Thursday, June 16, 2016

Anchor Resources - Searching The Next Hot Stock

Anchor Resources continue to soar after the LIVE video I did on a Tuesday 2 days back. This is as good as it gets because a LIVE video is the best testament to hone my skills and knowledge over the years and I am confident nobody can do a LIVE video and show how stocks move, correctly pin pointing Anchor Resources and CNMC to watch out for as compared to other sectors and hence I have nothing more to prove. As usual, I am happy that people made $$ off from my group and Whatsapp alerts.

The fortunate thing is I have found another stock that is almost going to move soon and will soon give out a Whatsapp, so make sure your Whatsapp is not in silent mode. I will also do another video LIVE in my Facebook group for those who wants to participate and see how I pick stocks in front of hundreds of participants. To join, you would have to request.

The next stock will be hot because I believe in my stock picking skills but more importantly the timing is almost ripe and it's not to be missed during this down market. I will also shared the stock first hand during the workshop tomorrow. See ya'll and stay tune.

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