Thursday, June 25, 2020

Square Inc - One of my Biggest Trade with $496,080 USD

Square Inc, a stock which I traded during the March pandemic was my best performer so far. The stock had risen a lot and there were many good news which supported the recent stock price. As the pandemic sell down in March 20, I saw institutional players buying the stock and there was a surge in activities. The buyers were all ready and the stock was in serious accumulation. I followed their buy activity and managed to get 12,000 shares total at 41.35. The stock then slowly rose and until today, it shot through the roof with almost 270% to date. See the illustration on the attached chart. The stock moved so much in about 3 months and made a great come back. In fact, it has touched the supply zone which I think it might be the time to lock in profits.

Whatever it is, the lost art of stock picking has long forgotten but to be able to pick a stock like square using what I wrote in my manual was something extraordinary. It once again solidify my observation skills and my years of trading the market. I highly regard stock picking as my number 1 weapon in my stock trading because without the right stock, there is no way one can achieve big profits $. Congrats to all who bought my manual!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist