Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sembmarine - Contra Trading with Profits

Sembmarine shot up today with huge amount of buyers. In fact yesterday during my private LIVE Market Watching session, I did share about this counter and asked everyone to watch for the collections and give it a try. The stock was unusually strong since yesterday and today, with many banks moving higher and the STI trending higher, many blue chips started to move and Sembmarine just followed the buying wave.

Eventbrite - Market Outlook Sharing by Ronald K

I am pleased and glad that most who took actions made $$ in Sembmarine. The stock was indeed strong and the rest was history. Although not a lot of $$, but due to the extreme volatility, it's good to play safe first than to be sorry later. Small win is better than small losses in this market condition. Congrats all!

Eventbrite - Market Outlook Sharing by Ronald K

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