Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Night Trading Event by Ronald K - By Invitation Only

Last evening was great as I sent out a by invitation only for those who are passionate about trading and stocks investment. I thank everyone for turning up and I will be sending you all emails soon, so please check. During the session, I shared many wonderful philosophy and experiences I have encountered and how I lost $ and made $ again with the right attitude.

I have all your details down and thank you for signing up for this program. I have many people who wanted to come but did not as some of them were just trading the Dow Jones and making $ at home. I am not looking for a full time trader now but rather a passionate and focused trader who has the ability to be versatile. Congrats on your $3200+ win in trading Dow Jones and Dax within 1 day!

I will be having my last stock picks and stock tips event next Tuesday @ 13th Feb, interested participants can come and register for my alerts. See you there.

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