Friday, May 4, 2018

Dow Jones - Profits Last Night

Had dinner last evening and trading on the Dow Jones. The market was pretty easy last evening as the sell down was so steep and sharp that $$ could be made fast by shorting. During the dinner, we traded the pre-market and made some good $. Soon, when the real market started at 9:30pm, we shorted and then went to long near the bottom. The Dow was simply mimicking all the strategies I taught in my stock operation course and acted in the direction I wanted. The supply/demand zone, the sell down and the profit taking was all very obvious where trades can be taken easily.

I was pleased to see my students kept profiting from the Dow as it's the new standard for trading as compared to trading Singapore market for now. A small 5 lots can easily make hundreds of dollars close to a thousand. I hoped I inspired and share my secrets to trading success yesterday and congrats everyone who made $ yesterday! Good job!

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