Saturday, June 11, 2016

Stock Operators Maneuvers Manual Program - 6 Months Waiting

It was a long 6 - 8 months waiting for my SOMM program before I conducted it today to a sell out crowd. It was also a long session today as I was sharing some on some tricks and tips on how to spot insiders account filled and also how to pick growth stocks in 2 minutes. Everybody enjoyed the secrets shared and also to powerful skills imparted. Many think my SOMM is expensive, but I am sorry to announce live here that it will be more expensive now looking at the amount of maneuvers and holy grail knowledge shared that no one else can impart. Thank you all for coming and signing up, more to come soon!

For those who already registered next Tuesday, if you are interested in my Whatsapp service, I will share more about it.

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