Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ezion - Added 1500 Lots

Added another 1500 Lots of Ezion @ 0.122 to make the total lot size of Ezion worth 4500 Lots thereabouts. The stock was unusually strong today with so much buyers but like I said, it's a risky stock and I was banking on the 1st bullish report for a buy upgrade on a risky stock as per the hyperlink below.


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I seldom buy on fundamental reports but this time round it can't be help because the chart and the report coincide beautifully. The Top Volume has all the buy/sell actions but the buying action earlier was so strong that the sellers could not over come. Study the Top Volume and you will see how the action really formed for Ezion. From nothing to the Top 1 in the Top Volume. In fact, the stock's bullish was already posted on my blog last Wednesday when the price was 0.119/0.120


Eventbrite - Register for Investment Strategy on Trading Stocks

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