Friday, May 18, 2018

Dow Jones - Outlook Before Trading Starts

Yesterday was such an easy night trading the Dow Jones. 4 minutes before market opened, I managed a forecast that the Dow would be opening red first before turning up in a choppy fashion. True enough at 930pm, the market started and the Dow went choppy for a while before it sold down -100 points. At the moment, I thought my outlook was wrong and in the next 30-40 minutes, the Dow recovered +150 points in a straight quick fashion as highlighted on the chart attached.

I saw many people in my Dow trading group took good actions and used the skills I taught in my course to make $ based on my outlook. I wasn't there to perform any LIVE Trading but my one outlook was enough to set the tone for the market and the direction was to go long after waiting for the selling to abate. I was pleased to see many made $ while some might have got flushed out on the first 2 bars.

The rest was history. Many went long and made $$ while some did some quick scalps for some very good profits within minutes. Most of them sent the trade records in and I decided to post it here. I was pleased that my before market opened outlook was like a GPS, allowing everyone to make some good $$ before sleeping. Congrats and see you all in the LIVE Dow Trading soon. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist