Friday, February 10, 2023

Ron K - This is How I Punt The Market with $1,800,000 ++ USD !

The market was extremely treacherous last evening as it gap up and sold down the whole night. When it gaped up, most traders would thought that the market will trended higher to only realized that it was selling the whole night till the very bottom as the Nasdaq gap up near supply zone. I did a quick trade together with my client and we made some great profits. My client is a super professional with all that stocks copied and watchlisted down on his computer while I was trading using my mobile. 

The high tea session I had was an important one as that's where all the homework and preparation work was done for trading later in the night. I was very clear of the direction and my job was to make sure I punt it right and sell it right before the crash happened. Finished a $1,800,000 ++ trade with satisfaction and called it a night. Reading the market before hand is important so that one knows the direction and the actions to be taken while not to commit silly mistakes. Looking to the next trade.

Ronnard - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist