Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dow Jones - The Black Art + Mind Analysis

Last Friday, during a Google chat, I told my friend that Dow was going to rebound. Later on, I went for a meeting with him and his friend Roy and I told them even more on the outlook for the US market for the next two days. I said Dow will have 2 long green bar follow by a reaction on the third day and then it shall slowly trend upward. As of today, the first 2 materialized where Dow exudes 2 green bars as shown. So tonight my take is Dow would turn red. So what's the speculation plan for STI today? Short into strength of course.


Yesterday, some students asked me whether Dow would be green last night and I said I believe so because I stick to what I preached to my friend and Roy, so it was an obvious answer. As for my personal trades, I can't monitor that much again as I need to focus on my personal work and business at the moment. Just like what I told my friend, if I really need money, I can be that 2% that consistently siphon money from the exchange anytime I want, so money is not an issue here but the thrill of winning is something I am consistently looking for because when one wins, confidence builds and it's something that cannot be put into words. You will need to experience that yourself.

Also, another student of mine asked me about Kepcorp yesterday afternoon. So will Kepcorp stop sliding and rebound today? I believed so, because from the chart, the BBs successfully orchestrated a heavy fall to absorb more shares at lower prices, so when the overall market rebounds, public would buy and they can take profits bit by bits to put down prices again so as to buy more and more again.

Finally, when I told everyone I am busy, today I need to work on that 4518 emails that is residing in my mailbox. This is just an tip of an iceberg because besides emails, there are more meetings to come. Good luck trading everyone.

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