Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mapletree - Secondary Accumulation Ready To Go

Looking at the MapletreeInd campaign, it was previously in an accumulation zone between 1.15-1.17. Today we witnessed a new high at 1.18. I calculated the accumulation phase and it projected price towards the 1.35-1.42 level in the short to mid term. This tells me that the accumulation phase might be over soon.

Looking at the broader picture, the longer term accumulation projected price towards at a higher level. For now we shall watch it's progression.

Ronald K

Yangzijiang - Watch for a Breakout!

I believe Yangzijiang is in the accumulation phase now and a breakout is imminent. This breakout is going to sustain and decent profits could be made. Watch!

Ronald K

Monday, June 27, 2011

HPH Trust - Selling is Over!

I was baffled by HPH Trust recent down trend and it's selling campaign. It's price action is weaker than the STI index, where if STI had an up day, it trended lower or doesn't move much at all. I don't know the exact real story behind the scenes, but I do know chart don't lie and it tells the real campaign of what the big players are trying to accomplish.

Looking at the closing price and the action for the past few days, I believe that the selling campaign for HPH might be over. One should look to long for a breakout. There is no better time to buy HPH than today as I believe 0.78 is the low. If you missed the boat today, tomorrow is still a good day to long this stock. The risk and reward ratio justify the risk for a position to be taken. 

Update on 30/6/2011:

The breakout in HPH happened!

Ronald K

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yanlord - The Selling Climax

I had been receiving phone calls and forum postings from users asking about the recent percolate selling in Yanlord. Almost everyone noticed that Yanlord had been heavily sold down without any rally in place to either distribute more stocks or to accumulate more shares. This inundate selling had caused some investors and traders to start worrying about their money and questions were raised as to when will the selling start to abate?

Because I have holdings in Yanlord, I am actively monitoring it's day to day progress as to where is the bottom and when will a rally take place? Yesterday I thought I had the answer because of a high volume of liquidation with hidden buying the day before. Today, I am more affirmed of a selling climax with a volume higher than yesterday. This high volume tells me that the retail investors were liquidating while the big interest are secretly absorbing the selling. If I were to rate today's action, it's 80% bullish for a bull campaign in the making and 20% even more bullish if the stock drops lower with lesser volume. If one were to look to buy Yanlord, this is the time and if you missed today's action, there will still be chances to accumulate.

In the next few trading sessions for Yanlord, I believe there would be more public liquidation with high volume and there would come a time where the volume diminished and that's where you know the selling process is completed. I studied the manipulative operation for Yanlord the past few months and I understand how the operators in Yanlord conducted their buying/selling campaign. This time round, the operators had successfully created a condition to cause dismay and exodus of investors. They had achieved their goals.

Update on 30/6/2011:

Indeed there were more public liquidation with HIGH Volume after my last post. Big Interests were heavily accumulating while public was liquidating as predicted. More importantly, I caught the low with a decent profit.

Ronald K

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cosco - Respect the Supply Line

Update: Cosco respected the horizontal supply line that I drew yesterday. I believe Cosco is in the hands of the strong players now and further upside should be expected. I am only looking to long on reaction. Watch for the price action when it reacts. Monitor for dull activity and enter.

Price level to watch out for:

1.78-1.8 - Normal support
1.73-1.76 - Strong support

Ronald K

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cosco - A Valid Breakout

Look to long Cosco when it reacts. Today marks the first day in it's change of behavior in terms of it's trading activity. The breakout today is valid and it clearly define that the bulls are in charged. For the short to midterm, look to long, No more shorts. The trend is clearly on it's way up.

Ronald K

Friday, June 17, 2011

Yangzijiang - Buying Campaign Detected

If I were to choose a stock to long on Monday, I would definitely select Yangzijiang. Why? Because I saw a possible buying campaign created to lure the bears out and scare the bulls off. One would say it's because it touched the bottom of the trendline, that's why it's a buy, however that's only part of the reason. The real reason was because the Big Interest had already purchased some around the 1.49-.150+ range (see circled blue oval), and today they continue to bring the stock lower so that they could accumulate more for a higher prices to come in the coming weeks. I believe that's how everyone should view the stock market by understanding the dynamics of the inner workings instead of just buying blindly just because it hit the trendline.  On another note, STI coincidentally respected the lower bottom of the trendline of a big apex with hidden buying agenda. I believe the market is due for a bounce on Monday.

