Thursday, February 22, 2018

Jiutian Chemical - Trade 5.5 Million Shares

Traded 5.5 million shares of Jiutian the other day at 0.081 and suffered a big blow the other day to only realized that my loss is now minimized. This is a good penny stock and hence I decided to hold instead of cut. Moreover, this company had a turnout and the profits is extrapolating compared to previous years which gave me confidence. But well, no matter what, Jiutian can't fight the big overall market and hence when the Dow encountered a sell down 2 weeks back, the stock also followed. I made a grief mistake but made up for it. The only regret is I did not buy more to average up when the stock was rising this 4 days. In an unrealized loss now.

In my trading tips and market outlook session next week, I will be doing a trade on the Dax and also be giving out some stocks for some good short term trading. For those interested, can register below. Thank you and don't miss this very important session.

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