Saturday, May 5, 2018

A Sharing on Trading The Dow Jones - Strategies and Turning Points

Conducted a session last evening on Dow Jones Trading last evening and it was a sharing session where I shared the strategies, the emotional skills and the knowledge required to trade the Dow Jones short term and scalping. The Dow trended up high last evening and never looked back. While sharing, I have members in the Dow Trading group start longing the Dow Jones instead of shorting it where he made some really good $ within minutes as attached above. The trading range, the profit taking and 3/4 bottom were all clues for a long. May would have shorted it but long was the right move yesterday.

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After the trading session, I was asked to go supper and although I want to have a rest, I decided to go and have a quick bite. This time round, we did not trade the market but watching instead. The Dow moved higher but we continued our food and the night ended early and I went home. I was pleased to see all smiles, all motivated and determined dow traders. Very soon, I will have more successful traders coming into the picture. Stay tune!

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