Friday, May 18, 2018

Falcon Energy - Traded 2500 Lots

Longed 2500 lots of Falcon Energy and the stock suddenly broke out higher today with more rising volumes. At that time when I longed, it was during where Falcon lifted it's trading halt with a good news but bad results. The stock gap up from bottom and started running on the same day. I chased a little on that day but I knew I couldn't get back the low price anymore hence decided to go for a swing instead.

Today the stock rose to a high of 0.048 but that day I managed to capture the Top Volume movmeents for Falcon as attached above. Since the 70 million shares placement was out, the stock was on a meteoric rise but I must admit that the flushes, queues removed and the trading volumes is something that you don't want to messed with. At days, the stock can experienced a major flush when you thought it was still rising. Hence, this is a risky penny stock and exercise caution when trading.

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