Monday, April 9, 2018

Cosco - Traded 1800 Lots

Cosco had a super panic sell down last week where high amount of throwing was seen in the minute chart as highlighted. During that period of time, nobody knew where the low would be as the selling was very strong. Suddenly the next day, the stock gap up and that's where we knew demand was overpowering supply and the previous day sell down was some panic selling. Traded 1800 lots of Cosco at 0.44-0.45 when the stock was in a trading range where it had a small gap down and today, it went up to a high of 0.465 with some strong buying. For next few days, I am looking to see how much more Cosco can run since the selling wasn't that strong as of today's closing.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist