any upcoming traps if any. Today, we shall expect some selling in the morning, which might force some bulls to panic and liquidate. Whatever it is, I will react accordingly to the situation.

UPDATE 31/1/2012 5:30AM.

We indeed witnessed selling from the entire session.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Upcoming Seminar

Thanks for all the wonderful emails that you guys sent me. Ya'll won't regret on this upcoming seminar I am holding. I am collating emails to get a rough estimate of how many people are coming so I can arrange the necessary logistics. The dates are confirmed and it shall be in Feb. Watch my blog everyday until the day I post. Kindly register asap once you see I post because from the emails I am getting everyday, it's a huge list.

Please continue to send me emails to let me know you are coming, so I can try my best to arrange enough seats. If you are bringing a friend, send me his/her names/emails.

Follow the below instructions and continue to send emails to stockmarketmindgames@gmail.com
If you had already done so, I had captured that and there is no need to send again.

Subject: Interested in your seminar

Body: I will be coming for your seminar.

That will be enough. I will calculate the numbers and do the necessary.

Thanks for all your support once again. :)

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STI - Pennies

It's time to shift focus and attention again to the pennies. I am looking to long at pullbacks if any.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

STI - Surprise

What a turnaround surprise it was yesterday. The market was in a one way rocket and broke many so called "resistance" levels that many people called it. I for one never watch support and resistance, because they are simply just an old indicator which many people use. If it is so great, then the market should have reacted. Like a down fall, the market will break all support and in a bull market the market will penetrate all resistance.

Before reaching the targeted level for STI, I already had a target level where the BBs will put out shorts and take profits. I had shared that with my students and I will share it during my seminar. And I believe that level shall be the top for STI where the BBs will secretly created more excitement with a sneaky agenda.

Anyway, today we might see some reactions. I realized after many years of trading, to make the big money is to be patience and short at a major turn and hold on till another turn is about to form again. There is no point of trading everyday if one wants to make the big money. Of course, if one wants to practice his/her skills, then trading everyday will train the mind to be more solidify.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

STI - Neutral

I am neither buying nor selling at the moment. I am watching vigilantly until I see an indication of a major move. There is no expectation, no confirmation, just probabilities. I shall wait patiently.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Positions and Seminar

I am out of all my positions regardless of shorts or long. Some profits some losses, but doesn't matter because I love speculation not money. The losses I have I shall take it as an enlightment and experience gained, the profits, I will donate some. It's going to be a long weekend so when market opens next Wednesday, many unexpected things can happen. Money in pocket for me first.

I received a lot of emails for my seminar. For those who had already sent me emails, I had already taken notice of your names. For those who are interested and haven't sent me email, you are welcome to do so. I will share some stuff that will not be seen or taught by any instructors in the market. It's proprietary only to stockmarketmindgames. What I saw from most courses are techincals, indicators, fundamentals, news, etc. I am sure I can do better than that or I can never give indications before a breakout or speculate what the market would perform on that day. Whatever it is, I don't ususally hold seminar so it's a chance not to be missed. Like I mentioned, everything is FREE.

PS: You can bring as many friends as you want. Just state in your email to me their emails address and their names.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mewah - The Calculated Breakout

On Jan 16th 2012, I told one of my friend I longed Mewah because I saw heavy BBs buying. On 17th 2012, I smsed and alerted Robin about Mewah readiness to breakout soon. On 18th 2012, I emailed another friend of mine and told him Mewah will breakout today if Dow was green last night. And so today did we see a breakout in Mewah today? Of yes we did, if one read my post this morning, he/she would have made it. http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.com/2012/01/sti-panic-again.html

I was sneakily dissecting the BBs' move in Mewah for this long waited breakout today. Although the closing was not strong, but I still made profits. From here on, I know what's the next move the BBs are planning ahead in Mewah. I will share it during my Market Outlook 2012 seminar. Seats are based on first come first serve basis, be there or you shall regret.

Interested parties, can email me first.

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Noble - Momentum Lost?

Watch Noble, I am not that bullish on this stock anymore.

UPDATE 20/1/2012 10:02AM.

Noble came down accordingly, however I cut a small loss.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Panic Again?

While there was a distribution going on yesterday and I took most of my profits. I did mentioned that I did not take profit for one counter and I am riding it. http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.com/2012/01/sti-afternoon-selloff.htm

So was yesterday a panic again? Well, I believe so but I wasn't afraid or wasn't even panic at all because I knew the market would trend up today or I would not leave my biggest punt in my account at 1000 lots open without a stop loss. As for which counter, you guys can make a guess. 

Today, those who cut loss will feel disappointed because of the loss of unnecessary money. I had my game plan today and I will be watching Mewah and Artivision. Those shall be the stocks for me today because of it's readiness to run. Other stocks I am interested are Cosco, Yzj, NOL, etc..

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Tips Kills

I was reading some FB posts and one of them caught my attention. When I read it, it made me think of what happened in the past when I was losing money. I was punting the market based on someone's calls. It was the worst experience in my life as I did not use my brain at all instead I was relying on someone else's call. Well, I will always remember it because it taught me a painful lesson with the amount of money lost. It caused me malaise and sleepless night.

Although I do give tips to personal friends but it shall never happen in my blog. Personally, I don't want to cause anyone to lose money or have sleepless night. As everyone is different in their trading styles and have different timeframes and appetite in executing their trades, it will be best to make your own decision. This blog is like a riddle with clues here and there. If one managed to grasp it, then he/she shall be rewarded. I can only give a general view but not to minutia details.

I saw on forums where people made calls like "Short Short Short" or this "The Game is Over" etc and when it rallied the next day, those who followed their calls went into panic mode and don't know how to react but to either cut loss or hold on. It made me think like if I were to do that, a lot of people would be losing money because when I am out of the market or if I am busy and did not post, those people who followed my calls would just hold on until they got an answer from me. That's what I am trying to avoid as it is bad for my karma. I got a day job myself and I don't have time to keep updating my blog every few mins/hr. Some days I update my blog 3 times a day, some days 1 time. Whatever it is, one must be grateful that everything you get and see here is free. I am not charging anything besides my course which I had already shutdown. So with the course being closed, seminars, knowledge sharing, discussions are all free. What more could you ask for?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

STI - Afternoon Selloff

While STI did not act according to what I speculated. But that's ok. Because I am out of most of my positions except for one. Those who emailed me on the Cosco/Yangzijiang post benefited because I hinted them of an upcoming distribution. Well, if one managed to grasp it, you shall be rewarded. I will and never give tips to the public unless you are my personal friend. You shall have to read between the fine lines and digest the clue. It doesn't matter if the market tank tomorrow or continue its uptrend, because I protected my profits and will decide my game plan tomorrow.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Cosco, Yangzijiang - The Activity

I received an SMS earlier in the morning before Cosco and Yangzijiang ran. I told my friend to watch Cosco and Yangzijiang before the run up you see now. He asked me if NOL is still possible to buy, I said watch Cosco and Yangzijiang instead of buying NOL. Compare NOL's run up today vs Cosco/Yangzijiang, you shall see Cosco/Yangzijiang is a better choice because it ran further. The question is why Cosco/Yangzijiang and not NOL today? Interested parties can sms me. I hope those who read my post earlier this morning are in the money now. There were indeed mini selling in the morning and thereafter the K Turn once again inject cash into my pocket. Good luck to ya'll.

UPDATE 18/1/2012 5:05PM.

I thought it would be great if I can include the timing of the SMSes. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Mini Selling

Today, I believe in the morning, we shall experienced some mini selling first before we trend higher. I am protecting my profits on certain stocks and continue to watch for the K turn once the selling is over. I could be wrong, but this is my game plan today. If it doesn't happen according to what I predict, I shall decide fast and move on.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

STI - Rebound

We shall see a rebound today. Was yesterday a panic? To some stock it was and I had already loaded some. Some others were very resilient and some were very weak. When I saw force selling yesterday, it became more obvious what the BBs were trying to achieve. I don't back test data but I speculate and look into the future.

Jack, it was great you loaded some stocks yesterday too!! Let's watch the show later.

UPDATE 17/1/2012 9:16PM. 

I was on leave today because I knew a rebound will happen today. So after placing my trades yesterday, I was out on shopping spree today. I didn't really watch any charts except answering a few comments/emails. So did we witness a rebound, oh yea we did. I am glad that a lot of people made money out of my blog. It's great to hear that and hope you guys can recover any losses in the past and profit always. I got got word from the organizer, the seminar will be in Feb. It shall be sold out, so once I post it on my blog, register fast or seats will be taken up. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Monday, January 16, 2012

NOL - Panic

Watch NOL, I believe enough panic was created to scare the public off. From the charts, most public had already taken profits and some were already forced to sell.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Reactions

Hyflux and NOL are now experiencing reactions after I posted last Friday. I don't know how long it takes to react. I shall just wait till I see the turn again. Congrats to those who booked profits first last Friday. Money in pocket is much safer than money in the market. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Short/Mid Term View

After spotted the K turn on STI on Dec 20th 2011 http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.com/2011/12/sti-k-turn.html at the bottom, what's STI next direction and where would it end? On Sat, I already posted on my blog that I knew where would it end and how would it end. Some people might say I am lucky and I am gambling. Well, I have not seen anyone or forums or blogs that give precise turns and levels that can tell me what the BBs is doing or where would the rally/decline ends. As I said, till now I have not met anyone that can tell me when is a stock ready to move or what is the top or bottom of a certain stock/index. You can verify the history and the track record of my blog and see how many K turns I spot and predicted. It's not in the middle, but always on the top/bottom and the market would then either decline/rally accordingly. Moreover I even shared to everyone during my last seminar on Oct 2011 that STI would hit 2900-2910 before we see a drop. Those who attended, ya'll shall be my witness. http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.com/2011/10/gumption-seminar-recap.html

If you can't wait for my seminar before I reveal, give Gill a call at 6826 9974 and tell him that you can't wait for Ronald K's seminar. I believe he will do something about it. Alternatively, you can also email Anthony at anthony.lim@cityindexasia.com and tell him that you want a seminar by Ronald K ASAP. He will arrange all the logistics to get this seminar going.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Saturday, January 14, 2012

STI - The Artificial Markup?

Yesterday I alerted on the comments section of my blog to be on high alert to book some profits first as STI might have a reaction. http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.com/2012/01/sti-critical-juncture.html
Despite the late afternoon surged, I was still very wary and alert on what was going on. I called for a short on NOL however there was no scripts in Cityindex so I moved on to some other stocks. For your information, there is some problems with the blogger.com timestamp. I had set it to Singapore time but it's still showing US time. I believe blogger is adding some new features to their comments section and they got the timing messed up. Let me know if any bloggers here faced the same problem and knows how to solved it.

Hyflux was pretty weak when I made my comments on being high alert. So what lies ahead on Monday? I believe there will be reactions and profit taking. I just got a call from the organizer that the seminar will be held in February. I shall share what lies ahead in STI during the seminar as I can already foresee the future in STI after yesterday's activity. I shall leave a quote here which I think it's something not many people can achieve which include myself. But I can firmly say I am almost there.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be"

Think about it, it helps me in my trading. So if you managed to grasp it, practice towards it. No one said it's easy!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hyflux - The Renewed Activity

On January 5th 2012, when Hyflux broke to a day low of 1.23, a lot of people thought the game was over in Hyflux. I for one knew what was happening. Of course, I did not made a buy call that day because I knew Hyflux's activity will be renewed but not on that day or the next few days. The next few days, if one would to trade Hyflux, there would be a lot of doubts as to whether this stock would trend higher. Everytime a purchase was made, sellers looked to push prices down and there will be a lot of psychological mind games to endure.

Yesterday before market closed, a friend of mine called me and I told him hyflux will be ready today and true enough, we witness a surged in price today. Those who bought today, it will be much safer and from a psychological point of view, it was not so stressful. The question is how do I know it was yesterday? Interested parties can email me.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Critical Juncture

The market now is at a critical juncture where I believe the BBs are looking to push prices a little more higher. I don't know how high but I wouldn't want to trade with big lot size because it risky to do so. Until I see evidence of BBs ready to bring prices up/down in a big fashion, I shall not do any silly things that would deplete my capital. Till then, I shall intraday trade or preserve capital for that big move.

UPDATE 13/1/2012 8:19PM.

The market rallied accordingly to my speculation in the morning.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Thursday, January 12, 2012

STI - Dull

The market is dull as of now as I told one of my friend this morning. The best is not to do anything.

UPDATE 12/1/2012 4:05PM.

So I was right on my noble trade! Look at noble now, it coming off. The only thing that was off was the timing. So if I could have more patience, I would not have cut loss. That's how I got my K Time developed.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stock Market Operator

I felt honored to be looked up to when one look up for me when it comes to speculation or trading. This is not the first time I received such sms but it's my first time posting it on my blog. With a great backing from this person, I am able to leverage and increase my line. This allows me to be a BB myself and corner stocks as and when I wish. Thank you for trusting me Sir!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Noble - Lost

I paid the price for wrong speculation.

UPDATE 11/1/2012 8:15PM.

I might be right but at the wrong time. I know of someone who shorted big time on noble at 1.125. We shall see.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

NOL - Rallying

So after the day i posted on the turn in NOL, http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.com/2012/01/nol-watch.html

Did we witnessed a rally today? You can judge for yourself.

For those who gave negative comments, keep them coming, I love it. All I can say is if you would take the time to analyse the charts and do constructive thinking rather than wasting time on comments, you shall be rewarded.