Ronald K

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Short Term Longing List

Above are a list of stocks that I planned to long for a short term rally. Watch out for property stocks, it is turning up or I should say the down trend could be over.

Ronald K

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NOL - Get Ready to Long!

Look to long NOL at the 1.48-1.5 range. I believe NOL is due for a heavy buying activity in that region. If it ever hits that region, I believe it will challenge the bulls to quickly perform a sweep of all the remaining supply and the bears to do a heavy short covering. NOL can't be continuing it's campaign all the way down without any rally in place because that would cause the big players to lose money. I will look to long at the 1.48-1.5 range once it hits there because that's where the risk is the minimum and in terms of the risk and reward ratio, it justify my risk for a position taken. On the other hand, I had drawn the big picture for STI and it seems like we are forming a big apex. If my prediction is correct, we will see a new high for STI this year.

Ronald K

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DJIA - The Big Trend

I was watching the Dow closely and I am particularly interested in the overall longer trend of the Dow.It's 2.31am in the morning and I woke up just so to verify if I am correct on my analysis. I constructed these trendlines a month back and without a shadow of a doubt, I believed this is the correct trend so far and it had never failed me. Today we experience a bullish action on the 5min chart on the Dow which is going to be reflected on the daily chart.

Ronald K

Saturday, June 11, 2011

BAC - First Sign Of Heavy Buying

Last night while the overall US market was bleeding away, BAC displayed the best trading opportunity for buyers who looked to long in the short and mid term. It was the first time where all the big players' activity was detected after a major distribution campaign a few months back. I am not sure if this is the lowest level for BAC, however I am very sure this is the first time one should look to buy. Coincidentally, as I was reading news on BAC, one article came up which said "Bank of America short interest fell to just shy of 88 million shares at the end of May from slightly above 100 million shares in the middle of the month." This tells me that the short sellers are slowy drifting away from short selling and selling was seen abated.

I am sure they are looking to put this stock up in the following weeks to come. Look to long on a reaction!

Ronald K

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cosco - Trickery Stratagems

Just when I thought Cosco's bull campaign was ready to go, I got a huge surprise from it on May 27th 2011. My entry price was 1.94 on 30th May 2011 when it reacted. That was my trading plan, to buy when it reacts and not banking it on breakouts. I knew 1.92 was a huge support because i switched to the minute chart, so when it reacted to 1.94, i couldn't wait any longer and bought. On my wildest dream, when I really thought Cosco was ready to once again rally to at least 2.0+, my expectation was inundated by the heavy influx of big players selling. Upon sawing that and feeling malaise, I managed to sold it at 1.98 and took a 4 cents profit. This influx of heavy sellers chagrined me deeply because it did not justify my risk taken for an expected reward. From that day, I knew the rallying power for Cosco has been greatly diminished. For it to rally again, either a panic selling, big volume of buying activity or some form of accumulation would need to take place.

To trade Cosco in the near term, I had already drawn out my trading plan on the chart above. I will watch if it hits the support at 1.81 and breakdown further. If it does breaks down further with less strength and revive back up, I will then look to buy again heavily with the big buyers.

Ronald K

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

STI - A Reaction To Lure The Bear

On May 27th, I posted a mid day report for STI as it is hitting an overhanging resistance. Today it hit that resistance and pulled back a little. Dow Jones as of writing now is -140, so tomorrow we shall see a reaction. This reaction will then tell me how bullish or bearish will the STI be in the short term.

Ronald K

Dyna-Mac - A Distribution Campaign

Dyna-Mac became a stock to watch out for because not only it could make you rich, it could also reduce your trading error because of it's predictability. I could almost predict/visualize what the big players for this stock are trying to accomplish by their actions/campaign. Look at the illustrated diagram, it will give you an rough idea of how this stock is manipulated. Observe especially the distribution area where big sellers jettisoned the stock and then markdown. Watch the volume that is associated with it.

Ronald K