Stock Operation Course FAQ

How is the Stock Operation Course different from others?
The Stock Operation Course is the only program which teaches you ultra precision timing which allows you to enter before the smart money, before the big volume and allows you to exit together with the Big Boys with profits. It focuses primarily in Singapore Stocks and while there are 1000+ stocks in SGX to pick from, the skills acquired allows one to pick stocks in less than 5 seconds and select the best possible stocks so that returns are exponential and bountiful.

This is the only course which teaches you timing which can be found in charts instead of traditional indicators like price action, volume, trend lines, support/resistance etc. In the game of stock speculation, it's not about the price or volume that matters, it's about the correct timing. When a stock is ready to move, it doesn't matter what price you are getting because if the timing is crisp and perfect, whatever price you got hold of, the stock would still move.

What are the pre-requisites for taking the program?
There is no minimum pre-requisite for this program. It suits beginners, intermediary traders to experienced speculators. Since timing is an abstract subject that cannot be found in books or elsewhere, there is no need to read or prepare before the course. The best is to come for the course and learn from Ronald K himself.

I have NO experience in the stock market, is it possible for me to pick up the skills?
Yes! The most important thing is not about experience, it's about the hard work that you put in after the course. It only requires you to spent 10-20 minutes a day to scan for stocks and do the chart reading. However, with that being said, the more time you spent, the better and sharper you get. Your attitude and hunger for success shall be the deciding factor towards financial freedom.

What are the packages included in the program?
You will get FREE SMS, stock charts, access to private students forum, LIVE Trading all for FREE. There are also frequent students' sharing session that you can come to learn new skills and secrets for FREE and there is no monthly or yearly subscription fees whatsoever. While others are charging for their resit or if they give a resit and ask you to pay for their admin and food, in my program, it is absolutely FREE and there is no need to pay for whatever admin fee or food. Everything from the day you signed for the Stock Operation Course to the day you graduate with the multiple resits are all FREE.