Also, for those who wants to know whether I am vested or not, what's the point? I can be in today and out in the next 5mins. I can also be in today and out tomorrow. Don't have to follow me, just do your due diligence. If you like what you see on my post, then buy it, else just don't bother about it. I pay fine attention and details to every single movement the BBs does, and that's how I was rewarded.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Direction

Today the market might just open green and trend lower. It's getting tricky at this juncture so if you are shorting or longing, please preserve your capital. Watch.
Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Property and Reits

The property and reits sector will be the theme for this week. Watch

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Monday, January 9, 2012

NOL - Watch

I am watching NOL very closely for an entry. The BBs will show themselves soon and I shall ride together with them.

UPDATE 9/1/2012 9:13PM.

NOL rallied a little intraday after i post. Is the turn here? We shall watch.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Market Mind Games

I was shopping with my wife yesterday and something caught my attention on the book shelf. Hmz, it's a market mind games book. So someone actually thought of this name and turned it into a book? How about me writing a book entitled "Stock Market Mind Games"? Will anyone buy?

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Be a Smart Consumer

Many times, I was asked how I learned and developed my skills? A few years back, I attended a course conducted by Robin which was my teacher. Why was I piqued to his course? The reason was simple, it was because he actually posted all his track and trade record during the seminar and also his entry and exit points, therefore he managed to convince me into attending his course. Judging from his entry points, I can postulate what sort of a trader is he and how good is he at spotting stocks before a breakout/breakdown, his cut loss prices and his profit targets. Now, after attending his course, I got to admit that I can't be like him as he is too skilled as a trader and therefore I need to find something that suits myself so that's where I developed my own theory. It's not wise to use other people's proprietary method, polished it and make it like it's your own. You can use their method to trade because you paid for it, however once you learned it, don't sell their method as a course or service like it's your own. I truly despise that. Of course, that's me. Everyone is different.

Watching and study the psychology of the market becomes an addiction of an inveterate speculator like myself. To be good and get enlightenment, I need to go through the path of losing money to understand how it feels and see how sensitive money is to me. As I gain more experienced in my speculation activities everyday, I realized, actually money is just a reserve to me so that when the time comes, I have the reserve to put it on the line. Money has no value at all, it's just a tool.

So where should one start from here. I believe courses are important as it allows one to shorten their learning path and Robin has definitely helped me to achieve that. So to my fellow fans, if you are to go for courses and when you are willing to part thousands of dollars, the first thing when you choose a course is to always ask for track and trade record. Personally for me, I would rather pay money to buy someone's experience than to buy his training ability to teach. Because it's simple, with the thousands of dollars you paid for course, it doesn't make you an expert instantly, you may buy his knowledge and skills, but you can never buy his experience and memory where he had seen it all. Knowledge is textbook stuff which can be found in books, experience is the journey that one went through to gain enlightenment which is the intangibles that cannot be transferred or subtracted. And as we know, the market is dynamic, textbook stuff can never mimic the forces of the market.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bank Of America - Bottom Fishing

Many people say buying at the very bottom and the next few days when it rallied, that's luck and vice versa for shorting at the top. During my 1 year+ of blogging, I had managed to prove that everything in this world is possible. My track and trade record is recorded in every part of this blog and ya'll can verify it for yourself as my actions speak louder than words. Even though at times I made a wrong call or I don't fish right at the bottom right like Hyflux, I am still able to make money the very next day because I understand psychology. Not only that, I had managed to break the traditional approach where most traders/investors think that traditional indicators like support and resistance or price or vol is the thing to look out for turning signals, I developed my K Theory strategy one up above those indicators so that it gives me that extra boost, confidence and conviction to trade heavily without any fear or whatsoever.

On Dec 19th 2011, I alerted one of my friend to watch out for Bank of America because I saw BBs causing mental stress to investors/traders by jaw dropping the price, however their intention was to buy heavily so a rally can be conducted. This friend of mine is in the US so I chatted with him during the Asia hours on Dec 19th and I believe he bought BAC at the opening on Dec 20th. From the day I made the call till today, the stock almost went up 1 dollar and he is smiling now because he bought 75 lots of BAC at the bottom. Now, I don't usually monitor US stocks but BAC is my favorite because there was heavy buying activity. The question is how do I know at Dec 19th, the stock was due for rally? For those who are interested, email me and I shall give you the answer.

And finally, to all those who inspired to trade like me, I just want to tell you that everything is possible. Trust yourself and don't let anyone put you down. Like the famous martial arts expert Bruce Lee, he managed to turn the impossible to possible by breaking many barriers in his kung fu journey and that's why until today, he is remembered as the best of the best and a living legend in his league.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hyflux - Game Over?

