Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Yuuzoo - Question The CEO on it's Stock Price

Yuuzoo with be having a "Meet The CEO Seminar" tomorrow for those who wants to know more about the company prospect and you can ask the CEO all the questions you want on how the company plans to expand it's business or what is the company's prospect moving forward. The seminar is tomorrow, however today experienced a heavy selling and a gap down with major selling across the stock. Yesterday's closing was 0.42 and the low today was 0.395.

UOBKayhian seminar 4 feb   (closed for registration - full house)

Meet The CEO Seminar 

1) Mr Geoff Howie of SGX who will share more on the foundations of the Singapore Stock Market

2) Mr Thomas Zilliacus of Yuuzoo Corporation who will talk about its company&rsquo s latest developments

Ever since last week I unloaded my 1100 lots at 0.44 and earlier on when I unloaded my 900 lots to secure that handsome 5 digit profit, I had many people asking me on this counter if it is going to continue moving up. From the public chatting forums, some forecast the stock is going to shoot towards the 50-60 cents range while others were hoping for the stock to hit the so called resistance level at 0.45. Well, I wasn't particularly interested in any range or price. I am more interested in the hidden selling zone where sellers first appear and start their avalanche of selling.



I am happy for SOMM Members who made $$ with me on Yuuzoo and did not suffer this sell down this time round as I did not gave any buy call. It's always good to secure $$ and then stay on the sideline to watch first rather than following the mass public call and do the wrong thing. Coming tomorrow, I will finally provide this one time outlook on Yuuzoo as looking at today's action, I roughly know where it is heading. I am as usual gunning and waiting for the right time, right price and buy on the hidden buying. For those who are interested to join me in this $$ making session, see you tomorrow.

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