Saturday, April 21, 2018

Dow Jones - LIVE Trading with Ronald K Part 2

Conducted part 2 of the Dow Jones LIVE Trading yesterday in the office. We were watching and trading LIVE and we took 3 trades and all were profitable with no losses. The first Dow Jones LIVE Trading was on Wednesday and last night was my second. I am pleased that everyone followed my instructions and got the job done immaculately. The Dow was whipsawing earlier during trading hours and all of a sudden at 11.10pm, it started to slide down with heavy sellers. Everyone made $ and was happy going supper with me.

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I was back and forth in directing the Dow market direction while everyone is watching the bars forming on their laptop. Like I mentioned, we were on the bulls eye and did not lose any trades. I promise for the next one, we shall get the direction right and do a super swing for bigger profits. Let the market come and let the direction have signals and I will be there to organize one good session.

Eventbrite - Follow Smart Money Trading Strategies Event

When I see all of them made $ and send me records, I knew I did a good job but there are rooms for improvements. I am extremely pleased with their actions and their willingness to come LIVE trade with Ronald K. After the trading session, we went supper and continue to trade again and made more $$. Seeing how a Friday night ending with good amount of profits, it only motivated me to conduct more of such sessions. Looking forward to the next one.

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