Thursday, June 30, 2016

Watching STI Together - We Were LIVE Trading

This morning was an easy to predict day because not only I made a pre market forecast in my private forum at 7:46am in the morning but I believe this small group of traders who watch me traded LIVE were convinced of how I picked a stock and predicted the prices fluctuation precisely according to the market outlook. See my pre market prediction.

At 9am when market started, we were all logon to our trading platforms and scouting for the right stock to take a trade on. Finally we found one and took a quick scalp on it and everyone who attended made $ on the spot. Well, I will be conducting another LIVE Trading soon and as the market is getting more exciting after a flush, so is stock picking equally important. I will be giving out Whatsapp soon if I see movements in certain stocks. Stay tune and for those who are interested in our Whatsapp alerts, you can register for my talk below.

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