Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sharing Session with Ronald K - A Late Afternoon Session

Ended my Sharing Session today with a group of students. The market suddenly had a turning point where Rowsley had a scary sell down and I am very pleased to see that my student entered his position @ 0.121 and exited at different levels with $19,000+ profits in Rowsley and BlackGoldNatural.

At the end of market, I also received a Whatsapp messages from my student letting me know that my strategies worked where he made $1800+ by shorting DBS and another one who sent me an email where she got the hung of using my strategies and made $600 . I am happy and today as I shared my story in how stocks moved and then simmer then tumbled. Looking forward to do more sharing soon.

Eventbrite - A Sharing Session for 1 Lot Marking

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