Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dow Jones - LIVE Trading with Ronald K Part 3

Conducted my part 3 LIVE Trading the Dow Jones and it was an exhilarating night but at the same time super volatile. The signals were scarce but still we managed to get in for short term trading. Yesterday was really tough as I was not very sure of the direction but I knew it was going to be choppy instead of a bullish day. Hence we went long near bottom twice but cut one loss. The market has no clear direction until one major selling followed by another. I am pleased to see everyone following my instructions on the Dow Jones and take very careful steps to watch the market signal before taking a position.

I was glad to be receiving these trade records and the profits we made. The Dow had a big sell down and I couldn't believe the selling was so fast and furious. Some of us went back to short while others watch the Dow tanked. 15 lots of shorting and within a few minutes the Dow got slammed down really quick and profits escalated to $1600+ in a short time frame. Really happy to see all these trading actions and congrats on all your profits and small losses.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist