Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Ron K Trading - Analyzing Stocks and Then Execution At Night

I just found a new cafe and it was extravagantly spacious with a cozy ambiance for me to have a good cup of coffee and then analyzing stocks for execution. Coffee in the morning, scanning for stocks and reading some insights on the market while planning a game plan for execution on the night. The Nasdaq was kinda of easy to trade last evening as there was a COB first followed by some reactions while the market continued to trend higher. The Top 30 Volume was fully of great stocks while I picked 1 great one for a great trade within 3 mins. 

All the homework I did in the coffee session was put into use for great execution. I must admit that the market wasn't really that easy to trade because of the wild swings, still I managed to get something out of it so that I can trade and make $$ every night. Traded $830,000 USD and finished a good job with cautionary because of the important inflationary data today that might wipe my profits out should anything go wrong and hence I decided to take profits $$ first. Let's trade again tonight.

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist