Monday, February 5, 2018

An Afternoon Impromptu Session by Ronald K - Stocks to Watch Out For

Conducted an impromptu private sharing session this afternoon and I thank everyone for coming. The market is very quiet today with many stocks being sold down and only a handful of them recovered like Midas and Kim Heng offshore. It's difficult to pick stocks to long when the market is down so much unless one is observant enough to see the strong and cast out the weak. Today I also shared some stocks to watch out for should the market recovered and I will monitor some of them in my watch list closely so as not to miss the opportunities.

I am also particularly impressed with my student who just sent me his trade record where he shorted UOB last Friday before the Dow crash -665 points. It seemed as though many of them are able to spot the gap down today BEFORE it happened which is something all traders must be able to anticipate. Looking forward to train more such traders.

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