Friday, March 23, 2018

Skills and Knowledge Sharing - A Glimpsed into Techniques

It was a lot of people last evening and I reiterated many techniques on trading the stock market over and over again. I love the participation but I prefer a valid question, go back to the course notes and re read the copied down summary first before raising a question. I am serious and focused when it comes to teaching because to elevate your learning curve, you must be willing to take criticism and then go back home to re evaluate where your mistakes were. Personally I came from nothing and I understood hard work and grinding will pay off ultimately.

Just like how I started as I shared with everyone last evening, I love the climb, the grind, the doubt from others, the loneliness in my trading ambition, the young early days when no one believes me, the push back, the questioning of my strategies and when everyone thought it was impossible combined with the chips on my shoulder, here I am today. No one is willing to go to hell and re invent themselves, so finally after many years of slogging and hard work, I am confident to say I did it my way. See you all in the next sharing soon next week.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist