Thursday, February 26, 2015

Yuuzoo - Bad Results Ahead?

Ever since I unloaded Yuuzoo on Jan 27th, 9:00:56 am and made $33,000 last month within just 2 contra days, the stock had since then been on a selling mode where pile of sellers just continue to dump their shares for lower prices to come.

Today as of now, the price is 0.315, so much lower than the price where the CEO bought. I had been covering Yuuzoo on my blog ever since I had unloaded and warned of the bearishness in this counter since then I have not yet once post any bullishness in this counter.

The results will be releasing this week, so could it spell trouble for this counter? Could the result be bad which is currently reflected in the price? I am patiently waiting for my scanner software to pick up this stock so that I can be ahead of the game again. :)

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