Friday, July 26, 2013

The $10000 Stack Notes by Ronald K

Was at Sentosa Cove earlier today before I got home, changed and go outing with my family again. I brought my $$ there just in case I need to make down payment if I want it. After much pondering, viewing and discussing, it's time to let go this opportunity and say good bye for the conveniency sake of my family.

So now, I have a huge stack of $10000 notes. Make a guess how many pieces are there? Since I am not getting the Sentosa house anymore, I am going to make full use of it to whack big time in the stock market. I had devised and formulated a plan of how I want to punt it. If everything goes well and right, I should make another stack of $10000 notes soon.

There is no point of me keeping this sum of $$ since it cannot do much for me. I already got what I want in life and I am truly blessed. So why not use this sum of $$ to buy more experience in the stock market and donate some to the charity? To many, winning is winning and losing is losing. However for me, losing is winning and winning is losing. One who learns to give shall receive.

So anybody wants to join me? You can send me an email at

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