Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Dow Jones - Coffee and Trading Session with Ronald K

Last evening was a very last minute coffee session where I decided to train some of the young and retail traders in my group to trade the Dow Jones. It was a good session as I believe we took 3 good trades and all 3 were spot on. The Dow opened and slammed down quite heavily and every rebound seemed to be weak where we took some shorts. Near demand zone, we went long again for some fast scalp and then the market rebounded with some long bars up where we went on to lock in profits. We traded in Starbucks and soon the next thing I knew, it was midnight and I called it a day with some good profits.

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I received many trade records after that and although the profits was not fantastic but cumulatively, small profit after small profits, it's almost $600-$800 in less than 30 minutes which was not bad for a coffee session. I am pleased to train these people who are courage and passionate about trading the Dow Jones. I will try train more people who are into Dow Trading but it really requires focus, time, effort and hard work to make it happen. Thank you all for last evening.

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