On Dec 30th 2011, I said I love this stock at this juncture because I believe there was still further upside as Hyflux still had room to rocket, http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.com/2011/12/hyflux-bull-charged.html I blogged about it and everyone saw it. Raymond called me 2 days later for some discussion and I told him about Hyflux too and I believe he bought the next day and profited from it. On Jan 3rd 2012, I posted that I was out of Hyflux. http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.com/2012/01/gmg-great-activity-what-volume.html I did not state any reasons but if one would to know how I trade, and if I exited a trade, that most probably I saw shorting/selling taking place. There is no reason for me to exit a trade if I see much more profits ahead.

Can anyone spot the turn in Hyflux? I posted on FB and have yet to received any replies/answers. Why was the turn Jan 3rd 2011 and why when STI was bullish yesterday, Hyflux did not run further? Till now, no one can give me an answer. If you are interested to know, you can email me.

So today where is Hyflux? You can judge from the chart itself. So is the game really over for Hyflux? I don't know the answer but short term wise I am not looking at this stock anymore. Will it turn to the upside? I also don't know until I see BBs trying to buy in again. Whatever it is, I think Hyflux needs to take a breather first before any upmove is possible. However before it starts to breakout again, I shall be in before anyone else. Stay tune for more updates. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stock Market Mind Games - Course Shutdown

I have decided to shutdown my school of mind games courses as I don't see a need for it as is not my main objective to make money off from public nor it's my main source of income. I prefer to be a speculator and speculate stocks than to get easy money from teaching. The experience and knowledge I got from speculating is far superior than teaching. I already have people lining and saving up to pay me tens of thousands of dollars, however I rejected all of them simply because today money is not an issue to me anymore, and there are the intangible things like family and relationships which are far more important in my life now. Those who had attended my course before, you are the ones who benefited and we shall always keep in touch and cherish the relationships we build. I started this blog as a diary to keep my trading thoughts and see where am I everyday and not to earn money off from anyone. Whatever I do, be it seminar or knowledge sharing shall be all free. You can buy my knowledge, but you can never buy my experience and memory where it takes years to master it. Maybe one day when I feel like, I will start teaching again, who knows?

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Yanlord - The Hidden Tiger

On Dec 29th, I alerted one of my friends to watch out for yanlord for it's readiness to breakout. I think he cut loss too many times and lost his confidence. But well, it's more or less ready for a breakout as the BBs are performing some final activities before conducting a breakout. Yesterday, it finally broke out and I was already out. I told this to a fan of mine on 29th Dec too and I believe he bought some on Friday and have made it yesterday. He emailed and thank me yesterday and today. I appreciate his kind gesture and it really touched me.

I am having a seminar soon in the coming weeks/months. It depends on the organizer availability. This time round, it shall be sold out as I had people already start asking to reserve. Sorry to disappoint but no reserving, it's on first come first serve basis. I shall post once I am given the greenlight. Everyone is welcome. More importantly, it will be and shall be FREE!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GMG - The Great Activity! What Volume??

On 28th Dec, I posted on my blog to watch out for rallies in penny stocks. http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.com/2011/12/sti-penny-stocks.html I don't know how many people watch it but it's ok as long as I know what is happening in the market during that period of time and made money out of it, then I am happy I made the right call. On Dec 28th morning, a friend of mine SMSed me and asked me some queries and I answered. You can see the attached. More importantly, I said both gallant and GMG were not ready to run that day. Today it ran and I am again in at the bottom. Of course, for those who knows how I trade, I like averaging up. See the attached GMG 1 min chart, there is no volume when I bought. Over the weekend, I talked to Raymond and told him that GMG and Hyflux is going to rally this week and I believe he bought some this morning. Same goes to you Jack, YL, Jason and some others who I feel comfortable talking to on GMG. You guys can verify my words that I gave my calls before any breakout or volume is seen.

The question is how do I know today GMG will run and Hyflux will continue it's charged? Oh by the way, I am out of Hyflux. I don't care how high it goes, but money in pocket for me first. Do I looked at volume where most people are looking at? Volume to some is powerful because some says it tells you BBs are buying/selling. However until now I have not met someone that can tell me when a stock is ready to move at the correct time, maybe besides Robin. At my present stage, the K Mind, K Wave and K Turn to me is far superior than any traditional indicators. I won't condemn price or volume as I respect it's accuracy, but everyone is different. If something works for you all the time and you are able to buy low sell high and sell high buy low, then that method is a good method as it gives you that extra confidence in the way you punt this market. For those who are interested, you can email me. For those who hated and condemn me, I will still tell you as I don't hold grudges. All is welcome to email me.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator