Friday, June 3, 2016

Capitaland - $4500 with Whatsapp Alert

Last week, a Whatsapp call was sent out to all SOMM members on the bullishness on Capitaland. Click and see the below link:

On that day, I saw some good hidden buying activity from Capitaland and hence I decided that it was supposed to be a swing trade, NOT a timing call. The stock the fluctuated up and down within a range before having a small breakout in the 5 min chart. This stock did not ran fiercely as expected and so a small profit was locked in today. A small $4500 but it's still better than not making nothing. The market has some good movements next week and I will be sharing some stocks tomorrow to watch out for next week. See you all tomorrow for those who registered.

I am also happy the LIVE video I did yesterday on the short term bearishness in Wilmar help a member in my Facebook group to lock in some small $$. I believed the video I did was valuable for education and stock analysis.

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