Thursday, March 29, 2018

OCBC - Trading Blue Chips

Once again the market is so volatile and tough. Shorted OCBC yesterday and the stock had a small gap down today where then it recovered all the way from 12.57 to 12.76 before tanking from 12.76 back to 12.58 again. It's something that I have not seen before and the market is whipsawing between the buyers and sellers. Same goes for the Dow Jones, the market experienced a sell down last evening and all of a sudden, it recovered heavily before another major sell down again. I am pleased to see shorting actions with $2600+ profits on a 12 contracts position. Not a lot of profits on this trade but it's definitely better than nothing.

To fight through these volatile and tough market, one must be nimble and act fast without hesitations too much. That's how you survive at least for now during this whipsaw season.

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