Saturday, February 29, 2020

Ron K: Market Pandemic Selldown and Trading Tesla

Market sold down fearfully with sheer speed and heavy volume. I saw many bargains at the moment with stock prices dirt cheap. Tesla had a $450 discount while Apple had a $80 discount. The question is do you dare to buy now as the market is falling or are you interested in the ultimate Low price? Traded with some of them and we made some good profits again. I am taking in more Traders soon and watch this full video as I shared my stock picks. Dow Jones was even better when it crashed, as the $$ made was the fastest with 3 contracts and a $1500 profit!

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Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Friday, February 28, 2020

NIO Inc - $34,000 Profits, Buying Before Good News

Another extremely good trade record from one of my recent batch student. It's not the $34,000 that he made in NIO Inc that was impressive, but rather it's the entry and exit point where he longed the stock before the good news was released. I studied the chart carefully myself and saw many entry points on the ws and that's where the stock started to accumulate slowly before the breakout. So it was during there where my student planted his long trade and slowly followed the BBs. Soon the next day, NIO released a good news and the stock gap up like 30% one night. It was time to lock in profits and very fast, the stock tanked again.

For him, he made about $34,000 and thereafter, the stock really simmered off and tank. I am extremely pleased to see his trades and using what I taught him earlier this month to reap off $34,000. It's only a 2 day course and he just attended my February 2020 course and to have such results and return, it's truly amazing. Congrats!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

AEM - Locked In Profits $1600

Another good day locking in profits as the market crashes and the STI slammed down like -65 points today. Nothing looks good but it's soon going to have bargain in the market where prices is going to get real low. AEM continue to stay just a little stronger while Rex Intl maintained it's posture too. I am glad that AEM was one of the stock I shared in my Instagram which allowed my student to profit $1600 from it. It's a good feeling to lock in profits in the morning and then go work later. While the market is creating more fear and panic, no jobs is safe now.

Many retrenchments, cost cutting, labour waiver and company down shrinking practices is currently happening now and it's only going to get worse because it a JOB where you need to report to someone! While when you possessed a skill, it's a life time knowledge and experience you acquired that you don't have to suffer all these anxiety and panic even when there is a market meltdown like now. What this student did to lock in profits in AEM in the morning was so much satisfying than a
9-6 JOB. $1600 in one day? It's definitely better than working for someone or looking for a JOB!

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Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Dow Jones - Watch My Video From Time 1.30 Onwards, What's in 2020?

This was a video I did last year July 13, 2019 and please go watch the time around 1.30 to 2.13 where I shared that the Dow Jones was going to suffer some serious profit taking and I soon went to talk about what am I going to do in 2021. The Dow Jones continue to crash these past few days and there seemed to have no ending to this sell down. Last night was another -1191 points down! Everything which I saw and predicted is now coming true and we can see that there was fear everywhere with everyone throwing in the white towel.

Conducted a private sharing session last evening and traded together at night with my small group of traders. It was a good day as we reaped profits from the Dow Jones and continued to short the market. I also shared many of the stocks I am watching and what's my game plan for the Dow Jones for the upcoming months ahead for my long term investment. So if you watch the video I shot last year, by 2021, it shall be the time I am timing for my entry closely. Congrats all who traded and made $$ with me last evening.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Thursday, February 27, 2020

A Ronald K Sharing on Strategies - Trading US Stocks and Trade Records

Finished a talk earlier where I shared many insights into the US market and stocks. It's a good amount of people and I gave out some pointers on how to make $$. Been trading the US market for a long time now and seeing others making $$ is such a good feeling. As I was giving my talk, I received some Whatsapp messages from my students, sharing with me their recent wins in the stock market. From Micron, to Facebook and some other Singapore stocks, it was all wins even the Dow Jones slammed down hard for the past 3 nights. Singapore market is unusually slow but still if you can get the direction right by using the right strategies, profits will still come looking for you. I get tons and tons of messages a day and to see others succeed, it just spur me to do a better job. Thank you everyone for signing up my course and looking forward to see you all in April class.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

DBS - Triple Gap Downs

DBS just had a triple gap down in the 5 minute chart. The market is filled with pessimism on the coronavirus and it's killing the local market with many stocks trending lower and lower. The 3 backbone which is dbs, uob and ocbc supports the STI on a higher weightage but all 3 cannot perform at the moment and hence it's slowly breaking down. I particularly studied DBS chart for more cues and found that the gap downs were pretty obvious on telling me that retailers were throwing regardless of price and is it signaling it's time for a long? Well, I don't know but I need to watch the market for more cues and signals before it turned up. Becareful of your investments now as nothing is really good at the moment.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Rex Intl - The Only 1 That Survived

The Dow Jones slammed down -880 points last evening after Monday's -1000 points dropped. It was so scary that there was an exodus of investors and everyone was throwing with fear. In the Singapore market, as usual, most stocks are pretty weak and looked jammed while only certain stocks like AEM and Rex Intl still held strong. This morning, Rex Intl reacted to the Dow Jones last evening and gap down first which it soon recovered strongly back to the 0.20 price. It was super strong and it seemed as though the results that is coming out could be good. Up/Down, Rex had been a stellar stock for the past few months and it continued to show strength. As of today, it's the only stock that survived during this crash in the Dow Jones. I did not trade this counter as I prefer the US market these days and also banks are moving in a range bound and were pretty slow. However, I see many good trade records that my students traded some stocks which I posted in my Instagram and they made $$. Congrats and continue your good work!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Wilmar - Round 2 Taking Profits

Another round of locking in profits in Wilmar and this time round, even higher price at 4.18 since the stock just kept trending higher during trading hours. If you study the 5 minute, you will see many bought earlier this morning and chasing the price up. I think that was the signal to lock in profits first instead of holding on on hope that it will trend higher. As I mentioned in my last post that Wilmar was in the Top 30 Volume which sometimes was seldom seen, it's good to again take in profits with $1960 for some good reward today. Beware of the market as it haven't showed signal of any major turns.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Alibaba Hong Kong - Buy Low $200, Sell High $218

I was having a late night dinner session with some of my guys yesterday and I shared with them on some stocks trading philosophy and how to spot the top and bottoms using blank empty charts. It was a great session as everyone made profits $ and took back some important great knowledge.

Looking back at Alibaba Hong Kong now, it was one of the best trades ever done. Buying low at $200 and selling at the ultimate peak at $218, it was so much easier to trade Hong Kong stocks that the Singapore market. From reading the 5 minute on detecting the supply and demand zones, it was much simpler to spot signals that a slow moving couch like Singapore stocks. As you can see from the trade records, we did various trades and sold at the peak for Alibaba Hong Kong. After selling and taking profits at the peak, Alibaba never see tried to break $220 and dangling between $214- $218 before the final breakdown happened. It's currently trading at $205 where will this stock trend higher again? Only by studying and reading the supply/demand zones, I would be able to tell precisely. Congrats to all who profited!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist