Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Personal Portfolio - Up

I am grateful and honored to speak at a Securities firm this afternoon. Thank you all for coming for my talk and I hope you guys have learnt something about bases, flushes and the daily combined with 5 minute charts to be used for trading the S&P 500. Very soon this month, there will be a S&P 500 warrants in the exchange and I believe if I can predict the indices correctly, then it is very possible to accurately trade this warrant once it's launched next week. Watch out and stay tune. I will announce it here LIVE on this blog space.

I just login to my account and checked and I made a realized profit of $122,000+ where personally to me it's not bad of a return considering putting it in REITS or income stocks for dividends. I am looking more on capital gains instead and to make $, one needs to know how to do stock picking on the right counter, right sector at the right time. I am very confident that in the next 2-4 months, I will be able to make another $50,000 - $200,000 but with that being said, of course, I want all members who subscribed to my Whatsapp to make $ with me because when you guys succeed, I succeed further.

Due to the exceptionally high demand of people requesting to join me, I had raised the price for my program and I don't give discounts. Look at the prediction I did for Trendlines, LIVE, last Friday afternoon and look at the outcome of the stock today, that's as good as it gets and a testament of the knowledge and skills you will be learning where I can't be putting down my price.

Watch the 2 videos attached and see how the stock ran continuously up for the next 3 days. How did I make $122,000+ ? Because I am hungry and I am serious about taking actions and getting the job done. If you are interested to make $ with me, you need to have an open mind and accept new concepts in investing. More importantly, when opportunities arises, grab it, take your chance and never let it slip because it doesn't always presents itself so obviously. Here, I want to thank all who registered for my event next Tuesday! See you all!

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