Thursday, April 19, 2018

Dow Jones - LIVE Trading with Ronald K

Last evening was one of the most volatile trading sessions I had in the Dow Jones. Chose a few members which I am familiar with to come trade the Dow Jones with me. Before the opening bell in the Dow, I wrote down on the whiteboard on my prediction and indeed, all my prediction came true. 3 bars down and the Dow turned up at a very fast speed with long bars and then 3 bars down at a faster speed. It was such a volatile session that one has to be fast in their thinking process and lock in fast $ or you might be killed in the process. We traded from the 5 minute chart to the 2 minute chart and everyone made $ which is such a good thing to end the day.

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After the session, some of us went supper together and I gave them a game plan to make more $ this week. It was a follow up and chit chat session where we discussed many things from stocks to indices trading to using the right trading account. I am extremely pleased people made $ LIVE when everyone saw how I zip in/out the Dow with extremely fast speed with virtually no emotions. We shall trade and make more $ again. See you all soon.

Eventbrite - Follow Smart Money Trading Strategies Event

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